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Just as a reminder, there are 26 people at this panel.

It starts with Zap saying hello to the “beautiful peeps”.  Her usual condescending greeting.

0:30 – Then she suggests that her husband starts talking.  And as soon as he starts talking, she starts dancing.  She wants the focus on herself at all times.

1:00 – Back to Zap and she talks about her channel.  Her channel is about that 90s *nostalgia*.  

2:00 – Her husband, whose screen name is Mr Wright Way, but I won’t be using the honorific, is black.  And they’re doing a panel on diversity in “gaming” or something.  He says that when he started on Youtube, he was looking for black “creators” and couldn’t find many.  He challenges the audience to name five black Youtubers, they don’t even have to be retro “gamers”.

Well, okay.  Pelvic Gamer, Bobduna, Madam Fomo, Sumpi, and Super Geoff.  Challenge met.  

By the way, there’s annoying music playing throughout this.  Why did she do this?  This was done in post-production.

Then he challenges the audience to name five white “Youtubers” who may or may not be in the retro “gaming” category.

Yeah, I can do that too.  There are more white people doing this, of course.  What point is he trying to make?  I beat his challenge.  And I not only named five black “Youtubers”, I named four black female retro gaming “Youtubers”.  And Super Geoff.  

What more does he want?  Do they have to be Jewish too?  Do they have to be gay?  How much more woke can I possibly be?  

I find that a lot of the more outspoken anti-racist black guys tend to have non-black wives or girlfriends.  Why is that?  They’re just using racism as a vehicle to get non-black women.  “Hey, if you don’t like black guys, you’re racist.”  But these guys don’t like black women.  They’re the real racists.

2:30 – “Tell me about the women.  Can you tell me about the women?”

I just fucking did.  I named four black women in retro “gaming” on Youtube.  

5:00 – He makes a veiled reference to Trump supporters being racist.

5:15 – He starts shilling for some book about women in “gaming” that he has absolutely no connection to.  This is just weird.  It’s like going on tour to promote somebody else’s book that you have nothing to do with.

These tables are really creaky, by the way.  It’s annoying.

They keep talking about diversity.  We need more diversity in “gaming”.

What about the billions of Asian people who play video games?  There have to be more Asian people playing video games than any other race.  So why aren’t any of them making Youtube videos about this shit?  Probably because they have jobs.

She claims that a woman (or “female”) created Centipede.  Let me look this up.

Designed by Dona Bailey and Ed Logg.  She mentioned that people only talk about the guy (so Ed Logg, presumably).  But actually it was all about the “female”.  So she totally dismisses the contributions of Ed Long.

Dona Bailey left the business shortly after she helped create Centipede.  She made no other games.  On the other hand, Ed Logg continued to make games for decades including Millipede, Gauntlet, and Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA.

Ms Bailey wasn’t interested in video games.  It was a job, she did it for a couple of years, and then she pursued her actual interests.

But what difference does any of this make anyway?  Zap is trying to suggest that women are and have always had a huge influence in video games.  She’s out of her mind.  The overwhelming majority of video games have been made by men.  That’s just the reality.  Is she going to deny reality?  

And I don’t think that there was any discrimination against women getting into the industry.  Why would there be?  These nerds would want women around the office.  But the women weren’t interested.  Women weren’t interested in computer programming.

I took a computer class in college.  90% dudes, 10% lesbians.  Have things changed?  I don’t know.  But this was the reality for many, many years.

13:00 – Wright Way talks about how his car broke down and then his wife’s car broke down so he prayed for an answer.  God told him to sell his video game collection.  So that’s what he did.

What a weird answer.  Not to be blasphemous, but you know what answer I would have given if I was God?  “GO GET A JOB, YOU FUCKING HOBO!”  I’d be more like the angry God you find in the Old Testament.  There would be a lot more smiting if I was in charge.

So he got $55,000 for the game collection.  Then be bought two “brand new cars”.  He goes on to say, “It’s not bragging to say that I bought two brand new cars.”

You know what I think this guy’s problem is?  Horrible money management.  The guy is broke.  He has no money.  He was so broke that he turned to God for advice.  “How are we going to eat?”  And the answer he got was to sell his games.

So this completely impoverished, presumably unemployed man took the $55,000 that he got for his game collection and blew it on TWO new cars.  

Earlier in the video, Zap said that she has a son.  I don’t know if it’s this guy’s son as well but Zap and this guy are married anyway.  Maybe set some money aside to care for your child.  Expenses that come up.  School and whatnot.  And then college.  

No, we’re just going to blow it all on two new cars.  

Do you need two new cars?  Can’t you get a decent used car for $10,000?  Put the other $45,000 in the bank.  You were fucking destitute just a short while earlier.  And now you’re destitute again.  You just blew all of your money on something that has no resale value.  Fucking morons.

And he has the audacity to blame God for this.  I thought that God was all knowing and all wise.  God would have to be a fucking retard to give this advice.  

15:00 – An example of “diversity” that this guy gives is the way his wife says “Mario”.  He’s not even joking.  He describes this as being “diverse in your thinking”.

So…when you hear somebody say “Mario” like they do on “The East Coast”, you should be accepting of that.  Is that really a problem for anyone?  Are people hurling abuse at people who pronounce Mario with a long “A” sound?  

This is fucking idiotic.  There’s another 30 minutes of this tripe but I’m done.  God told me to go take a nap instead.

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