Hiraeth – SupaPixelGirl's Debut Album


The music world is abuzz over this one.  Four generic comments from the horntards.

You can listen to it on Spotify but that requires an account and possibly an exchange of money.  So I’m using Soundcloud.



1.  Hiraeth.  She starts with the title track.  This is some kind of remix of the Secret of Mana music.  I only know this from SupaPixelGirl’s comment in the description.  A couple of horntards also left comments.

So…it’s just video game music and then it ends abruptly.  Like mid-note.  What the fuck is this?  

The version on Spotify is 1:36 and the Soundcloud version is 1:16.  Maybe something got cut off.  Anyway, even without this cut off ending, this was dogshit.  I mean…it was video game music.  If you like video game music, then…I guess this fits the bill.  But who the fuck is listening to video game music?

2.  What Alchemy Taught Me.  Let me check the times before I begin.  They’re both 1:36.  So I’m not getting the abridged version this time.

A lot of comments from the horntards.  This should be great.

Umm…it was more video game music.  This time from Tales of Phantasia.  Maybe if I was familiar with the music from these games it would be more interesting.  Or maybe it would be less interesting because I’d see how little she’s done to these.

This seemed to be the full song but it doesn’t build to anything.  It just ends.

That’s fine for video game music because video game music has to loop seamlessly.  But…I’m not rocking out to this shit.  Why is she wasting her time with this?  Why are the horntards pretending to enjoy this?

How many tracks are there?  Twenty-five?  Come on.  Nobody is going to listen to this.  

3.  The Goddess of Time.  This one is based on some music in King’s Quest VII.  I never played it but I’ve played the first four games in the series so maybe this will be a little more familiar to me.

It’s 59 seconds long and it just ended abruptly.  It’s some fucking like classical music arrangement.  It builds slowly and then…it just ends.  You expect this shit to go on for like 15 minutes.  You know…like classical music.  But she got bored and didn’t want to put the time in.  

4.  Terraforming Mars.  This is from Donkey Kong Country.  Okay.  I’ve actually played the game.  Give it to me, SupaPixelGirl.

Well, at 2:08, it’s the longest song so far.  But I don’t recognise this from the game whatsoever.  And again, it just ends.  There’s no big crescendo.  

This is such fucking dog shit.  Shae Tindall enjoyed it, though.

“Didn’t know you has an ear for music too. Is there anything you can’t do?! Sounds like some old skool Nintendo games i used to have.”

It’s some black guy with no shirt on, according to his avatar.  The black guys do seem to find SupaPixelGirl.  What is it about fat white women that’s so appealing to this demographic?

5.  That’s Rough, Buddy.  This is a mix of Tales of Phantasia OST and Avatar the Last Airbender.  So our first song that uses two different source materials.

It sounded like the exact same song throughout to me.  And again, the last 20 seconds are cut off from this so it just ends even more abruptly that usual.

This is fucking trash.  I used to make songs as a kid on The Music Studio, some primitive software.  I put WAY more effort into this and the songs had more artistic merit.  They were longer.  They built to something.  I didn’t just repeat the same fucking four notes over and over again and then end the song in mid-note like SupaPixelGirl does.  

Here’s a video showing the software that I used:


I don’t know what software SupaPixelGirl is using.  Maybe she should start with something more basic like the above.  Get the fundamentals down.  

6.  Princess No More.  Another fucking Secret of Mana song.  I don’t even know the game.  

Yeah, this was more repetitive video game music that just ended.  

I’m not doing any more of this shit.  But here’s an interesting description that I found for her Love Bombing song.

“Love bombing is the practice of showering a person with excessive affection and attention in order to gain control or significantly influence their behavior. The love bomber’s attention might feel good, but the motive is all about manipulation.”

It’s a song based on Diddy Kong Racing.  

Complete fucking dogshit.  

Is she even looking for a job?  Her Twitter is full of shit about how Rick and Morty is too rapey for her, various video game shit from “the 90s”, and pictures of her herself, bundled up like Nanook of the North, indoors, in summer, captioned “Supalonely”.


What desperate bullshit.  “I need validation, horntards.”  

Employment, SupaPixelGirl.  Focus on gaining employment.  There must be somebody who will give you a job as a psychologist or psychiatrist or whatever it is that you’re apparently qualified to do.  How does it even work?  You just get your degree and you can suddenly see patients?  There’s no like apprenticeship or somebody monitoring your sessions or anything like this?  

And surely plenty of psychiatrists and psychologists are self-employed.  I worked with a woman who, last I checked, is now a “sex therapist.”  She has no qualifications whatsoever.  I think that the “industry”, such as it is, is completely unregulated, at least in the UK.  Anybody can claim to be a “therapist” and set up a business.  

Why doesn’t SupaPixelGirl go that route?  Claim to be a sex therapist.  That would be perfect for her.  The horntards come in and complain about their masturbation addiction and whatever.  She could do virtual sessions over Skype.  

Advertise this shit on OnlyFans.  Skype sex therapy sessions.  It would be a money maker.  I guarantee that people would take her up on it.  She doesn’t have to get naked or anything.  It could be genuine psychological help and advice.  

And maybe for extra money, the horntard could jerk off for the camera while SupaPixelGirl watches.  Maybe she could give him some advice on technique or some encouragement.  Frame it in a psychological fashion, though.  

There’s money to be made.  This is a brilliant idea.  Just a little outside box thinking.  I mean, the fucking garbage that she had on her OnlyFans.  Pictures of her in a sweater, pictures of OTHER WOMEN passed off as her own pictures, a close up picture of (allegedly) her vagina.  Come on.  That’s trash.

She has the fucking qualification.  Use it.  Set up some kind of a fetish psychology clinic.  People can come to her with ANY problems.  Doesn’t have to be sexual.  But maybe for extra money, she wears a low cut top or takes her top off or whatever.  And if the guy wants to jerk off, that’s okay.  But it’s all done professionally.  SupaPixelGirl treats this as an actual psychology session, uses psychological terms and concepts, and dispenses sound psychological advice.  

It would be a licence to print money.  But instead you get this extraneous bullshit with bad video game music and how lonely she is.  Fuck that shit.  Go get a job.  Even if that job is fetish sex therapist on Skype.

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