NYC GameRoom Tour 2021 – Destiny Fomo

Why specify that she’s in “NYC”?  Who gives a fuck?  And wasn’t she moving?  She talked about how she was moving FOR MONTHS because her favourite hot dog vendor closed.  Or something.  She hasn’t moved.  It was just one of many, many, many lies from Madam Fomo.

And who gives a fuck about her “game room”?  I want a tour of her sex dungeon.  

0:00 – “2021 is almost over”.  

What?  There are another three months, you fucking moron.

0:30 – I can’t even understand what she’s saying.  The volume of her speaking suddenly got really low and she cranked up the volume of this weird royalty-free music.

1:00 – Bizarre pronunciation of “Famicom”.

2:15 – Now she’s sitting on the floor for some bizarre reason.

Then she shows her copy of Stadium Events.  She says that she’s going to do a dedicated video “to this”.

She’s already done one.  Several, in fact.  Now all erased.  She did one where she was dressed like a prostitute and flashing $15,000 in cash and saying that she wanted to purchase a copy of the game.  Then she did a video where she had Pat the NES Punk sign the game while she acted awkward as fuck.  Then she did a video where she responded to “haters” who called her an idiot for having Pat sign the game.

So is the game still signed?  Pat said something about using water soluble ink so that she could erase the signature.

By the way, she REALLY struggles with the English language.  There are many, many times when she makes obvious grammatical errors.  Stuff that you’d think a native speaker couldn’t even get wrong.

3:00 – She talks about playing Mortal Kombat 3 with her mother.  As in currently.  

How weird is it that her mother is playing video games with Madam Fomo?  Is the mother also a prostitute?  That’s often how it works.

She also talks about her sister.

3:15 – She also likes Def Jam: Fight for New York.  Isn’t this the game where the characters are fighting to win a prostitute?  If so, I can see the appeal.

Oh, by the way, in case it needs to be stated, Madam Fomo has a foot of cleavage showing.

4:00 – Mario Party for the DS is another game that she likes.  I can’t remember prostitutes featuring in the Mario Party line but I only played the Nintendo 64 games.

She suggests that she’s going to invite her siblings over to “spank somebody’s butt in Mario Party.”

It’s just uncomfortable.  What do you suppose the Fomo family is like?  Are they all prostitutes?  Because according to Madam Fomo, everybody seems cool with her and her lifestyle.  

4:45 – Hyper Fighting for the Virtual Boy is another game that she likes.  This is fucking boring.  Move on.  Three of your favourite games are enough.

If you want to see a video on the Virtual Boy, leave a comment below.  This is at least the third time that Madam Fomo has invited the viewer to leave a comment and we’re only five minutes into this snoozefest.  Talk about desperation.

6:00 – Now she’s going to talk about her favourite N64 games.  COME ON.  This is boring.  And the games are all behind her so she has to turn around every time.  She’s doing this so that you can see different angles of her tits.  This is not working for me.

WWF No Mercy.  Great.

6:15 – “What might be able to fight this and like live on par to it is the nude AEW game that we’re supposed to be getting.”

I listened to this three times.  She definitely said “nude”.  

She might be on to something.  A nude wrestling game.  It would be something different at least.  Didn’t they already do this with Rumble Roses?  You were able to unlock nude versions of the characters or there was a cheat or something?  Maybe not, I don’t know.  But anyway, this will be the first licensed nude wrestling game.  I’ll have to check that out. 

Oh, she once again invites you to leave a comment if you want her to review that game.  

Madam Fomo…this is bad.  REALLY bad.  Stop this desperate bullshit.  It’s off-putting.  People are less inclined to leave a comment if you keep begging them to leave a comment.

6:30 – Pokemon Stadium is her favourite game of all time.  Super.  Nude Pokemon. 

7:15 – Diddy Kong racing.  Neat.

She says that she has more games in storage as well as comic books and toys.  Let’s see the toys.  Her extensive sex toy collection.  

She used to have an Amazon wish list.  Maybe she still does.  Oh, here it is.  It was on her OnlyFans.

It’s costumes and bedding and BDSM shit and erotic art and weird children’s toys.  Like a giant inflatable hammer.  

She used to have an inflatable sumo suits on here.  What the fuck was she doing with that?  What sick fuck would want Madam Fomo to dress in an inflatable sumo suit?  

She also has candy cigarettes.  It’s just weird as fuck.  Use your imagination as to why she wants this shit.

7:45 – She complains about not having much space.  But in a previous video, she talked about how she got a new apartment but was keeping her old apartment.  She didn’t say where the new place was but it wasn’t in New York.  What the fuck happened to that?  She just dropped it.  Just like she dropped her comic book writer job story.  Just like she drops all of her ridiculous stories.  She hopes that people will forget about it.  Fortunately, we have the Gamer Grrls archive to expose her lies.

She said that she got a new place a year ago.  Haven’t heard anything about this since.

8:00 – After intentionally shaking her tits for a few seconds, she shows King of Fighters 2002.  She got it on a trip to Japan.  A trip to Japan where she had sex for money with Kid Shoryuken and almost certainly others.

9:30 – Madam Fomo says that this is a new apartment.  I don’t know.  I guess it looks different.  You can compare it to her game room tour from last year.

9:45 – She says “window seal” instead of “window sill”.

10:00 – She shows her tv and it’s just showing like a demo video.  Like when you go to the store, the tvs will display a looping video of a scenic vista or something.  Why would this be on?  This is so fake and rehearsed.  

11:15 – Then she says if you have any suggestions as to how she can improve her game room, you should text her.  I discuss that scam here:

And if you want a full apartment tour, you guessed it, leave a comment!

Also, give a thumbs up, subscribe, and go to her OnlyFans!

So let’s check out those much hyped comments.

MetalJesusRocks has the top comment.  Madam Fomo pinned the comment.  Here’s the article I did about him and Madam Fomo:

He must know that she’s a prostitute.  He doesn’t care.  He’s a giant fucking creep.

– “I  don’t think I’ve ever seen a YouTuber engage with their commentors so much. Impressive and (thumbs up emoji)”

It’s true.  She replies to every fucking comment, no matter how stupid or horny.  And her replies are always trash, of course.  She’s barely literate and she doesn’t give a fuck about these losers.  But this is desperate as fuck.  What is she getting out of this?  It must be something.  Why else would “Youtubers” constantly tell people to leave comments?  They get pushed higher in the algorithm or something.

Anyway, 19,000 views after five days.  This is not a success.  You can’t make a video every six months and that video be advertising your latest scam.  People get wise to it and unsubscribe.  Her channel is done.  She had some momentum for a while and she threw it all away because her idiot pimp TuanX made her start aggressively promoting her god awful OnlyFans.  

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