Women In The Streaming World-The Good, The Bad And The Ugly! – Zap Cristal


Zap “Too Hot to be an Influencer” Cristal is back with more cringe as fuck nerd convention panel goodness.  

They were at Retropalooza.  Wherever that is.  Let me look this up.  Oh, Houston.  Yeah.  She lives in Texas.

The first panel she mentions is called Woman (sic) in the Streaming World.  It features Taffeta Darling, Darius Abbey, and Petite Pica.  I possibly got every single one of those names wrong.  Zap doesn’t link to ANY of these women’s channels.  But she does link to every conceivable social media of hers.  

Oh.  I found some names.  It’s just in a comment that she wrote.  Petite Pikkah and Dearest Abby.  I think that Taffeta Darling is correct because I looked it up.  

The reason I want the names is because one of these women has a beard.  I want to see if this is a joke or if she always has a beard.  

It’s not Taffeta Darling.

“Petite Pikkah” has zero results on Google.

And it’s not Dearest Abby.  

0:45 – But first, a giveaway of a game that they were in.  It’s the same wrestling game that John Riggs is in.  I wonder how this happened.  He was in the crowd in this game.  But Zap Cristal and her husband are like a ring mat logo.  It doesn’t look good and I can’t imagine anyone using that ring.

1:45 – Then we get to the panel footage.  There are five people but I only have names for four of them.  The bearded woman seems to be the moderator and I suspect that she’s the one who I don’t have a name for.  

Nobody gets introduced.

2:15 – “The running joke online is that I’m the Queen of Kong.  Right?”

Fuck if I know.  That was from Dearest Abby.  

Oh.  She does chubby cosplay.  That seems to be a popular pastime these days.  


What would Mario look like if he was a fat chick?  Shit like this.  Are people jerking off to this?  I don’t get it.  

Oh, I found a guest list for this thing.


PetitePikahh is also here.  One word.  Let’s see if that helps with my search.


A lot of terrible pictures of her.  I don’t mean appearance-wise, these are just horrible angles.  And it’s always the same horrible angle.

Taffeta Darling is just a cosplayer according to her little bio.  

Stina Glitters?  Is that who this bearded woman is?  Looks like a guy but she doesn’t have a beard in this picture.  

John Riggs was there, of course.  Hanging out with these bearded gamer grrls.  

So yeah, I’m thinking that it has to be Stina Glitters.  There aren’t any other women listed here.

Zap Cristal looks bored out of her mind.  She’s just waiting for her turn to speak.  

Everybody else is engaged and looking at this woman while she’s talking but Zap is just staring off into space and checking her phone.  If the attention isn’t on her, she doesn’t give a fuck.

7:45 – Taffeta Darling asks Zap a question and Zap actually got startled.  She wasn’t paying attention AT ALL.  

This is boring as fuck.  Not just Zap but the whole fucking panel.  Who would possibly go to this?  Who would go to a panel to hear a bunch of complete nobodies waffle on about female empowerment in “gaming”?  And it’s a fucking freak show.  Come see the bearded lady.  And fat Mario with big tits.  And some 40+ year old cosplayer who sounds like she smokes three packs a day.  And the totally self-obsessed, totally hot, Zap Cristal.  

She’s been talking for the past five minutes or so.  Non-stop.  About herself.

I’m going to go make a sandwich.  I bet that Zap will still be talking when I return.

Oh, no.  Bea Arthur is talking now.  Zap is shifting in her seat uncomfortably.  “When will it be my turn to talk again?”

The bearded lady is talking.  Why is this not explained?  She says that she quit TikTok because…something happened.  It’s not explained.  And people started talking to her son…about something.  Again, no explanation.

Maybe when you have a son, your days of going to a nerd convention as the bearded lady should come to an end.

Zap claims to have had death threats.  Really?  Who would give a shit?  This video has 130 views.

23:00 – Taffeta claims that most of her critics are women.  That’s not surprising.  She’s out there dressed like a fucking whore.  Women don’t like that stuff.  Because it debases women.  This isn’t hard to understand.  

Why are all of these women doing softcore porn on Instagram and possibly OnlyFans?  This is a panel about women who play video games.  What the fuck does porn have to do with it?  

But this is what you have to do.  If you’re a woman and you want to be invited to these nerd conventions and you want your channel to do well, you have do softcore porn on Instagram and/or OnlyFans.  And the reason that you have to do this is because of all of these women who do it.  

The average woman is not supportive of this Instagram porn bullshit.  But horntard guys are all for it.

It’s like those topless “feminist” protestors.  Women weren’t into that shit.  It’s ridiculous.  But for the average guy, this is the kind of feminism that they can support.  

Taking your clothes off, dressing up as a big titted Mario, this is not feminism.  There’s nothing progressive about that.  It’s the complete opposite.  It’s regressive.  Feminism would be, “Hey, let’s create a society where women can make videos about video games WITHOUT taking their clothes off.  Just like men do.”

But this is the panel.  Five regressive degenerates.  And they’re talking about feminism.  It’s absurd.  These women are the enemies of feminism.

24:30 – The bearded lady says that she used to be a teacher.  Would you want this freak teaching your children?

She also claims that there are moral contracts involved with the teaching profession wherein you can get fired for drinking alcohol, for example, in your free time.  Yeah, I don’t think so.  But for going to a nerd convention as the bearded lady?  Yeah, I can see getting fired for that.  

Anyway, Zap starts droning on about some more boring shit.  No.  I’m good.  I watched about half of this.  That’s way more than I expected.

Boring as fuck.  I don’t understand these conventions.  Nobody fucking knows these people but they speak like they’re big celebrities.  It’s cosplay.  They’re cosplaying as celebrities.  Go get a job, ladies.  And put some clothes on.  Mario is not a fat chick.

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