REVIEW | Fire Emblem Three Houses – Pelvic Gaming

0:00 – “This was gifted to me by my best friend Mark.”

By “best friend” she means, “horny, mentally challenged loser”.  It’s disgusting.  

And I just don’t get it.  Why this woman?  She’s boring and there have to be better looking women doing these scam “gaming” videos.  

2:30 – Closeup of Pelvic Gamer’s face and she’s wearing a lot of makeup, including her usual blue lipstick, and she’s like a lion or something.  This is really unsettling.

4:00 – More of this unpleasant cosplay.  

8:45 – And again.  I don’t get it.  Who’s jerking off to this?

Oh.  Games & Movies.  He’s that mentally retarded guy who goes to Erin’s streams.  He has videos of him hugging various costumed characters at Disneyland.  

Yeah.  This must be a fetish for the mentally retarded.  Furry shit.  That’s exactly what she’s doing.  This is shameful.  Blatantly trying to attract the mentally retarded.

She’s doing some like political speech for some faction in the game called the Blue Lions.  And The Star Spangled Banner is playing.  And this is supposed to be like some American political commercial.

So…the Fire Emblem series takes place in the US?  This doesn’t make any sense.  I assumed that it was some fictional world loosely based on feudal Japan.

9:15 – What?  Now she’s in an eagle mask and the Soviet flag is projected behind her via greenscreen.

“Do you hate religion?  We sure do.  Join the Black Eagles.  Yeah, fuck the church.”

I don’t think that this is an accurate depiction of the views of the old Soviet Union.  Or, for that matter, the Black Eagles.  This is just weird and stupid.

9:30 – Now she’s in some shitty horse cosplay or something.  She speaks in a stereotypical Southern accent and then does a jig.  This is supposed to represent the Golden Deer faction.

None of this makes sense and it just exposes the horrendously deficient education standards in the US.  The game is loosely based on fucking feudal Japan.  Right?  I mean, I’m just assuming because that’s what all of these JRPGs are like.  I’ve never played any JRPG that was at all based on life in the US.  

But this is all that she knows.  She doesn’t know anything outside of the US.  And even her knowledge of the US is shallow at best.  

9:45 – Really weird cosplay where she’s having virtual tea with some “sexy” character in the game and she has to choose from three dialogue options: “Dimitri’s Dick”, “Hubey x Ferdi”, and “Blue Eagle suck”.

The first option is her usual bizarre crude bullshit, the second one doesn’t make any sense to me, and I think that she forgot an “S” in the third option.  In any event, none of this is funny and it’s disturbing.

11:45 – More creepy American-centric cosplay about this Japanese game that takes place in a fictionalised version of feudal Japan.

I don’t even want to comment on this.  She’s an idiot.

15:00 – A final “treat” of this furry shit.  

16:15 – “If you enjoyed the bits in this video, be sure to join my Patreon.  It’s because of the funds that you guys provide, I can go a wee bit extra.”

How much did these fucking costumes cost?  The lion thing, maybe $30.  The eagle mask, $10 at the most.  And the deer one is $20.  

So if it wasn’t for Patreon she wouldn’t have done this “cringe” shit?  That’s just a reason not to join her Patreon.

Why not just get a job and then you can buy stuff as needed?  Wouldn’t that be better than shaking down the mentally challenged?  

– “Damn….. this review so good, don’t know why tho…. just can’t put my finger on it…”

And he timestamps the furry shit.  This is just confirmation that people are jerking off to this.

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