Game Hunting at the Worlds Smallest Flea Market – John Riggs

It’s John Riggs with his very autistic son.  I don’t mean his “son” who’s actually his daughter, I mean his son who’s actually his son.  

I’ve never seen this kid before.  I assumed that they kept him chained up in the outhouse or something.

Before I continue, let me say that I’m sympathetic to this very unfortunate boy.  I’m not sympathetic to John Riggs.  He’s a complete creep.  He’s a shit father.  But Jesus Christ…I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

0:30 – John Riggs says that his other children didn’t want to join him for this trip to the flea market.  Maybe because they knew that he’d be filming and didn’t want to be part of that nonsense.

1:15 – John Riggs is talking about “fried bread”, which is a local delicacy.  He says that they’re similar to elephant ears, which is something that they sell at carnivals and shit.  It’s fried dough with cinnamon on it.  Anyway, John Riggs is always talking about food.  Fat people seem to have this kind of relationship with food.  They REALLY like food.  There’s a sexual element to it.  It’s weird and gross.

1:45 – Now he’s talking about lemon pistachios.  Must be another regional snack.  

4:30 – “Games of Passion.  I got to check that out.”

He’s looking at some Nintendo DS game called James Patterson Women’s Murder Club: Games of Passion.  He just focused on the last three words.  He’s fucking gross.  And his son is right there, constantly humming and sometimes saying random stuff.

6:00 – Now he’s talking about sugary beverages that he wants to purchase.

6:15 – John Riggs shows a giant bag of “cotton candy popcorn” that he bought.  You don’t need any more sugary sweets, you fat bastard.  

He also bought fried bread.  

And cheese.

6:45 – Now John Riggs is at a restaurant and he’s impressed with the tableside menu that has a phone built into it.  You can pick up the phone and it takes you to cashier/kitchen where you can order more food.  This is gross.  I’ve never seen this in my life.  But stuff like this is why America is full of fat bastards like John Riggs.  

7:00 – Now John Riggs is jazzed about the homemade rootbeer that this place serves.

Then John Riggs goes to a gun shop/pawn shop.  I’ve never seen an establishment like this either.  

He bought an NES from that place.  Didn’t buy any guns, apparently.

So that’s the video.  After this, John Riggs went home, sent messages to about 50 gamer grrls, and ate that entire block of cheese.

But yeah, that kid…it was painful.  It was uncomfortable viewing because I just kept waiting for that kid to start pulling all of the games and whatnot down.  

He also knocked out all of his teeth.  

Oh fuck.  It’s bad.  

– “Hey John, your teenage sons slept in because they’re teenagers.”

Yeah.  His “sons”.  They’re both girls.  One of them pretends to be a boy but the other one gives her pronouns as “they/him.”  Or something.  It’s some nonsensical mixing of pronouns.  

But you have this fucking scumbag horntard validating this nonsense.  All in an effort to appear progressive.  It’s not progressive.  It’s delusional.

– “Jaron is a fun kid. He reminds me of me at that age.”

Insert your own jokes here.  I mean…I don’t call these people “horntards” for nothing.  It’s true.  They’re genuinely mentally retarded.  This guy is openly stating it.

There’s a really weird spam thread where a bunch of bots have a conversation about how much money they made from cryptocurrency.  I’ve never seen spam like this.  John Riggs’ channel is full of new and exciting shit.

– “Why Jaron has no teeth ?!?”

You do not want to know.

– “What the heck is fried bread!”

He fucking explains in the video, you fucking idiot.  In great detail.  

– “cool to see Jaron being so confident in front of camera, little man communicating well.”

We must have been watching different videos.

– “Danm awesome Riggs,they just shut that flea mart down. Love seeing you on the Rez, and make Indian tocos with those fry breads”

Oh.  This was an American Indian thing.  “The rez”.  What a delightful way to describe forced migration, land appropriation, and genocide.

What would be a good Indian name for John Riggs?  Horny Buffalo?  I’ll have to work on it.

– “Hi, Jaron!!! Hope you had a great day with Dad! Flea markets are amazing when you can find great stuff!”

I’m pretty sure that he can’t read.  And I hate when people speak to children like this.  John Riggs is not your dad, you fucking creep.  Talking down to this kid and he can’t even fucking read this so who is this for?  

– “Didn’t realise you had a son. Thought you had 2 daughters.”

Interestingly, John Riggs replied but didn’t correct him about his “daughters”.  That’s surprising.

3 thoughts on “Game Hunting at the Worlds Smallest Flea Market – John Riggs

  1. Comment in comment section:”I am also blessed with special kid”Bruh. You must mean burdened. You're totally lying to yourself if you truly want that life. Fuck you for lying too.

  2. Having a “special” kid is the idea of a nightmare to me. If they were just autistic or weird but could still function to the point that they could at least hold a conversation then whatever, but being so mentally fucked that you have to look after them for life? I couldn't do it. I think I'd find a way for them “accidentally” strangle themselves to death in a cot. Or I'd just buy a Pitbull and let nature take its course.

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