ShiShi and Pointless Nostalgia

I’m checking out ShiShi’s Twitter.  He must be going through withdrawals now that Erin and Mike are on vacation.  By the way, they’re apparently in California.  Again.  Because Mike recently posted a picture of them at some Karate Kid location.  I don’t know where Peru came from.  Somebody on Reddit said that they were in Peru.  But no.  They’re in California.  I guess.  Even though I thought that they just came back from California.  Whatever.  Who cares?

ShiShi seems to go to a lot of right-wing conspiracy folk on Twitter and then…he posts “memes” as a reply.  You know…like videos or pictures of…something.  I can’t tell if he’s for or against these conspiracy people.  Probably for.  But…why he just posts “memes” is anyone’s guess.

The above is a rare instance where ShiShi actually used his words, like a big boy.  He’s talking about Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Wow 94′, I might be wrong but I think a lot of fans didn’t get into this show until it was on Sci-Fi channel in like 98′ (after Saturday Anime).Lots of classic episodes in those seasons though… NO SPRINGS!!!! (Grinning face emoji) So much stuff was at its peak in the late 90s!

Yeah, he’s dead wrong.  People tuned out in droves when the show moved to the Sci Fi Channel.  One big problem was the Sci Fi Channel’s insistence that all movies shown on the program had to be science fiction.  They dropped that after a year, but by then the damage was done.

I pretty much stopped watching after that first year on the Sci Fi Channel.  I don’t know if it was a drop in quality or that I was just getting older and losing interest in nerd shit.  I had stopped watching Star Trek by then and I stopped buying comic books.  I guess that those were the main nerd things that I was into, other than Mystery Science Theater 3000.  

Was that show really on up until 1998, though?  Let me check.

Yeah, it ended in 1999.  That’s crazy.  I was in college.  Then I had some shitty jobs.  Then I moved to England.  This all happened within the space of a few years.  

When I moved, people were discussing whether or not Rachel was going to marry Ross on Friends.  Or whoever the couple was.  

As the date for my flight got closer, there was some new show coming on that I wanted to see but I can’t remember what the show was now.  I just remember being sad that I knew I wasn’t going to be able to watch any more episodes.  It was probably some piece of shit.

Then when I got a tv in the UK, I started watching Big Brother.  For years, I went to some message boards that had a lot of British people on them and they would always talk about Big Brother.  So I watched it and…this isn’t very good.  But I knew that there was nudity so I’d keep watching.  Occasionally, you’d catch a glimpse of some fat chick’s boob or something but it wasn’t anything that you’d jerk off to.

I was too late for Jade Goody but there was that fucking big breast porn star on there.  I can’t remember her name.  I’ll look it up.  Lea Walker.  That’s right.  She was friends with that gay man (Richard) and she wanted to have sex with that guy who had Tourette’s (Pete) but she was too old for him so he wasn’t interested.  That didn’t stop that Welsh guy (David), who was 19, from “giving it a go” but she wasn’t interested.  He did get to feel her tits once, though.

What’s Lea doing these days?  Oh, she’s on Only Fans.  Here’s her Twitter.

She’s totally unrecognisable.  She’s 51 years old now.  Hasn’t tweeted in over six months.

David might have a chance now.  She’s completely washed up.  I think that she also had a podcast or maybe a radio show with Richard for a while.

Speaking of washed up Big Brother contestants, Pete briefly toured with his band after winning Big Brother, before getting addicted to heroin or something.  According to Wikipedia, his last known whereabouts were in 2016 when he set up a cleaning service staffed by “celebrities”.  According to Companies House, the firm ceased trading in 2018.  People wouldn’t even pay this guy to clean their fucking toilets.

Here’s his Twitter:

That’s just sad.  He’s begging you to give him money for some wannabe Cameo site.  You can also have like a Skype call with him.  

Have you considered getting a job?  I appreciate the lure of easy money but this is not easy money.  This is a giant hassle.  And he’s getting peanuts for this shit.  There are jobs out there.  Easy jobs that pay a reasonable wage.  

I sometimes stumble across these people who talk about making passive income.  Then when they break it down, their income comes from a shitty e-book, drop shipping scams, and the various ways that they monetise their Youtube channel.  

This is not passive income.  This is work.  And the vast majority of people are not going to make money from this.  Just go down to the fucking Subway and fill out an application.  You’ll make more money and the job is much easier.

Anyway, this all made me realise just how long ago this was.  I wouldn’t have a clue how things are done in the US any more.  I never had a mobile phone there.  I never had broadband internet.  According to Crystal Quin, the gas prices are much higher now.  I think that health insurance is all done differently now.  

I looked at a job application in the US a couple of years ago, maybe longer, and they said that you can’t wear perfume or cologne as part of some sensitivity policy.  They wanted to accommodate people with…allergies or just people who don’t like perfume and cologne.  

It’s crazy.  If you’re wearing too much, somebody just needs to tell you to tone it down.  But to actually have it as a company policy…it’s bizarre.  

But this is how things have become there.  People are ultra sensitive now.  Things are much more partisan.  About everything.  Even covid is somehow a political issue.

I saw how things were going.  Rise in jingoism.  Patriot Act.  Wars for oil.  As an individual liberty enthusiast, I decided that this wasn’t for me.  

Yeah, the UK isn’t the freest country in the world but it has the US beat.  Objectively.  Here’s the list:

And besides, I bring the freedom with me.  I have a laundry list of petty tyrants who I’ve taken down.  I’m an easy going sort of guy but I’m also passionate about freedom so I don’t put up with any bullshit.


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