MintSalad is on Fansly

Before you rush off to subscribe, there are no nudes.  And what is there…is just gross.  There are pictures of her bending over, for example, and even the censored version is nauseating.  I don’t want to see the uncensored version.  And would it kill her to do some sit ups?  You’re doing porn.  You need to look your best.  

I’ll give Madam Fomo credit for one thing.  She seems to work out.  She’s posted comments on Twitter about her going to the gym or whatever.  Because she’s out there selling these shit “lewds” so she knows that she has to be in good shape.  Not just average shape.  Good shape.  

With these OnlyFans type things and even “sexy” Instagrams, so many women don’t approach it the right way.  It’s not a case of, “Well, I just had two chicken chalupas and a nachos BellGrande from Taco Bell, I guess it’s time to take some quick selfies for the horntards.”  No.  The horntards deserve quality.

I don’t want to see some mentally challenged hillbilly from Kentucky, with a gut, bending over and pretending to be a puppy.  It’s gross.  Come on.  

Her pimp, that fat retard, probably put her up to this.  It’s the same with Madam Fomo and her pimp TuanX.  

She says that she does jerk off instructions for $100.  I don’t need any masturbation advice and certainly not from this dullard.  I figured out how to jerk off many years ago.  My advice to MintSalad is to get some dignity and shut this down.  This is pathetic.  

And it’s not making any money.  Of course.  None of these things ever seem to make money.  

You see guys talking about how easy it is for women to make money nowadays.  They just have to debase themselves on the internet.  

I see the debasement but where are the women who are making money from this?  Obviously, the women at the very top are making some money, the women who are 10s and taking all of their clothes off and are in great shape and have big tits and are putting things in their ass.  

But cheesecake photos of Johanna from Hack the Movies?  No fucking way.

In one respect, what MintSalad and/or her fat pimp are doing is clever.  And I know it’s clever because it’s my idea.

I’ve long suggested that these gamer grrls should release their normal, boring reviews on Youtube as per usual.  And then they should release another video, on OnlyFans (or whatever) that’s the exact same, boring review but they appear naked in the portions of the video where they appear on screen.  

Mint Salad isn’t quite doing that but she has “bonus content” based on her Youtube videos.  So in her Youtube video, she’ll review a movie while wearing something “sexy”.  Then you go to her Fansly and there will be more pictures of her in that outfit, presumably of a raunchy nature.  

So…has there been a torrent of new viewers of her Youtube videos?  No.  She still isn’t cracking 500 views with any of this shit.  

Oh, she actually gives her height and weight in the biography section.  Five foot seven, 147 pounds.  Oddly specific.  But that looks…average at best.  Let me look at a height/weight chart.  

According to the good people at Rush (whatever that is) “normal” weight for somebody who’s 5’7″ would be 121 to 158 pounds.  So she’s only 12 pounds away from being “overweight”.

I’m surprised that they don’t have different figures for men and women but that’s how this BMI thing works, apparently.

Compared to her fat fuck pimp/boyfriend, Mint Salad is in great shape.  But that’s not the test.  Mint Salad might pass for a hot chick in rural Kentucky but when you decide to sell yourself on the internet, you’re competing with women all over the world.

Go to MyFreeCams and see how many good looking women only have two horny losers in their chat.  Most of the women fit this description.  There are 1000 women on there at any given time.  Only the hottest chicks with the biggest tits and the most stuff in their asses are making any money.  Everyone else: nothing.  These women are debasing themselves for nothing.  

The jobs are out there.  There’s no need to do any of this.  I include Youtube in this.  You can go to Walmart right now, make more money, do less work, and you don’t have to bend over and spread your cheeks for the whole world to see.  

And Walmart is just the least imaginative option.  There are loads of jobs out there that don’t require a degree and pay decently.  Go find them.  

3 thoughts on “MintSalad is on Fansly

  1. I found it funny that it's not even subtle that she's doing the quantity over quality method here, but I've also already seen people saying how $75 for non nude content is insane and not sustainable right from the start. It's kind of obvious she's jumping on a bandwagon with this, and despite saggy tits becoming cleavage to people who have never actually seen great tits up close, if she doesn't do some kind of nudity this will fizzle out hard. Every single time I've seen a woman acting like they can preserve their dignity, or their “fans”, or their income when they go down this path; it all goes down the same way and just like you said it's not like this is Amouranth here and making multi millions. She has nothing to lose and no reason to exceed what's already going on. Mint though? lol Come on, this little journey will be over by end of summer if she doesn't do what I just said regardless how many “slay queen” tweets she gets lol.

  2. Where are you getting $75 from? Oh. The custom jerk off instructions. Yeah, nobody's paying that. Plus the $10/month on top of that.That's such a weird post. She posts like a sample video of jerk off instructions and it's like roleplaying you coming home (her home) and she's making the bed and whatnot.But we saw her purchase this “bed” just recently. They got it at Walmart. They were going to get a futon but instead, they just a mattress for $200. Then they brought that thing, put a box spring or something down, and laid the mattress on top of it. That's it. That's their bed. No bed frame. Just a box spring and mattress. And it's in their kitchen. the fuck would want to roleplay that? Roleplaying extreme rural poverty? It's a niche, I guess, but not one that excites me.

  3. Yeah I didn't know about the pricing either until I kept seeing people talk about it. What's really sad is I bet them even having to buy that “bed” set them back enough it pushed them even further into pursuing this venture. You're totally right and her pimp definitely convinced her into this just like he drags her into or pushes her into everything. He basically has successfully brainwashed her over years into being this way even though she's so stupid she probably actually thinks she has any independence lol.Them and their whole friend group as you know are suuuuch hick trash. You have a mattress and box spring in your kitchen. No headboard, no bed frame. Do you….live in a fucking wartorn third world country? I would burst out laughing if one of my friends or family had a situation like that going on in their kitchen. It's to be expected based on all the insane shit they want people to see of their lives in their videos however. They're totally fine with this life because they've only known trash to start with. Depressing shit.Kind of funny but I just happened to buy a new full size bed for our guest room recently. Mattress was like $650 with the box spring and bed frame. Fairly high quality from a mattress store. Nice to lay on. Shopping a headboard when we get a sec. But my point is hearing about a $200 mattress/box spring makes me really wonder just how shit that bed they got must really be if it's basically a third the cost of what I find to be a basic bed we just got that isn't some super fancy thing and is simply what things cost unless you really are just buying what amounts to some bed you found on the side of the road. It's like buying a laptop for $400 or less. You know you're getting something that is garbage. You have to spend at least imo $750-800 to even get something good, $1k-1.5k for something “great” etc.

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