We met Carby (aka Kirby) at Universal Studios! – Super Retro Gal


0:00 – Good shot of Super Awkward Gal’s douchebag husband, complete with prison-grade tattoos and stretched earlobes.  He’s wearing a tank top and those $2 sunglasses that can you find on those spinning display racks at the drug store.

This guy’s grandfather recently died.  “Pops”.  He looks really broken up about it.  He and his scumbag wife “cared” for this man.  Poorly.  Then when they got sick of the fact that he wasn’t dying quick enough, they shipped him to a home.  He died about six weeks later.  

Now they got this old man’s home, that I think he built himself, in a now prosperous area of sunny California.  She recently posted a video of the place and describes it as “My 1959 ranch style home.”  “My”.


She was using the word “My” even toward the last few months of “Pop’s” life.  Previously, she said that it was Pop’s house, but then, curiously, she started saying “My house”.  She’s not even related to the man.  It’s her husband’s grandfather.  But at this point, I think that she resolved to stop caring for him at all and try to speed up the death process so that she could get the house.

It’s one of the most deplorable things I’ve ever seen.  She also has a video of her bathing this man.  It’s unbelievable.  And people talk about what an amazing person she is.  They’re on another planet.

1:00 – Royalty free porno music.  This is a new one for me.

They’re just showing a bunch of Kirby statues.  I don’t get this.  Who would want to go to this place?  Kids would be bored out of their minds.  “Okay, another Kirby statue.  I get it.  Can we go now?”  And what normal adult would want to see this shit?

I notice that people aren’t wearing masks.  Not even Super Awkward Gal, who seemed really concerned about masks before.  It’s interesting.

5:45 – “Thank you for watching our channel” said really awkwardly, as per usual with Super Awkward Gal.

306 views on this shit after a week.  Get some charisma.  And “content” worth watching.  This was total trash.  Just like you and your scumbag husband.  

1 thought on “We met Carby (aka Kirby) at Universal Studios! – Super Retro Gal

  1. I'm a big fan of Kirby games and I'd find it awkward going there unless I was 7 years old (around when I played Dreamland 2 for the first time).The questionable backstory of their house just makes all this more awkward. They seem like two high schoolers mentally.

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