Erin Plays and Mike Matei have a NES Variety Stream with a PLiNKO Twist! (Part 3)

More terrible video to get through.  Parts 1 and 2 as below:

33:30 – Next person to put an Elmo “emote” gets to play.  It’s just…I think that I’ve covered why this is idiotic already in previous articles.

By the way, I searched for this Plinko game.  It’s $36 at Target.  It appears to be an actual sort of game with pricing questions.  Like “How much is a can of soup” or whatever.  So like the actual Plinko game on The Price is Right.  You have to first answer some questions correctly in order to win a Plinko chip.

It has really bad reviews.  The main problems seem to be that the board is warped so the chips don’t fall properly, the electronic indicators at the bottom of the game don’t always register a hit when a chip has fallen into the slot, and the board is in two pieces that have to be assembled so there’s a lip that forms at the part where the two pieces come together which causes the chips to fly off of the board.

Basically, it’s a total piece of shit.  The fact that it comes in two pieces would be enough for me to not buy this.  Of course that’s not going to work.  

Why can’t a company just make a good Plinko board?  Everything has to be done on the cheap and this is what you get.  Get a single large slab of wood, put the fucking pegs in it, use decent card stock for the cards (which was another complaint…flimsy cards) and there you go.  Charge $70 for it.  

Or does it even have to be wood?  I think that the wood is the most expensive part of this.  Can’t they use plastic?  But good plastic.  Plastic that isn’t going to bend.  And again, one piece of plastic.  

This is also just something that you can make yourself.  It would be a fun little project for Mike and Erin.  Improve your carpentry skills.  They’ve got nothing else going on.  Learn how to make a Plinko game.

No, we’ll just buy this cheap piece of shit.

34:00 – The guy picks number 1.  Erin says, “Yay!  That’s what I would pick.”

Why?  It’s the worst possible choice, well, tied with 9.  This is not a complicated game.  You drop the fucking chips in the middle because the jackpot is in the middle.  Even if you’ve never seen the show, as Erin hasn’t, it’s just common sense.

So then this person got 100, which is the lowest prize.  That’s good for one minute of gameplay.  Not even because they aren’t using a stopwatch.  Who could have guessed that putting the chip in the worst possible slot could result in the worst possible prize?

Erin is playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.  She’s unbelievably bad at the game.  But let’s see if she can even play for one minute without asking, “Is it over yet?”

37:15 – New contestant.  Mike chooses the word “Spock”.  First horntard to spell it, wins.  It’s no “casserole”.

He picks 8 because he’s mentally retarded and it’s another 1 minute.  Mike is playing Marble Madness.

40:00 – Now Erin chooses “pancake” as her word.  Why is “casserole” funny to Erin but not “pancake”?  And she’s just picking food because…she’s an idiot.

Why is Mike playing again?  It’s Bubble Bobble for five minutes.  They were switching off but Erin is just totally checked out already.  She’s commenting on cute fruit in the game.

 42:30 – “You just beat this on PS4 the other day?  That’s cool.”

Great commentary, Erin.  Way to engage with the fans.

They showed about two minutes of this game.  Erin just edited all of this out for some reason.

Nothing is even happening.  I’m not going to give a rundown of the idiotic words that they choose and the games.  I’ll just wait for Erin to say something stupid.

44:45 – That didn’t take long.  The guy got the 10 minutes of gameplay and Erin said, “Depending what it is, because I’m having bad hands today, I might have to make him do it.”

Shout out to her fake carpal tunnel syndrome.

It’s Excite Bike and she refuses to play.  She edited out the reason why.

“Excite Bike is one of the black box games that I just never played a lot and I don’t really know why.”

Because you don’t play video games, you dumb bitch.

Mike then decides to design a course for Erin to play but then can’t figure out how to do it so they tell him to pick a different game.

Just have Erin play the fucking normal game.  What’s the problem?

He picks Snake Rattle n Roll.  Erin opted out of this game too.  And again, she edited out her explanation as to why.

Mike talks about different games that he’s beaten and Erin just says, “Yeah” a lot.  It’s like a child talking to his grandmother about video games.  She doesn’t give a shit and doesn’t even know what you’re talking about.  “Oh, you beat the Dick Tracy.  That’s nice, dear.”

53:00 – A horntard has to tell Erin how much time is left because she can’t even do something as simple as this.  Carpal tunnel, I guess.  Can’t watch the clock.

56:30 – A horntard asks how Mike and Erin met.  Erin says, “We met on the internet.”

Why don’t you give the full story, Erin?  You were spamming retro gaming Youtube channels, run by men about ten years older than you, in a deplorable attempt to get into a relationship with one of these losers to improve your Youtube channel.  And Mike was the only one pathetic enough to take the bait.

Then something is edited out.  Then Mike says, “Didn’t we meet at the movie theatre?”  Erin says, “Oh yeah.  It was in Texas.”  Mike says, “Or was it in Sears?”  Erin says, “Yeah.  Yeah, we met at Sears.”  Mike says, “In the automotive department”.  Erin says, “Yeah.”  It goes on like this.

Mike makes a joke of this because he knows that it’s creepy as fuck how they met and that this relationship is a total farce.  It’s a sugar daddy relationship.  

And Erin just keeps saying “yeah” because she’s a complete airhead.

57:15 – Then they take a break.  They come back and Erin says, “I just really needed a cup of coffee.”

She’s bored out of her fucking mind with this shit.

Then she thanks Lady Decade for the “raid”.

Then the billionth edit.

This is just ridiculous.  She edits out EVERYTHING from this video.  What the fuck is she hiding?  This is unwatchable.

Mike isn’t here, by the way.  He’s probably getting the Elmo puppet.

Yeah, I was right.

57:45: A horntard says that he’s ill.  Erin says, “Are you sick?  I’m having hand issues so Mike’s helping me play some games today.”

Fuck off.

Then Mike is there with his Ernie puppet.

1:01:30 – The horntard says, “Tag Team Wrestling with Mike” and Erin says, “Oh.  So you want Mike to play Tag Team Wrestling.”

No, you fucking moron.  He wants you both to play.  But this way, Erin doesn’t have to do anything.

Then he corrects her.  “Oh, two player mode” and she looks like she’s about to kill herself.

Ernie has left, by the way, and they have a terribly unfunny conversation about this.  Erin mostly says, “Yeah.”

Mike calls the character Babe Ruth.  I have no idea why.

Anyway, this is stupid.  I’m going to call a halt to this article and the series as a whole.

Let’s check out the comments.

Oh wait.  Somebody time-stamps all of the games that they played.  Super Mario Bros is on here.  Let me see.  I’ll bet anything that Erin isn’t playing it.

She sure doesn’t.

Oh, somebody left a Youtube comment and he donated $13.99 Canadian.  I guess that you can just straight up give money in the Youtube comment section now.  How much is that in US dollars?  It’s $11.  That guy will get a date out of this in no time.

What would possess somebody to give money like this?  What are they getting out of this?  You might as well flush it down the toilet.  

Spend that money on anything else.  Get fucking 20 Snickers bars.  Wouldn’t you get more enjoyment out of that?  You get NOTHING from giving your money to Erin.  

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  1. I just thought of something. They could have done a pricing question to choose the contestant, like in the actual Plinko game. Actually, I think in Plinko, you were given a price and asked if the actual retail price was higher or lower. That wouldn't be good. But they could do it like how it is on contestant's row. Show an item and ask people for prices. The person with the closest guess without going over is the next contestant.Then you could show whatever. A box of macaroni and cheese, an old PC Gamer magazine, a Neo Geo cart, whatever. That could actually be fun. But this “type a word” shit…no. That is just stupid and boring. Erin put absolutely no effort into this, as usual.

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