The End of Castszilla vs The Podmonster?

It’s been a month since their last video.  And the views are really low compared to Talking About Tapes aka Hack the Movies.  Also, Johanna is doing a lot more stuff with Talking About Tapes now, perhaps coinciding with Newt leaving.

Here’s the problem with Castszilla vs The Podmonster: it wasn’t good.  But neither is Talking About Tapes.  It’s the same exact formula for both shows.  Maybe the Godzilla podcast does so much worse just because there’s no video.

They were also REALLY phoning it in for months.  Let me see if I can pinpoint the date that they gave up on this.  

Kong and Me was still fresh.  It was a children’s book review.  They seemed semi-interested.  The next episode was Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla.  That’s one of the more popular movies in the franchise so they were still interested at that point.

But then Tony unboxed a Godzilla carrying case.

I’m thinking that this was the start of the downward slide.  

In the next episode, they “reviewed” episode FOUR of some anime.  I didn’t even realise that they did four of these.  

Then Terror of Mechagodzilla. 

Then a “blind bag” opening.

Then a clip show, minus the clips.

Yeah.  I think I got the right episode.  They gave up right around the time of that carrying case episode.

I actually commissioned some new art for the banner.  This was like two months ago.  I wanted to replace Pelvic Gamer with Johanna and John Riggs with Tony from Hack the Movies.  And there’s a Godzilla theme for Johanna’s picture.  But this art is taking way longer than expected.  So now people won’t even get the reference.  

If I were to commission some new art today, it wouldn’t be Johanna because I wouldn’t add her based on the strength of her Talking About Tapes output.  I barely even mention her when I review Talking About Tapes.  It’s fucking Horseface McGee who I mention.  Whatever her name is.  Oh, Crystal Quin.  It just briefly escaped me.  I remembered Horseface McGee, though.  I could swear that that was a Family Guy reference but I looked it up and…no.  “Horseface McGee” doesn’t seem to be anything.  I just made it up, I guess.

But I wouldn’t have a drawing done of Crystal Quin.  First of all, I can’t watch her videos.  She’s horrendous.  But secondly, I wouldn’t want to feed into her monstrous ego.

That review I did of her was one of my better articles, though.  It’s also one of the more popular ones.  It gets a few hits every week.  People searching for Crystal Quin “content”, I guess.

That song at the end is hilarious.  It’s a love song to a horse.  Perhaps the first mainstream song dedicated to bestiality.

The boys on Reddit recently mentioned that Justin referenced Newt in a recent Talking About Tapes.

It’s at the 8 minute mark.  Justin says. “I worked at a movie theatre with my friend, he who shall not be named.”  Then there’s an edit.

Newt mentioned something in a deleted tweet or a deleted Youtube video about people who he knew just trying to save themselves.  Something like this.  Effectively, not sticking up for him/abandoning him/whatever in an effort to save their jobs.  Newt was the fall guy for this plagiarism.  A patsy, if you will.

He’s 100% right.  Justin and Tony from Hack the Movies and Crystal Quin and Johanna, all down the line, are total scumbags for not sticking up for Newt.  I said this from the start.  I said that if anyone should be fired, it’s James Rolfe.  But they fired Newt.  And then they can’t even talk about him any more.  And he apparently had to sign some non-disclosure agreement and any work that he did on Talking About Tapes belongs to Tony or Screenwave or something.  

It’s bullshit.  He should go to an employment tribunal.  Do they have employment tribunals in the US?  No, I don’t think so.  Well, he should speak to a lawyer and sue the fuck out of Screenwave.  Unfair dismissal.  Besmirching his name and reputation.  Mental distress.  Take those fat fucks to the cleaners.  

Unfortunately, perhaps nothing can be done.  This is problem number ten billion in the US.  No employment protection.  Some 500 pound guy can just say, “You’re fired”, and you’re out the door.  No notice.  No appeal.  No reason needed.

4 thoughts on “The End of Castszilla vs The Podmonster?

  1. I think they're padding out their time with that series so they can stretch the content more since they haven't started doing Heisei era films yet, though based on the really random Godzilla merch they find and talk about I think they have gone quite a while since talking about anything related. I doubt its dead though cause Tony is pretty hardcore into Godzilla.

  2. I mean to be fair in the UK they can just fuck you off from a job they just like to be sneaky fucks about it and try everything “legal” under the sun to do it.My last employer was fully aware that I have a spinal condition that prevents me from standing in place for long periods of time so they took me off my main job (I had never complained once and for a long time was consistently the best employee) and put me on a job where you stand in place without moving for 8 hours. Then yelled at me when I went to get a drink of water.

  3. Yeah, I was fired with no notice or compensation or anything but this was years ago and my understanding is that the law has since changed and they couldn't do that any more. That job was also through an agency and that's a massive problem in the UK. These parasitic agencies. I did everything I could to avoid them.

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