Erin Plays and Mike Matei Stream Random Dreamcast Games! (part 3 of 3)

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25:45 – Fur Fighters.  Erin says, “This might be inappropriate.”

Were furries even a thing 20 years ago?  And they’re not going to release a pornographic game on the Dreamcast.  What an idiot.

26:00 –

Mike: Good old Acclaim.  Make an Acclaim video.

Erin: Acclaim?  Yeah, that’s probably next on the list.

Why?  Why is it next on your list, Erin?  Do you know why Mike suggested that you make an Acclaim video?  Because I don’t really understand.  Erin must be a bigger “gamer” than I am.  She got the reference.  Or, more likely, she just made a generic response because she had no idea what Mike was talking about.  As usual.

28:30 – Mike says “brown bricks” and Erin does a really loud, exaggerated, fake laugh.  I’ll go so far as to say that this was aggressive.  If she doesn’t want to be here, get the fuck out.  Not just from this stream but from Mike’s house.  This is what she wanted.  She wanted to be a big Youtube superstar by getting into a sugar baby “relationship” with a bigger Youtuber.  Now she’s going to give attitude?  Pack your shit and go back to mama.  

She contributes NOTHING to this relationship.  Well, unlimited butt sex.  But other than that, NOTHING.  Now she’s going to be a bitch?  Fuck off.  Mike doesn’t need this and the viewers don’t need this.

Then she says that, “Oh, look.  A free ipad” is the funniest thing she’s ever seen.  And she says that she thought this even before she knew Mike.

She’s lying but I don’t think that she’s trying to be sarcastic.  And there is NO WAY that she saw that video before she got with Mike.  She was not watching fucking video game Youtube shit and she still isn’t.

29:45 – Erin suggests that she’s going to start an OnlyFans in which she physically abuses Mike.  Some kind of BDSM thing.  Shishi is changing his underpants right now.

32:30 – Erin makes a note saying that she wants to make a video of this game.  That’s what this stream is about.  It’s just to get ideas for future shitty videos.  She’s already streamed another Dreamcast game since doing this stream.  All “research” has to be done on stream, for money.  She will not touch a game in her spare time.

33:45 – Erin gives Shishi a shoutout for like the fifth time in this stream.  Is nobody else saying anything?  Is Shishi the only person watching this shit?

I’m completely checked out.  This is boring as fuck.  I’ll just leave it on as background noise and listen to anything REALLY stupid.  Maybe I can get through the the rest of the video this way.

37:30 – Mike asks Erin to name some Capcom games.  Well, he doesn’t actually but that’s the way Erin interpreted his comment so Mike went along with it.  So Erin says, “They made a lot of those Disney Afternoon NES games.”

So fucking terrible.  What about Street Fighter, Erin?  Ever hear of Street Fighter.  No.  She never played it.  Show me the stream.  But she did play these “Disney Afternoon” games.  Once.  On stream, for money.

Mike: Yeah.  And they made Megaman.

Erin: (sarcastically because she didn’t know this) Yeah!  They did!

Mike: Can you think of anything else?

Erin: Street Fighter.

Mike: Oh my god.  

Erin: Wow.  The list just goes on and on.

Mike was surprised that she knew Street Fighter.  So was I.  But this is day one stuff that anyone who knows anything about video games will be able to tell you.  That’s how low the bar is for Erin.  People are surprised when she knows ANYTHING about video games.

Then the horntards start prompting Erin with answers.  

38:45 – 

Mike: Erin, what are some shmups that you like?

Erin: What are some shmups that I like?

She’s trying to buy time so she can think of an answer.  She’s going through her rolodex of games that she played on stream, for money.  I will bet $100 that she says Harmful Park.

She says Gradius 3.  She claims that played this for a few months, on hard mode, trying to beat it, “Not on stream or anything.”  Sure you were, Erin.  

Then a horntard prompts Erin with an answer.  

No.  Don’t get distracted.  You don’t need the chat for this question, Erin.  What shmups do you like?  

She mentions Life Force but says that she doesn’t like it.

No.  We’re only interested in shmups that you like.  Take a moment, close your eyes, don’t look at the chat, and come up with an answer.

Darius.  All of them.  She doesn’t know which one she likes most because she only played them once, on stream, for money, so they all blend together.

39:45 – “I really liked Harmful Park”.

Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Where do I collect my money?  Who was stupid enough to take that bet?  

She played the game once, on stream, for money, and now she never shuts up about it.  It’s her go to answer for everything.

“The Parodius series.  Like Sexy Parodius and stuff.”  She played these games on stream, for money. 

I think that’s enough, Erin.  You don’t have to keep taxing your brain on this.

 Oh fuck.  Cotton Reboot.  Nobody fucking cares, Erin.  This is another game that she played on stream, for money.  I talk about it here:

And she mentions both Harmful Park and Parodius in that stream.  It’s the same fucking shit over and over again.  

Mike is totally ignoring Erin now and trying to change the subject but she keeps going on about games that she played once, on stream, for money.

41:00 – Erin says that she wants a copy of Harmful Park but it’s too expensive.  Then she starts talking about how cute the cover art is.

“I did a video on it but it’s been a few years.”

That’s the only time that she played the game.  And she mentions it CONSTANTLY.  It must have been a really memorable stream.  Not enough to play the game in her spare time, though.

Then Mike starts going on a nerdy explanation of this game.  He’s trying to figure it out.  Erin doesn’t give the slightest of fucks.  I don’t give the slightest of fucks.  This is awful.

44:00 – Now Mike turned the game off.  

I don’t know.  I don’t think that I can watch any more of this.  Not just today but at all.  Ever.  I never want to watch this shit ever again.  Why is nobody else uploading anything?  

Tony from Summarise the Movies did The Thing.  I’m not watching that.  Oh wait.  Horseface is in it.  Yeah, I’ll check it out.

There was a lot of stuff from James Rolfe lately.  

CannotBeTamed did a video on some modern adventure game but I’m not watching that shit.

All of the other gamer grrls are basically done.  They don’t make videos any more.  Bobdunga, Retro Ali, Pelvic Gamer, Destiny Fomo.  Pelvic Gamer makes videos but they’re so fucking terrible that I had to remove her from the banner.  It’s been YEARS since she released anything worthwhile.

Why is Erin the one who persisted?  She’s the worst.  By far.  

Thank god for Newt Wallen.  If it weren’t for him, the blog would be in some real trouble.  But he’s not even releasing anything interesting any more.  What happened to PVC Bondage Girl and Mel?  Watching Newt’s desperate sexual harassment was great material.  Now he just sits in his kitchen and reviews tits and gore movies that nobody gives a shit about with his cat.

But whatever, I am not watching this Dreamcast “variety stream” any more.  It’s boring as fuck.  How many times can I listen to Erin mention the same three games over and over and over again?  It’s the same lies over and over again.  It’s the same awkwardness.  

Speaking of which, let me check if Super Awkward Gal released anything.  No.  She was another one who I had high hopes for.  Those awkward as fuck videos.  Then it got downright sinister when she conspired to kill her husband’s grandfather to get his home.  

What about John Riggs?  It’s a long shot but let me check.  No, same old bullshit.  And he hasn’t had his son/daughters on the show in months.  Can we at least get an update on John’s pronouns?  

I mean, it’s good that his kids aren’t in the videos any more in terms of their own well being.  They were obviously very troubled kids.  The older girl was clearly mentally ill.  The younger one probably was too.  And they have this completely shit father.  Who knows what’s going on at home.  

But at least it was something for me to write about.  I’m not going to write about John Riggs going to an Amazon warehouse to look for games.  Who gives a shit?

3 thoughts on “Erin Plays and Mike Matei Stream Random Dreamcast Games! (part 3 of 3)

  1. So I know you said a while back you would pass on it, but I suggested for more material you check out that channel Gallifrey Gals because they are both insanely feminist and obsessed with any scene they see in the shows they watch of women not being treated perfectly, but they're both “gamers” and they watch pretty mainstream shit that you would have a high or medium familiarity with to the point I know you would be able to see how full of shit their statements are even more. Like TNG, or Doctor Who. Basic pop culture shit.I mention this not only because of the fairly dried up content pool, but also because I've been watching some of their stuff lately and holy shit man….it's right up your alley and riddled with material. Even their own comment sections often can't handle them and turn on them and they're like Horseface and totally deluded and never accept criticism and get vocal about it in following videos lol. It gets fucking mental. So I dunno, check that channel out again if you want to expand the roster? I think it might fill dead times well. They post like 3-4 vids a week consistently.

  2. Okay cool. Their review of TOS Space Seed is particularly cursed from this week. That one alone spurred me to bring it up.

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