Erin Streamed for Six Hours Recently

What happened to her carpal tunnel syndrome?  

And she streamed for seven hours over the course of two days last week.

Maybe since Mike lost his Talking About Games job, he’s told Erin that she has to put some work in.  Get those horntard pennies.

I didn’t watch the entire six hour stream, of course, but I skipped to the end to see if she would be complaining her hands or something, which is something that she often does when she wants to end a stream.  No.  She was fine.  She only quit because she beat the game.  She could have gone another six hours.

Maybe those cortisone shots are finally kicking in.  Or maybe it’s all just made up bullshit.

“Dumb sappy tweet incoming: I just really enjoy making videos and being able to play video games on stream while talking to nice people about stupid shit. Taking the night to edit/work on stuff but feeling very content.”

Aw.  Erin feels all warm and fuzzy inside when she talks to the mentally challenged sexual deviants in her streams.  That’s great.

You know, in that six hour stream, I was skipping around looking for anything interesting and I just casually read the chat.  It was full of horny comments from losers.  

For example, Erin was jumping from platform to platform (and having trouble doing so, of course) and one of the horntards said, “Jump to me, Erin.”

Another time, a horntard said that he had to go eat but that he would take a bite for her.  Some weird creepy comment.  But Erin didn’t seem to mind this awkward come on.  She said something like, “Okay, (name of horntard).  Thanks for stopping by.”

These guys are total fucking losers.  A lot of them are mentally challenged.  A lot of them are mentally ill.  There’s not a single person in that chat who doesn’t have something wrong with them mentally.  And Erin enjoys spending time with them?  Really?  Is that what we’re expected to believe?

She hates every second of this.  And you can’t blame her for this.  Who the fuck would want to spend time with these people?  

Even as a guy, I wouldn’t want to spend time with these people.  A lot of these same people go to Mike’s streams, for example.  And he’ll sometimes read from the chat.  It’s mindless bullshit about penises and whatnot.  Who would want this?  

And with Erin, you get all of that brainless shit AND constant awkward sexual advances.  She likes it.  She likes when omega males give her attention.  And money.  

So let’s see what the horntards say to this tweet.

– “Its that old saying; Do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life. I’m glad you have found your passion.”

Well, she definitely doesn’t work.  But this shit is not paying any bills.  

– “Not sappy, per se. Your wrists/hands had been giving you trouble. You’re back at it now and you’re happy. That’s a good thing and we’re happy with you”

Just bizarre.  He’s fuelling the lies.  

– “Erin, that’s the best thing about Twitter, talking about videogames, music, favorite cartoons, and sometimes movies”

Does she even do any of that?  By the way, that was from Super Geoff who’s a confirmed literal retard.  I feel terrible saying that but it’s true.  He’s mentally retarded.  Works in a grocery store.  Lives in a group home.

But she doesn’t talk about any of that shit.  She doesn’t know anything about any of that.  So what does she talk about?  I don’t even know.  Nothing.  She doesn’t know anything about anything.  She’s never seen or done anything.

– “Oh man your personality is radiant”

What personality?  She’s a personality blackhole.  I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a less charismatic person.

“Happy Friday! Let’s play some more Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness on N64!”

For six hours.  This is the stream where she was there for six hours.

– “That was a long stream. You know, I think I joked “Let’s go for 6 hours” earlier in the stream, and you really did 6 hours lol. I ended up falling asleep while watching.”

Erin replies, “haha, yeah I was shocked I was able to stream that long! Took a lot of chatting breaks though but still 😀 Thanks for being in the chat!”

Oh.  So that’s her excuse.  She was able to do it because she took breaks to talk to the horntards.  Couldn’t she have done that to begin with?  Why start now?  

Because Mike isn’t going for this shit any more.  She releases one video a month now.  Mike is looking at these dwindling Youtube cheques and saying, “Get to work, bitch.”

– “I was shocked you did 6 hours; maybe this is the new Erin trend?”

It might be.  Erin either starts putting some work in or Mike will find some other skank who thinks she can be a big Youtube superstar if only she had the right connections.  Maybe Pam aka CannotBeTamed aka CannotBeEntertaining.  She’s single.  Oh, maybe Crystal Quin.  She’s single now too and she’ll have sex with ANYBODY.  Apparently.  That’s the persona that she presents, anyway.

Bobdunga.  Same thing.  She’s single.  And crazy as fuck.  And always looking to do better on Youtube.  Maybe the ManBabyGaming rub could help her.  

And we know that Bobdunga is into white guys.  All of her relationships that I’m aware of have been with white guys.  

Maybe Mike is open to black women.  I know that he made racist comics but this was years ago and that doesn’t necessarily mean that he wouldn’t be into black women anyway.  And anyway, Bobdunga is half-Indian.  Mike never made any comics about Indians.

So there are options out there.  A lot of sexy, desperate Youtubers and Twitch streamers out there.  Mike knows it.  Erin knows it.  So Erin needs to step up her game or her next trip to visit mama is going to be a one-way ticket.

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