WWE2K22 Destiny Fomo Vs Amouranth


I’ve seen these Madam Fomo video game wrestling things a lot over the years.  Some nerd (presumably a kid but maybe not) will make a Destiny Fomo CAW or edit or whatever in their little video game and then set the players to AI control and record the match.  They’re getting off on this stuff.  

On the one hand, it’s quaint that somebody can get an erection over a wrestling video game.  On the other hand, it’s extremely pathetic.

0:00 – Well, it does actually look like Madam Fomo.  Who’s Amouranth, though?  And why does the game give her name as Kaitlyn Siragusa?

Oh.  Amouranth is a large-breasted Twitch streamer from Texas.  Her real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa.  She does ASMR streams.  I see.  

She’s also on OnlyFans.  Makes $1.5 million every month, according to this.  

This woman is leagues above Madam Fomo in money earned and physical appearance.  At least according to this picture on Wikipedia.  Let me look for some other pictures.  Just for research purposes.  I’m a journalist.

I don’t know.  I think a lot of this is just that she has better camera equipment and whatnot than Madam Fomo presumably has.  Maybe a professional photographer is taking these pictures.  Because in a lot of these candid photos, she doesn’t look so great.

She doesn’t seem to be nude in any of these.  So she’s making $1.5 million a month for these fucking bikini pictures?  You can see this shit for free with a simple image search.  And why would you want to anyway when there’s a proliferation of hardcore porn out there?

Anyway, this guy likes Madam Fomo.  So let’s check it out.

This is taking place in Chicago.  And on Smackdown.  Wow.  Presumably, that’s still WWE’s B-show.  I haven’t watched wrestling since like 1997.  But yeah, it makes sense.  You can’t have two fucking OnlyFans skanks on Monday Night Raw.  Although, the women’s division is probably full of similar skanks so maybe they would fit in.

0:15 – Madam Fomo comes out first.  Yeah.  She’s clearly lower on the roster than Amouranth is.  Way lower.

She’s doing like a Four Horseman pose for her entrance.

The ring announcer introduces her as “S-O-S-O” or something.  It’s hard to hear because the entrance music is so loud but it’s clearly just letters and I don’t think that it’s F-O-M-O.  The game must let you have the announcer read letters but…that doesn’t seem terrible useful.

And the entrance music is just “rear naked choke” repeated over and over again so this is definitely this guy jerking off to this shit.  

Madam Fomo has brass knuckles on both hands that spell “boss”.  Maybe that’s what the announcer was spelling.

1:00 – Now it’s Amouranth’s entrance.  She’s wearing a bikini and a hooded jacket.

She runs to the ring like the T-1000 in Terminator 2.

Her entrance music is, “I can’t fly.  I really, really want you.  Sit outside.  Meet me at the park.”  Some woman is singing this.  These must be actual songs but I can’t find them.  But yeah, another song that this guy is jerking off to.

The referee is just some generic guy.  He missed a trick here.  He could have had a sexy lady referee.  Maybe WWE2K22 doesn’t let you edit the referee.  Yeah.  I looked it up.  That seems to be the case.  That sucks.

Well, Madam Fomo starts off strong.  Maybe it wasn’t a good idea for Amaurnath to wrestle in high heel boots.

Oh, according to the announcers, this is an “extreme rules” match.  Whatever that is.  No disqualifications, I guess.

2:30 – Oh, Amouranth made a comeback and she’s going to the top rope.  Big frog splash.  Already a two count.  What the fuck?  We’re like 20 seconds into the match.

3:00 – Nice fireman’s carry by Madam Fomo.  But here’s something else.  How did this guy come up with the move lists?  Are these just the default moves?  Because Madam Fomo wouldn’t do a fireman’s carry.  

This is the problem with so many wrestling edits.  People don’t put the fucking time in.  They spend all of their time making sure that the characters look good but then they play like shit because no time was spent on the moves or the stats or the logic.

For Madam Fomo, you have to do brawling moves.  Because she’s not a fucking wrestler.  Kicks.  Punches.  Maybe some easy wrestling moves because this is a wrestling game but nothing even remotely complicated.  

And let’s look at the stats.  I don’t know what kind of stats WWE2K22 has.  I’ve played other WWE games in this series and they always suck ass.  Their edit system is shit.  All of the characters are basically the same.  Some jobber can beat John Cena or whoever the big wrestlers are.  It’s trash.

So stats for Madam Fomo.  She gets 1’s.  1’s for everything.  Arm power, leg power, offence, defence, doesn’t matter.  Everything is a 1.  I’m looking at this from a Fire Pro perspective, by the way.  It goes from 1 to 10 for most stats.  She gets 1’s because she’s not a wrestler.  

I have no doubt that this guy gave her decent to good stats.  

3:30 – He gave Amouranth like a Hulk Hogan muscle pose taunt.  It’s ridiculous.  She wouldn’t do this.  

4:15 – Madam Fomo with a bow and arrow.  Yeah, I don’t think so.

6:00 – Actually, maybe this guy did spend some time on the moves because Madam Fomo is doing a lot of stomps and mount punches to the face and shit like this.  Both characters seem to use weapons a lot too.

7:30 – Madam Fomo does a hadouken or something.  That’s just stupid.

Madam Fomo with the pin.  Maybe the hadouken was her finishing move.  

Oh yeah.  And the announcer is saying “F-O-M-O”.  

If that’s not enough Madam Fomo video game wrestling action for you, he also did a battle royal.  


There’s Pokimane and some women I haven’t heard of, along with Madam Fomo.  Fomo was like the third one to be eliminated, though.  Out of eight.

Is this all that this guy does?  

No, he also had Limp Bizkit vs Kid Rock.  So maybe he’s not a kid.  That’s worrying.  Because what kid would care about Limp Bizkit or Kid Rock?  I’m thinking that this is just a really emotionally stunted middle aged man.  

He has 2000s porn star Gianna Michaels in one of these.  Again, it suggests a man at least in his 30s because he’s interested in porn stars from 20 years ago.

He plays the entire Poop Killer trilogy.  This is some really stupid horror game, apparently.  Suggests somebody with real mental deficiencies.

John Wayne Gacy vs Jeffrey Dahmer vs Ted Bundy.  Serial killers from the 1980s and 1990s.  So yeah, this guy is probably at least in his 40s.  Just…mentally challenged.


There’s a porn star Royal Rumble with his favourite starlets from the 1980s and 1990s.  He really likes Gianna Michaels.

He does a serial killer Royal Rumble.

Oh, and he’s not even making these fucking edits.  He’s just downloading them.  He leaves a comment saying this.  That’s lazy as fuck.  I expected this guy to carefully handcraft every edit.

He plays a lot of childish horror games.  That seems to be popular with these stunted men.  Tony from Hack the Movies and Newt and all of the weirdos who leave comments on their videos and Twitter and whatnot.  Kris Glavin and Shishi and whoever.  They all seem to like horror shit.


He does a “scream queen” battle royal there.

Carmella Bing vs Mia Khalifa.  More porn stars from when this guy was a young man.  He’s stuck in this mentality.  

Oh, and here’s Madam Fomo vs Amouranth for WWE2K20.  


So what we saw is the rematch.  Wow.  And this match from 2020 took place at WrestleMania.  This wasn’t just some shit on Smackdown. 

Oh, and Amouranth won this match.   Well, good that Madam Fomo was able to tie things up.

This guy has A LOT of Amouranth wrestling videos.


Dee Snider vs Nikki Sixx.  This guy might be older than I thought.  Maybe in his 50s.

Anyway, that’s enough of this lunatic.

5 thoughts on “WWE2K22 Destiny Fomo Vs Amouranth

  1. Amouranth is egregious because she keeps breaking Twitch's TOS for sexual content, five bans so far… and they continue to let her back on the platform, all while permanently banning other creators for lesser offenses.Amouranth knows what she's doing by fleecing the simps, but the real issues are her disrespect of a well-liked platform, and the platform's refusal to evenly enforce their TOS.It's widely speculated she has dirt on people at Twitch, or they're (sadly) her biggest simps. It's all really disgusting.

  2. I happened to catch part of a stream of hers yesterday. She was waiting to get a certain number of subs and then she would show her bikini. She wasn't playing a game. She wasn't talking. She wasn't doing anything. She wasn't even on screen most of the time. I didn't get it. It was incredibly bad.If you want to see pictures of her in a bikini, there are probably hundreds on the internet right now for free. She was doing NOTHING. Once in a great while she would walk past the camera wearing a robe. That's it. I couldn't figure it out.

  3. The thing is, being on Twitch is her only weapon. On a regular camwhore site she'd just be so-so. There are far hotter camwhores out there who actually get their puss out.

  4. Amouranth posts nudes and it's easy to find (simulated) blowjob videos with her, she's just a typically overpaid prostitute, and I don't know why anyone cares about her.

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