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 (Originally published January 2020)

I regret to inform everyone that SupaNintendoGirl aka SupaPixelGirl aka SupaNostalgia aka Pixel_Weaver aka whatever else no longer has an OnlyFans.  As far as I know.  But she did at one point.  And it was awful.  I think that there was a single nude picture and it was of somebody who merely looked like SupaNintendoGirl.  

I use the word “horndogs” in this article.  I got that from a message I read on a forum about the 1970s situation comedy Three’s Company.  Somebody described Larry as a “horndog”.  This later morphed into “horntard” when I came to discover that a large percentage of the people who go to these gamer grrl’s streams and Youtube channels are legitimately mentally retarded.


It’s $5.99/month. What do you get for that $5.99? Abuse and pictures of this woman in a turtleneck. At least that’s what I’ve gleaned from the text. I’m not a “subscriber” or whatever so can’t see the actual pictures.

I mean, look at this shit:

I see people complaining on my last pic even though they got more than there money’s worth last week. When I see attitude in the comments it impacts me and everyone else. Take your shitty attitude somewhere else. This is a place for ME to express myself. I was going to upload new pics but I think ima chill this week due to the negativity.

What was her picture last week? “A hentai face gif”. So…presumably some stupid drawing that she did.

These horndogs are spending their hard-earned six bucks a month to see a portly woman nude. One picture a week. Is that too much to ask for? She’s giving them a stupid drawing instead?

So to punish these people, she stops posting pictures.

Also, a woman with a degree in psychology (I think) doesn’t know when to use “their” instead of “there”.

She’s a remarkably self-absorbed woman. Everything is about her. Even when dudes are paying six bucks a month, it’s still about her. That’s the problem that arises when you take money from people. They expect something in return. If you want a place to express yourself, go post your shit on Youtube. OnlyFans is a business tool. The sex industry. Just like in any industry, you have to deliver the goods.

Then she goes on:

However to anyone who tipped, I am currently messaging to chat and answer any questions about my sex life and maybe sending some sexy selfies good boys get rewarded here

So you can give her MORE money, on top of the six bucks a month you’re already sending, to hear her talk about dudes who she’s having sex with and maybe a picture of her in a turtleneck IF you’re lucky.

Should these horndogs, pathetic though they may be, really be treated by SupaPixelGirl like this? It’s like she’s doing them a favour by taking their money and giving nothing in return. This is an overweight woman, a 4/10 at best, with severe mental health problems. They’re doing her the favour by sending the money. She should be grateful that ANYONE is paying money to see her nudes. I don’t even want to see them for free. And in any event, I don’t even think that these are nudes. Her most recent entry is literally entitled “yellow turtleneck”. I am not paying six bucks a month to see pictures of a woman in a turtleneck sweater.

I got dicked down last night by a beautiful chocolate man and wow all I can say is what they say is true… ask me anything

Can this be any more racist? She’s sexualising black men, alluding to the myth of the hyper-sexual black man which goes back at least to slavery days, and reducing people to their race. This isn’t a human being who has all kinds of interests and experiences and hopes and dreams and ideas and views on the world. It’s a big dicked black guy who can’t control his animalistic lust for chubby white women.

If you want more videos like this on my fans only show me the love tip for your girl so I can buy some sexy lingerie or something

So the six bucks a month isn’t enough? You also have to “tip” her? Do you suppose large lingerie costs more than small lingerie? Probably not, right? It never seems to work like that for clothes. But why not? Large items obviously use more material. The difference in production cost might be negligible but still…I don’t know. Something of a thorny issue, perhaps. You might get big fat people complaining about discrimination for having to pay more for their bigger clothes.

What do you think of my pussy? Be honest!

This is almost certainly a picture of a cat and she’s just using this title to fool people into signing up.

I got fucked by a black man for the first time last weekend. It was a different experience for sure. It’s true what they say… he is 25 and works out all the time so his stamina was crazy. He was rough though and I need some warming up. Want more details! Comment below and I’ll answer 😉

Again with this.

My long-time girlfriend is black. She’s a mild-mannered woman who enjoys sweets and animals. Her race is irrelevant. There are smart black people and stupid black people. There are ghetto black people and well-mannered black people. There are hyper-sexual black people and there are sexually cold black people. There are muscular black people and there are big fat black people.

SupaPixelGirl is just perpetuating negative stereotypes about black men. Yeah, maybe these two guys fit the stereotype. But she should be saying, “I had sex with two degenrates who happen to be black” not “Black guys are all sexual degenerates”.

I wouldn’t want people to think that SupaPixelGirl is representative of white people. “Oh yeah, you white people are all big, fat, self-obsessed, crazy people.”

Still trying to lose lbs but also enjoy my curves while I have them. What are your thoughts on my body right now?

You don’t want to hear my thoughts on that topic, SupaPixelGirl.

Not sure how or why, but OnlyFans notified me that I am in the top 20% of creators on this platform. I don’t deserve your support but I am super thankful and please know I do not take it for granted, not one minute.

It’s impossible. OnlyFans is for nudes. I don’t think that she’s posting nudes. Certainly not on a regular basis anyway. And why pay this woman, who we all know what she looks like, six bucks a month when you can pay that same amount or less to see some hot porn star?

So, someone who is a “fan” is sharing my content outside of this forum. 🙁 I am not sure what to do. It makes very sad.

It’s somewhat baffling that anyone wants to see SupaPixelGirl nude but whatever. And even more baffling if these aren’t nude, which I think is the case.

Anyway, you just know that John Riggs is a member. How does he possibly think that he has a chance with her? She’s on Tinder having sex with random young black dudes. John Riggs is 40+ years old, overweight, three kids, and no job.

Of course, there is some truth to the stereotype of black men and fat white women. I knew an overweight white woman who really enjoyed the hip hop scene. “Maybe she just enjoyed the music.” Maybe. Or maybe she knew that white guys are rarely interested in large women. But black guys? Some of them don’t mind large white women.

What John Riggs needs is to find is a race of women who like fat white men. Maybe try the Philippines or something.

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