Castlevania on Nintendo 64: The Rest of the Story – Erin Plays

This is the first Erin Plays episode that I’ve considered skipping.  I don’t give a fuck about this.  At all.  She already did a fucking video on this game that she only played on stream, for money.  Why would she make another video just because she “beat” the game?  And she got the bad ending according to the thumbnail.

I’ll see how it goes but 20 minutes?  Fuck off.

0:15 – It’s just footage of her Twitch streams.

1:00 – Interesting pronunciation of “smooshed”.

1:45 – Shout out to Light Crusader, a game that she recently played on stream, for money.  Once.  And then never again.

You guys all know Light Crusader, right?  No?  Oh.  Well, you’re just not the “gamer” that Erin is, I guess.

4:45 – Shout out to the colour magenta.  You guys all know magenta, right?  

Mmm…kind of?  Maybe?  I’m not sure.  But super colour fan Erin knows all the hues.

6:00 – Erin claims to have played Golden Eye, in multiplayer, 15 years ago.  So presumably not on a stream, for money.  Sure you did, Erin.

8:00 – “I mean, does anyone remember the kneeling in Simon’s Quest?”

No context here because I don’t know what the context is.  Why did she say this?  What is she trying to convey?  I’m half asleep while watching this so I might have missed something.

9:30 – She keeps calling a platform a “jelly mold”.  That’s funny, right?  “A looks like B”?  No, wait.  That’s not the formula I use.  “X looks like Y”.  I’m so close to falling asleep that my mind isn’t 100%.

10:45 – She throws the controller on the floor and builds this up like it’s going to be something exciting.  Spoiler: …it’s not.

19:00 – Shout out tot the horntards in her stream.  And she links to her Twitch channel.

Holy fucking shit was this a boring video.  Possibly the most boring Erin Plays video ever.

This was absolutely not worth writing.  The video was not worth making.  It’s fucking ridiculous.  Is she completely out of ideas?

I spent half the video trying to look up a toy that I had as a child.  Something in the video reminded me of it.  It’s this thing:


It was creepy then and it’s creepy now.  The Violinist Mr Bob, it’s called.  It’s a battery-powered clown who kind of dances and plays the violin and taps his foot while a really loud rendition of Farmer in the Dell plays.  The animatronics, for lack of a better term, are also really loud.

There also seems to be a saxophone version according to Ebay.

Even though every listing says that this toy is “rare”, you can get either version for $25.  That’s probably less than what it cost new.

Not much information on it other than it was made in Taiwan.  No love for Mr Bob.  Forgotten toys of the 80s.  

You know what else I realised while my mind was wandering during that boring as fuck video?  They don’t really sell chewing gum in the UK.  They sell Extra and Juicy Fruit but these are like “adult” gums, for lack of a better term.  They usually come in rather fancy packaging and are relatively expensive.  Spearmint flavour and shit like this.  Not flavours that children would enjoy.

Why don’t they sell gum in the UK?  I mean, I look in the candy section every time I go to the store.  I’ll get a bar of chocolate or a bag of Jelly Babies or something.  But there’s no gum.  

What a huge gap in the market that is.  Maybe there’s a law against selling children’s gum.  For dental reasons.  

Now that I think of it, you never seen any gum on the pavement in the UK.  That used to be a big thing in the US.  Sidewalks completely covered in old gum.  

I haven’t bought gum since I was a kid.  Bubble Yum.  Hubba Bubba.  Bubblicious.  Those were all interchangeable and I thought that it was the same company who made these but no.  They were competitors.

Bubble Tape was popular for a while, based on the popular anti-establishment commercials and the unique packaging.

Big League Chew was more of a premium gum.  I rarely got it.

Bazooka Joe.  I had a lot of Bazooka Joe.  Either in the hard as a rock little pieces that came wrapped in a comic or in the vastly superior but comic-less tube form.  It came in like a toothpaste tube and you’d squeeze out as much as you want.  

Oh, there used to be like a plastic strip of gumballs.  I can’t remember what those were called.  But I liked those too.  There were a bunch of different flavours in this package of like ten gumballs.

Blow Pops were also good.  They stand in stark contrast to the awful Tootsie Pops.

And then yeah, just generic gumballs in bags.  All different varieties.  There were loads.

I used to like the cotton candy flavour gum, I can’t remember if it was Bubble Yum or Hubba Bubba or Bubblicious.  

Also, the watermelon gum that had like a green outer layer and a pink inner layer, simulating the fruit.  

I liked Juicy Fruit too but it’s not a children’s gum.  Can’t blow bubbles.  Chewing gum as opposed to bubble gum.  

Oh, Chiclets.  Those were okay.  Came in those little boxes.  Made a noise when you shook them.

Razzles were an interesting diversion.  Is it really bad candy or really bad gum?  Who gives a fuck?

And on Halloween, you’d always get a lot of Dubble Bubble and there was another one that was smaller but I can’t remember the name.  I liked the smaller ones better, though.  Came in a red, white, and blue wrapper maybe.  Oh.  Pal.  Hey guys!  Remember Pal?

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