Crazy Bobdunga is in Mourning Over…Some "Celebrity" Nobody Ever Heard of

Andre Leon Talley.  Who’s Andre Leon Talley?  I don’t fucking know.  Let me DuckDuckGo this shit.

He worked at Vogue in some capacity.  You know…the fashion magazine.  We all read Vogue, right?  Even when people bought magazines, I wasn’t buying Vogue and I didn’t know anybody who was.

But apparently crazy Bobdunga was.  And not only that, she somehow knew who was working at the magazine.  He was a fucking “creative director” or something.  So it’s not like he was a columnist or something and you could get to know him in some sense.  How the fuck did Bobdunga know this man at all?

But she’s really broken up about his passing.  Why?  Because it’s a black guy.  She mourns the death of every black celebrity.  Even ZZZ-listers like this.  This is her idea of what black people do.  Because Bobdunga, who has an Indian mother, is really desperate to be considered black.

She never mentioned this guy once before.  She never even mentioned Vogue before.  But now she’s crushed.  

I’m telling you with 100% certainty that she didn’t even know who this guy was before she learned that he died.  How could she?  How could anyone?  I’m sure that his family is saddened and his boyfriends and whatnot but who else would know this guy?  This is fucking ridiculous.

Plus, he was like 73 years old.  Hardly a spring chicken.

Bobdunga did not mention Bob Saget dying.  Because Bob Saget is not black.  But when Carl Winslow dies, we’ll hear about it from crazy Bobdunga.  For two weeks and then never again.  She was a big Family Matters fan, guys.  Never talked about Urkel even once in her life.

Fucking Urkel.  What an asshole.

“I have a really important meeting today please send me all the happy hearts and hands”

What’s the meeting about?  We don’t know.  She doesn’t say.  And yet, the horntards leave messages like, “You got this!”

I’m going to assume that it’s a meeting with a team of psychiatrists to determine if Bobdunga should be involuntary committed to a mental institution or not.  You got this, crazy Bobdunga.

Here’s some more cryptic bullshit:

“Are we surprised guys in gaming protect guys in gaming? From what ive seen and experienced, this isnt anything new. People can try and cover that stuff up only for so long but eventually stuff leaks out. Some wont catch on but said moments should shed light on the boys clubb”

“Im a little late but very proud of Pokimane for speaking so openly about how a lot of these people function at the top. Period.”

“I generally dont speak on this sort of stuff anymore because when youre a woman of color in this industry, it really is like speaking into a void of invalidation and gaslighting. But its good to see people in higher places using their platform to shed light on these issues”

What is she talking about?  I have no fucking idea.  And she disabled comments so we can’t even get any clues from the horntards.  

It seems to be more cryptic remarks about the non-existent “abuse” that she “suffered” at the hands of her ex-homosexual boyfriend.  YEARS ago.  At least five years ago by this point.  And people told her, rightly, that it wasn’t abuse.  It wasn’t anything.  She refers to this as “gaslighting” as opposed to, “Wait a minute…maybe I’m the crazy one and everyone else is right.”

Anyway, I’m going to go work on my shrine to Andre Leon Talley.  I can’t believe that he’s gone.  Who’s going to be next?  Dapper Dan?  Virgil Abloh?

Wait, what?  Virgil Abloh died last November.  Oh man.  My heart can’t take this.

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