Super Retro Gal Being Sanctimonious and Boring About Disney 

“Some of you forget that your own opinion isn’t the truth. Your passions aren’t others passions. You are a single person, not one other person thinks the way you do. While we may have similar opinions/lifestyle, we are all rich with culture and diversity that makes us different.”

Okay.  Sound advice.  People have different opinions and like different things.  I can go along with that.  

Even Zap “Too Hot to be an Influencer” Cristal agreed with that.  “Amen! Exactly”.  She’s testifying.  That’s what those rednecks like to do.

Not 24 hours earlier, Super Awkward Gal had this to say:

“If you don’t watch this you have issues:”

It’s a 12 minute video from 1991 of costumed characters from that short-lived tv show Dinosaurs in Disneyland.  

If you don’t want to watch this, you have issues.  This is according to Super Awkward Gal.  If you don’t want to watch shaky home movie footage of somebody’s vacation to a children’s theme park from 30 years ago, you have mental health problems.  This is what Super Awkward Gal is saying.

Where was Zap “Too Hot to be an Influence” Cristal when Super Awkward Gal wrote that?  Why didn’t Mrs Cristal say, “Hold on a minute.  People have different opinions and like different things.  You shouldn’t suggest that somebody is mentally ill just because they don’t like the things that you like.”

Nowhere to be found.  

I’m an adult man living in 2022.  I have no interest in watching old footage from Disneyland.  But if you want to watch that trash, if you’re in some kind of regressive state and can’t past your childhood, you go right ahead and watch these old Disney home videos.  I don’t give the slightest of fucks.  But that’s not my thing and that doesn’t make me mentally ill.

A few days later, she tweeted:

“Things I do not care about: -Main Street Electrical Parade -Cosmic Rewind -Fireworks”

Who gives a shit?  You don’t have to like those things.  But other people can enjoy them.  What happened to respecting other people’s interests?  What you like isn’t necessarily what other people like.  Did you forget about that?

Where was Zap Cristal to remind her of this previous comment?  Zap Cristal was too busy being the hottest influencer in the history of influencing.

JOHN RIGGS was there, though.  Horny as ever.  

– “I used to love the Electric Light Parade song. Fireworks, though, is something that if it went away forever I’d never miss them. Bring on drone displays any day.”

Don’t you get it, Riggs?  Different strokes for different folks.  Just because you like the Electric Light Parade song doesn’t mean that I have to like it.  I don’t even know what it is.  Is that okay with you?  

Here’s a recent tweet:

“One of my students said “Jungle Cruise is boring” to me yesterday and I told her only boring people are bored”

Who are her students?  I don’t know.  I’ve combed through her recent tweets and there’s no mention of her being an educator anywhere.  We’re just supposed to know.  She does this all of the time.  It’s impossible to figure out what she’s talking about.

But she was conducting some kind of lesson of some description and she told her young charge that they were a boring person because they dared to not like something which Super Awkward Gal likes.

What an educator.  The first thing that they teach you at teaching college is, “Insult and belittle your students as much as possible.”

And what happened to, “Your passions aren’t others passions”?  What happened to the possessive apostrophe?  You didn’t learn that one at school?  And yet, you’re the one teaching the next generation?

No.  If you don’t like Jungle Cruise, whatever the fuck that is, you’re mentally deficient.  This is according to Super Awkward Gal.  

I’m going to suggest that the mentally deficient one in all of these scenarios is the grown woman who’s obsessed with a children’s amusement park.  

And for somebody who’s obsessed with the past and *nostalgia* and whatnot, she sure didn’t give a fuck about old Pops.  She couldn’t wait until that old zombie kicked off so that she could inherit his house and all of his stuff.  She gave no fucks about that old man.  Those videos with “Pops” are pure evil.  

Maybe it would have been nice to get some stories out of “Pops” about how things were when he was younger.  I know that he had dementia or something but maybe he could still hold it together for long enough to tell some coherent stories.  I might be wrong but I don’t think that long-term memory is particularly affected by dementia.  

No.  She didn’t give a fuck about that guy.  She hasn’t tweeted about that guy once since her tweet saying that he finally died.  Where’s the *nostalgia* for “Pops”?  Does she not miss “Pops”?  Does she only miss the amusement parks of multinational, multibillion dollar companies?  It’s psychopath behaviour.

4 thoughts on “Super Retro Gal Being Sanctimonious and Boring About Disney

  1. Whenever someone opens with either “some of you may forget” or “just a reminder for those of you in the back” I totally tune out from cringing at their Twitter existence.

  2. lol just discovered this blog. keep up the good work. Shit is hilarious. Anyways not sure if you've covered annK before? She is an annoying ass streamer as bad as erin plays and pam if not even worse and she is constantly insufferably self promoting her shitty artwork, crappy magazine and boring ass stream every time the better streamers like macaw45 stream.

  3. “Boring people are bored” another twitter-phrase that has been copied so many times it's lost all meaning. The first time I heard it I have to admit it took me aback. I thought, am I being boring? Then I realized, no, cocksucker, I'm not bored because I'm boring. I'm bored because YOU'RE boring. I'm not the one typing 3 word responses or emojis in place of an actual thought or feeling, cunt. You are. You are the boring one.

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