Pam's Depressing New Year's – CannotBeTamed

“No stream tonight. Not really feeling it.”

That was on 30 December.  She was feeling low.  The horntards suggested that she drink alcohol and feel better soon.  But in reality, nobody gives a fuck if she streams or not.  Her streams are aggressively dull.

“Contemplating the last year.”

And there’s a picture of her dog resting on her chest.  Uh huh.

“I did my makeup for New Years. Goes really well with the pyjamas I’ve been wearing for the last 24 hours.”

And there’s an uncomfortably closeup picture of Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining wearing a lot of makeup.  Makeup that she put on…for nothing.  For her dog, I guess.  She spent New Year’s with her dog.  And she was in her pyjamas for at least 24 hours.  That’s a clear sign of depression.

The horntards wish her a happy New Year’s and Pam replies to a couple of them with dull “Happy New Year” messages and then she says, “I’m excited to pop open a bottle”.  

So she hasn’t got dressed in at least 24 hours, she’s putting makeup on for nobody, and she’s drinking alcohol.  She seems to drink a lot of alcohol.

“If anyone out there doesn’t like me, you can watch my spirit break in this clip.”

And she posts a clip of her failing at some puzzle.  It’s the most boring shit you’ve ever seen in your life.  She has no reaction whatsoever.  What are we supposed to take away from this?  

That was posted on 2 January.

So this was her New Year’s.  She spent it with her pets, drunk, and didn’t get dressed for over 24 hours.  Then she streamed for the horntards.

She has every reason to be depressed.  This is fucking pathetic.  

Living in Canada, in some shitty little apartment, 40 years old, single, working in IT, making videos for horny retards.  I don’t know.  It’s better than a lot of people do, I guess.  

I used to check out what my former classmates are doing on Facebook and it was depressing as fuck.  Shitty jobs, still living in that same town we grew up in, maybe they have some children.

I couldn’t do it but this is what they wanted to do.  At least to some degree.  They probably wish that they had a better job or a hotter wife or whatever but effectively, they were happy just going along where the stream took them.  They made no effort to shake things up and they seem happy enough.  So people want different things.

A lot of these “Youtubers” had shitty jobs and shitty lives so then they went all in with Youtube as a desperate way to escape this fate.  You look at Adam the Woo, for example, who worked at Walmart or something before he started his Youtube channel.  And you can see the panic and desperation in his videos because he knows that when this Youtube gravy train stops, he’s going to be completely fucked.  It’s back to Walmart for him, as a 47 year old man.

Tony from Hack the Movies, similar story.  Although, at least he has a sort of normal job to fall back on.

I suppose Erin to some degree but her channel is a total failure.  So she’s not really concerned about continuing to crank out good content because she’s yet to create a single good video so far and it doesn’t matter anyway because she’s not making any money from this.  She’s just in that weird buttsex for Youtube promotion “relationship”.

Newt is another one.  He had a shitty job so now he’s desperate to see his Youtube career take off.

I don’t think that Youtube is the answer.  You’re better off spending all of your money on lottery tickets. 

Take Adam the Woo, for example.  According to SocialBlade, he’s making about $62,000/year.  That’s a fairly good yearly salary but how much money is he spending on gas and plane tickets and Disney tickets and prostitutes and all of the other expenses that he has related to his channel?  He has to be losing money from this.

Maybe he has money from merchandise or sponsored videos (although I can’t think of any sponsored videos that he’s done) but it can’t be good money because he was living with roommates.  And then when they left, he couldn’t afford the rent so went back to living in his van.

And this is a pretty successful and well-known “Youtuber”.  He’s clearly the most successful of the people who I’ve mentioned.  

He would make money at Walmart.  Why not just work at Walmart?  

There’s no fucking money in Youtube unless you’re PewDiePie or a parasite like Ryan Schott leeching off of the dreams of desperate “Youtubers”.

It’s like people think that there aren’t jobs outside of retail.  Or if you don’t have a degree, you’re doomed to working in retail.

I have a degree but I’ve never had a job that required a degree.  I’ve also never worked in retail.  Why would I?  There are plenty of other jobs out there.  Interesting jobs.  Well-compensated jobs.  You just have to look.  Do the research.

Let me look at the average salary for a hotel manager.  Newt has hotel experience.

$52,000/year.  That sounds about right to me.  All Newt had to do was stick with it.  He could have got promoted or he could have taken his accumulated skills and knowledge to a different hotel.  Keep getting pay rises and promotions that way.  

$52,000/year isn’t an enormous amount of money but it’s pretty good, you can easily live on it, and it’s better than retail and certainly better than fucking Youtube.

But Newt is an “artist” and he wants a creative outlet to express himself.  Same bullshit that Erin says.  So they’re expressing themselves through shitty videos and getting pennies for their trouble.  And all the while, they’re “stressing” over the fact that nobody is watching the fucking videos.

So that was Pam’s pathetic New Year’s.  What will 2022 hold for her?  I’m thinking…more of the same.  More shitty videos that nobody wants to watch, more pennies, more dog fucking, more alcoholism, and more crippling depression.  I suspect that it will end in kidney failure, which may not be far off.  What a full, rich life she’s lead.

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