Destiny Fomo Doing Pornographic ASMR for the Mentally Challenged

I don’t really have anything to say.  It’s just a prostitute doing what prostitutes do.  I find it really difficult to believe that anybody is paying $5 for this but bear in mind that these people mentally retarded.

She’ll also write your name on her arm for ten gifted subs.  Why would anybody do this?  I think that this is on Twitch so that would be $50, if I’m not mistaken.  Who would pay $50 to have Madam Fomo write your name on her arm?  

Can you even do this stuff on Twitch?  It’s clearly intended to be pornographic.  

Let’s check out her boring as fuck Twtitter.  I haven’t looked at this in months.  She’s just so aggressively boring.  I don’t give a fuck.

She has a new profile.  “A person that loves the Nintendo 64 and Virtual Boy a bit too much (I’m 4’10)”

Why would she put her height?  Who cares?  I mean, she’s unbelievably stupid and barely literate but come on.  Her pimp TuanX couldn’t come up with a more interesting description?

It took me a while to understand why she was showing this screenshot of her phone.  It’s because it says that she has over $50,000 in Bitcoin.  So that’s one way that she’s laundering her money.  Why would she advertise this?  Gross stupidity, I guess.

She replies to one of the horntards that she bought her parents a house.  So she’s also laundering her money through property.  

She also says, “I get emails all day for work…. I constantly avoid all phone calls. There’s no avoiding notifications lol”

Yeah, I’ll bet.  That’s typically how it works.  You text or (apparently) email a prostitute, you don’t call them.  They don’t answer calls.

Here she is boasting about her money again.  Can she really be this fucking stupid?  Keep your ill-gotten gains on the downlow.

Here’s another picture of her with some other prostitute who she took a very similar picture with before.  Let me see if I can find this in the archives.  Yeah, here:

New York Demon Diva or something.  Similar picture.  A couple of working ladies and a couple of johns in a bar.

Here’s a picture of Madam Fomo with more of her colleagues.  Holy shit.  This must be the really, really late night crew.  I’d pay money not to have sex with them.

A bunch of wrestling shit.  TuanX thinks that if Madam Fomo pretends to like wrestling, it will pull in more socially awkward horntards.  I think that he’s mistaken.

God, he’s just such a terrible pimp.  I could do such a better job than he does.  Fucking anyone can.  He’s the worst.  No idea what people want.

“Survivor series sale on my onlyfans! Join for just $4 this weekend”

That’s’ the normal fucking price but she’s always trying to con people into thinking that that’s the sale price.

Somebody did Madam Fomo fan art.  Holy fucking shit.  This is awful.  We can end this right here.  Nothing I say can top this:

It looks like a retarded Punky Brewster who just got done drinking some hot chocolate.

2 thoughts on “Destiny Fomo Doing Pornographic ASMR for the Mentally Challenged

  1. I feel bad for this woman, even though I was never a fan of her content. If her parents ever read this, i want them to know that they are losers for not having properly brought up their daughter.losers and a failure

  2. No question. Madam Fomo has said that she has many siblings and she grew up really poor and her parents were physically abusive. I have no doubt that her mother was a prostitute as well. It's often something that runs in families. Maybe her father was the pimp.She says that she bought a house for these people. And she had that weird video where she was on vacation in Hawaii with her mother. She showed her mother in like silhouette. Never a clear picture of her. Presumably, because her mother is engaged in shady activities, same as Madam Fomo.

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