Bobdunga has a New Boyfriend

She really has a type.  Nerdy white guys.  That’s some pink sweatshirt that you have there.

Were they at Niagara Falls?  That’s nice.  I don’t quite get the romance, though.  I was there as a kid so maybe that’s why but people wearing, effectively, garbage bags while taking a short cruise?  That’s not romantic.  The garbage bags are to prevent getting soaked because the little boat takes you close to the falls.  

Let’s see what the reviews on TripAdvisor are like.

– “The falls themselves are magnificent. The city itself is incredibly tacky! What a contrast. Recommend staying somewhere else and visiting falls as a day trip.”

That seems to be a pretty typical review.  A lot of people shit on the city and say that it’s run down and hasn’t been upgraded since the 1990s.

But yeah, if I were that guy, I would really watch out.  How much longer before the various nebulous abuse allegations begin?  She’s completely out of her mind.

Should I post a birthday wishlist tomorrow? (Pleading face emoji Pleading face emoji) I don’t usually do that but with my move coming up, any little bit would really help

Absolutely shameful.  Wantonly shaking down the horntards.  Four horntards replied.  “Yeah!  We want to give you stuff even though you have a boyfriend and you only view us as morons to be taken advantage of financially!”

I don’t know if she ever posted the wishlist, though.  I’m not seeing it on Twitter.

Looking at condos today keep your fingers crossed I see something good (Folded hands emoji) then spending the remainder of the day editing audio for this almost 2 hour monstrosity of a video

Wait.  She posted that on 3 November and the previous post that I mentioned was on 6 November.  They’re in reverse order.  So she took the first place that she looked at and this was all signed and agreed to within three days?  

And is she moving in with this guy?  This guy who she just met?  She was living with her mother and sister(s).  And she doesn’t have a job.  She’s not making any money from Youtube or whatever.  So the only way that she could move out would be if a guy is paying for the place.

It’s just such a terrible idea.  And why does she always have white boyfriends?  She’s always about black empowerment.  Every “meme” that she posts on her Twitter is a picture or video of a black person doing something stupid.  She thinks that this is empowering to black folk.  Also, she considers herself to be black even though her mother is Indian.

This sort of race fetishisation is not good.  I mean, if we’re talking about porn, whatever, go jerk off.  But if we’re talking about having a relationship with another human being, it should not be the basis for the relationship.

Anyway, best of luck to Bobdunga and her new boyfriend.  Hopefully the crazy allegations don’t start for a while yet.  Also, maybe now that Bobdunga has a boyfriend she can get over that whole RelaxAlax thing.  Leave him alone.  Stop her many year campaign against him.

2 thoughts on “Bobdunga has a New Boyfriend

  1. You'll find 10 times out of 10 that girls who complain about “white privilege” or white people in general will always, ALWAYS have a white boyfriend. They just can't help themselves.

  2. I don't know enough black women with white boyfriends to have an opinion.But I find that the guys who are big into black power tend to have white girlfriends.

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