Let's Play DUCK HUNT on NES! – Erin Plays


0:15 – She says that if this was an official tournament of Duck Hunt, she would have to be six feet away from the tv.  But she doesn’t have space for that.  So she’s going to be six inches from the tv instead.

0:30 – “There’s that dog.  I like that dog.”

Eugh.  Terrible commentary as usual.

0:45 – “He’s kind of like Nintendo’s Huckleberry Hound.”

In what respect?  Can you expand on anything?

She jams the gun right in her eye.  This is how she’s playing the game.  With the gun jammed into her eye.

“It hurts my face to do this.”

Well, you are jamming a piece of plastic into your eye.  I would imagine that that would be painful.

1:15 – “I feel so guilty playing this game.  Couldn’t it be like drones or plates that look like UFOs?”

Oh, you mean like the clay pigeon option for this game?  How does she not know this?  She never played DUCK HUNT before.

1:45 – “You know what I noticed?  When the dog collects the duck, the duck doesn’t look totally dead, he just looks annoyed.”

Riveting, Erin.  And really, really funny.  We all love your brand of female comedy.

“I never noticed that before.”

Because you never played the game before.  Go fuck yourself.

2:00 – “My trigger finger locked up.”

Shout out to her fake carpal tunnel syndrome.

“Does this hurt your face too?”

No.  Because I didn’t play the game with the gun jammed into my eye like some kind of a fucking retard.

2:15 – “Does the Duck Hunt dog have a name?”

Nobody cares, Erin.  Your commentary is neither interesting nor funny.  It’s stupid and pathetic.

3:00 – “I’ve yet to play a Super Scope.”

You don’t say.

“I remember really wanting one when I was little.”

Another riveting story about something that Erin DIDN’T do.  

And it’s for the best, really.  She could do some real damage to her eye with that thing.

She also wanted Yoshi’s Safari.  You know…because she had Yoshi’s Island.  One of two SNES games that she owned as a child.  But she never got Yoshi’s Safari.  That’s the story.  It’s a story about something that she didn’t do.  These are how all of her stories are.

3:30 – “I can’t believe I haven’t bought one yet.”

Well, I’m sure that you’ll get one soon for the purposes of doing another shitty video.

4:30 – “This also reminds me of going to Disney Land and…”


4:45 – “I forgot they sped up that fast.”

Uh huh.  “Forgot”.  She never fucking played this before.

5:00 – “Let’s do the other one.  Let’s do claaaay shooting.”

She struggles with the word.  She’s never seen this before.  This is also obvious from a comment she made earlier where she said that wishes she could shoot plates.  

6:45 – After an edit, Erin says, “Oh my god, you know what I just remembered?  In the arcade version, you can shoot the dog.”

Uh huh.  “Remembered”.  Let me check Wikipedia dot com.

Under the arcade section, it says, “If the player shoots the dog, the bonus stage immediately ends.”

How did I know?  

So that was Erin giving herself permanent eye injury.  Pure trash.  As usual.  Zero effort.

– “You shoot like you’ve never held a gun before.”

What are you talking about?  Everyone know that the proper shooting technique is to jam the gun into your eye.

– “I  think ma favorite video of yours is when your messing around with the power pad because we actually get to see your whole body”

That was from horntard extraordinaire Jimmy Dean who has made it his life mission to leave a desperate comment on every video that Erin uploads.  Good luck getting a date out of this, you giant fucking imbecile.

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