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I zoned out within 45 seconds.  This was in spite of the fact that I looked for the most interesting recent video of hers.


She speaks too quickly.  It’s monotone bullshit.  And she never has anything interesting or funny to say.

I’ve tried numerous times over the years to watch her videos.  It can’t be done.  They’re entirely unwatchable.

I thought that maybe the problem is that she doesn’t appear on screen.  How are we supposed to jerk off to just a voice?

But no, that might be a factor but it’s not impossible to make good videos without appearing on screen.  I’ve subscribed to GStar321 for many years.  He always releases engaging and entertaining videos.  Never appears on screen.


The difference between GStar and Hungry Goriya is that GStar has a personality.

I was thinking about this Tony from Hack the Movies situation where he fired Newt and got a bunch of interchangeable vanilla stooges to replace him.  In order to be good at something like making Youtube videos about movies, you need to have an innate personality, which is engaging and likeable.  I don’t know how much of this can be improved upon with experience.  Some people are just more charismatic than others.  

You also need to be quick-witted.  Again, I don’t think that this is something that can be improved upon with practice.  You either have it or you don’t.  Some people are funnier than others.  Some people are more intelligent than others.  You can’t really improve on any of this with practice.

But there are things that can be improved with experience.  Timing, when to say something and when not to, the type of anecdotes that people want to hear, language used, presentation, shit like this.

So for example, Crystal Quin constantly talks about actresses who she wants to have sex with.  I think that this is a problem that can easily be solved with experience: just shut the fuck up about that.  Surely, she’s capable of doing this.  With practice.  Maybe she isn’t.  Maybe this is just an ingrained part of her personality.  But for most people, this would be an example of something that they can improve on.  

Presentation.  What to do with your hands, how to dress, whatever.  With experience and proper guidance, this can be improved.  

Flow of the conversation.  The more you talk to somebody, you might get a better rhythm.  The more videos you make, the more you might understand what a good pace is.  Things like this.  It can be improved.

So Newt had this experience.  He’s been making Youtube videos for years.  Terrible videos but still videos.  These other people don’t have this experience.

Actually, how long has Movie Dumpster been around?  Three years.  Let me check out a video.  To be honest, I don’t think that I really gave these guys a chance.

Fuck.  They do all horror movies too.  

Let’s try this one.  Tony is in it.


Yeah, the guy on the left is annoying.  The guy on the right…I don’t know.  I mean, one problem is that I don’t give a fuck about what they’re talking about.  That’s why I couldn’t watch the Talking About Tapes/Hack the Movies episode that they were on where they talked about a different movie in the franchise.

Where was I going with this?  Oh, yeah.  HornyGoriya.  She’s been doing this for years so she has the experience.  She just doesn’t have the charisma.  Or the wit.  Or the intellect.  So this is never going to be successful no matter how hard she tries.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Just do something else with your time.  Something that you’re more suited to.  So you’re not good at making Youtube videos.  Big deal.  I’m sure that HornyGoriya is good at doing something else and it would be at least as rewarding.  So go do that.

4 thoughts on “8 Favourite Sidescrolling 8-bit Action Adventures – HungryGoriya

  1. It's kind of hilarious how awkward Tony gets on other peoples' channels when he can't pull what he does on HTM weekly.He weirdly can't help himself but bring up how his channel “does” with views like anyone but he cares even on other channels where it's even more awkward how often he does it. Nobody else in the Screenwave circle does this but him too. He even seems to have grudges about episodes that didn't “do well”, like it's keeping him up at night with regret that he even made the video. It's fucking weird watching the psychological disorder he has over this stuff in action.Or how he is always delusionally claiming “the internet” or “people” (he means one single youtube comment lol) are saying _____ or ______ like as if he has some massive audience and a huge reddit following lol. He's had so many chances to tone it down with all this too, but he just triples down on it instead to the point of being obnoxiously predictable at this point. It's the same behaviors and tropes every time now.

  2. I've heard Johanna say, at least once, that she'd like to do a video on some particular children's movie and Tony will say, “We tried that and children's movies don't do well.” But the difference between a video that does well and one that doesn't, by Tony's metrics, is negligible. This is why his stuff has become more formulaic (all horror shit from the 1990s and 2000s). He's constantly looking at the numbers and chasing what they say. This is going to have a detrimental effect on the channel. Just put out good, interesting content. That's how you get people to watch. Nobody wants to watch this robotic, algorithm-defined bullshit.

  3. Yeah exactly. That's the feeling he portrays with so much that he has said and implied at this point.The fact that he openly comments on this stuff during recording instead of talking about this off camera is just…idiotic and obsessive.To this day people have wanted Justin to review the second and even third Pokemon movies for example. I myself as a lad was into Pokemon in the late 90s so I watched their video on the first movie. Justin knows a shit ton about anime and Pokemon so he was the exact guest to use. Tony wasn't even in this video and he's been publicly salty about it ever since because he doesn't know one thing about Pokemon at all and he's almost ignorantly proud of it. So it's one of those vids that he has consistently brought up to whine about even though if you read the comment section a ton of people liked Justin in it and people were talking about nostalgic Pokemon stuff to them.But nah, “it only got 200k views instead of 250k. Vid was terrible and didn't have me hosting, making it a waste of time! I didn't get to bring up that Dark Knight Rises cameo joke yet again either!”LOL OKAY

  4. I'm joking of course. I don't think a single video on that channel has ever gotten 200k views.But this reminds me. He is also very obsessed about video thumbnails. He seems to believe what the thumbnails show hugely affect view numbers. This is something he has obsessed over for years too. This isn't recent.I've seen people ask him why the thumbnail for the video changed on a video and he responds “If you change the thumbnail it will bring in new people because they already saw the previous thumbnail!”This is of course completely psychotic and highly indicative of an obsession.Just recently I saw him tell a commenter that he is now going through all of his videos and getting rid of the thumbnails that have images of him or other screenwave people on them, and is replacing the thumbnails with ones that don't include their faces. Why? Who the hell really knows. He didn't actually explain the real reason he's really doing it. Perhaps he can't stand seeing his fat face in so many thumbnails. Perhaps one of the other “hosts” wanted it done.Point being. It's some weird shit to go to such extra lengths to be doing, and he implied it's really more for channel view number reasons. Again, this is psychotic and obsessive. There isn't a single channel on there I follow that does this stuff and they certainly don't publicly air all of it. This kind of behavior is what contributed to your girlfriend leaving you dude. You and I both know it.

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