Newt Wallen Denies Knowledge of the Existence of the GamerGrrls Blog

Newt says that Florida Man Saves Christmas will be released in October.  Okay.  Fine.  I don’t care.

But then some guy responds with, “If there are any gamergrrls out there, peekaboo I see you (clown emoji).”

And he posts a stupid “meme” picture for some reason.

Why did he even write this?  Why would this tweet be of particular interest to me?  

So Newt replies, “Was sent that this morning. Didnt know this thing existed. I was Better off not knowing haha but hey Any press is good press right. I learned long time ago not to read anything about myself good or bad. Mostly bad”

Impossible.  Every time you click a link on the blog, say, for a Youtube video, it shows up in the Youtube statistics as the referral.  It’s the same for Twitter.  So it will say, whatever, ten hits today from GamerGrrls.  And we know that Newt obsessively checks his Youtube statistics.  So he’d see this.  He’d say, “Wait a minute.  What’s this GamerGrrls thing?” and click the link.

This is how Tony from Hack the Movies discovered the site.  And also, Tony said that Newt reads the blog.  This was months ago that he said this.

So I suspect that this is some more untruths from The Ideas Man.

Anyway, this weirdo who mentioned the blog continues, “I think I might screenshot it and frame it on my wall in my game room haha. I’m the famous “ladysboy” LMAO. Who does their editing?”

I sometimes misspell or use the wrong word, as people are wont to do.  Who cares?  But I’ve checked, and I’ve never said “ladysboy”.  So I don’t know what this guy is talking about.

And no.  He’s not the fucking ladyboy.  I don’t think that he knows what a ladyboy is.  Here’s his Twitter:

It’s a guy, right?  I didn’t study the pictures too closely.  But it looks like a guy.  It’s certainly not a guy who’s trying to look like a woman, which is what a ladyboy is.  It may be a woman who’s trying to look like a man, which isn’t what a ladyboy is.

There are a number of ladyboys on Newt’s Twitter.  I’m not talking about any particular person.  

So Newt replies, “Oh see you read it. I only saw the headline and went Nope haha”.  

What are they even talking about?  Are they referencing a particular article?  I can’t figure it out.

Then this weird…whatever it is, but not a ladyboy, replies, “I read everything. I’m a publicity whore”.

Again…I’m not talking about him.  Or her.  I’ve never even seen the name before.  Am I missing something?  Why would anybody describe that person as a “ladyboy”?  And in his description, he has, “The ladybodys to some haha.”  

It’s some weird shit.  Oh.  “Ladybody”.  Yeah, I used that in this recent article:

Oh my god.  A typographical error.  “Ha!  You misspelled something!  Zing!  I win!”  These are the arguments that a 10 year old makes.

But yeah, he’s a fucking weird creep.  Not a ladyboy, though.  Just a giant fucking nerd.  Probably deeply autistic or something.

There are actual people who go to Newt’s Twitter, respond to his shit, and then when you go to their Twitter, you see that it’s a man in a dress.  THAT’S A LADYBOY.  Do I really need to explain this?  Do I need to define “ladyboy”?  People don’t know what this is any more?  

Obviously, not everybody who goes to Newt’s Twitter is a man in a dress.  But on the day that I was checking, there was more than one.  So as a joke, I just collectively call everybody who posts on Newt’s Twitter a ladyboy.  Like how I call the people who go to these women’s Youtube channels “horntards”.  This isn’t challenging stuff but this autistic guy just isn’t picking up on this.

Anyway, we know for a fact that Erin reads the blog and Mike reads the blog because they’ve referenced stuff that I’ve written a few times.

We know that Retro Ali reads the blog because she contacted the woman who did the banner art, trying to get the merch store shut down.  And I think that it was Retro Ali who got the merch store shut down.  That store that I have now is basically a place holder.  I only have one thing there.  I never bothered putting more stuff up.  The site is a pain in the ass to do anything with.  I’m not going to spend many hours setting that shit up just for a comedy “merch site”.

Madam Fomo reads the blog because she used to obsessively file false copyright claims on everything.  She also referenced me in some weird video not long ago.

Tony from Hack the Movies reads the blog.  He’s posted here, he’s talked about the blog on his defunct Godzilla podcast, whatever.

Johanna, same thing.

I’m pretty sure that Horseface reads the blog because she’s made references to “mean people” or “mean comments” or something.  Not just recently but a couple of years ago, there was an exchange between Tony and Horseface on Hack the Movies about this.

I suspect that Bobdunga and Pelvic Gamer read the blog because they stopped making cringe videos.  But other than that, I don’t have any proof.

Pam aka CannotBeTamed never made any reference to the blog.

You have to assume that everybody reads it.  I’m the only person writing about them.  And these are people who crave attention.  

Definitely, everybody at Screenwave knows about the blog.  That fucking faggot from Movie Dumpster who banned me from Reddit used the blog as a reason to ban me.  I suspect that even that poo-obsessed zombie James Rolfe knows about the blog and I’m not even sure if he’s allowed to use the internet.

But we’re expected to believe that Newt Wallen doesn’t know about the blog.  He’s the only person from Screenwave who somehow doesn’t know about it.  

I don’t care if anybody knows about or reads the blog.  I don’t advertise.  These people aren’t celebrities.  They’re people, many of whom are unemployed, who make shitty Youtube videos.  Who cares?  

But Newt has to just be straight up lying.  Not that it really matters.  But why lie about something so trivial?  It calls into question what else he’s lying about.  Well, we can start listing things that Newt has lied about.  He’s a deceitful fellow.

3 thoughts on “Newt Wallen Denies Knowledge of the Existence of the GamerGrrls Blog

  1. What did Erin say about it? That I want to hear. Then again it's probably another lazy and generic comment. “I always forget about that blog, I only read it once, on stream, for money but it's in my top ten.”

  2. Early on, she said, “All she talks about is colours”. This was something that really bothered me at first because I hadn't yet come to terms with what a giant moron she is. So I mentioned, incredulously, that she talks about colours. Mike was in the stream and tried to console her by saying, “Yeah. Let's talk about the colours” and then he talked about the colours in the game that he liked.Then there's this one from two years ago: was playing Super Widget, on stream, for money, for the first and last time ever, when she remarked, “Somebody's going to be like, at the four minute mark, you did not know what this was and called it a 'popper thing'. That is not correct. Ah! Oh my god, more ass plants over here. If you're time-coding this video and making like shitty comments, you should really re-evaluate things because that's even more depressing than playing Super Widget.”It's a reference to the blog, of course.Then there was the recent “casserole” saga.I wrote an article detailing the time that Erin said “casserole” for some bizarre reason. Mike mentioned this article in a video with Erin and there was a little exchange about it.

  3. LOL he posted on youtube if anyone “thinks it's weird that I have never seen Titanic?”I'm thinking to myself, actually yes it's extremely weird for a “film maker” to have not seen such a famous award winning movie like that. It doesn't even matter if you think it's a good film or not. It's a landmark film that made a huge impact on the late 90s and pretty much turned one of the main actors into a superstar whose career has basically never really died down to this day.Like, what is he even getting out of this? Contrarian brownie points? Why even ask this? Just watch the film to check it off your list and don't tell people.He makes a big admission in the comments too about how he was in middle school at the time (so was I) and how “all the girls loved Leo and I hate Celine Dion's music” etc. So what you're really saying is you were jealous of the attention the girls in school were giving to this young male actor. You were so jealous that it cemented in your head that you weren't going to see it. Am I far off assuming this? Eh?

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