DestinyFomo Gets Innoculated

“One shot down. One to go. Getting ready for Japan.”

And there’s a picture of her in a mask holding some sticker that I guess says that she got a covid vaccine.  

She goes to Japan and has sex for money with Kid Shoryuken and others.  This is what international prostitutes do.  They travel internationally and prostitute themselves.  This is why she’s always travelling.  

But it reminded me of Japan’s visa policies.  Like if you have HIV, they won’t give you a visa.  Even a tourist visa.  You just can’t enter the country if you have HIV.

Let me look this up.  First of all, why do I know this, and secondly, why do I think that this is unique to Japan?  Maybe I’m wrong about this.

In Japan, there are no specific entry or residence regulations for people with HIV/AIDS. There are no restrictions for people with HIV/AIDS. There are no specific legal regulations concerning people with AIDS. Neither a medical certificate nor an HIV test result is required when entering the country.

Okay, so I was wrong.  So Madam Fomo is safe to visit Japan.  Not that I’m saying she has HIV.  But I’m not saying that she doesn’t have HIV.  I don’t know her HIV status.  But either way, she’s safe to enter.

Some of the people in the comments express scepticism about the vaccine.  These comments are all “hidden”.  You have to scroll all the way to the bottom and unhide them.  I wonder why they’re hidden.  Who hid them and why?

– “Why a mask? Isn’t vaccine supposed to make you immune?”

– “Fuck that. I won’t, that shit ain’t even the official. It’s in the experimental stages. But awesome that you got it so you be able to go to Japan.”

The first guy raises a good point.  If you’re immune, that means that you don’t have the virus so can’t pass it on to anyone else.  And you also can’t get the virus, of course.  So that mask (which does absolutely nothing anyway) shouldn’t be required.

The second guy makes the point that he’s worried about the safety of the vaccine.

People present this argument a lot but I don’t really care about that.  I assume that it’s safe.  

I think it’s mostly black people who go along with this argument.  It’s something to do with the Tuskegee Syphilis Study.  Even if individuals are unaware of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, I think it’s all ultimately related to that.  

I suppose that is a good analogy.  These people were told that they were getting free medical care and instead they were injected with syphilis.  It doesn’t get much more evil than that.

Personally, it’s not the safety of the thing that I’m concerned about it’s the necessity.  There’s a flu shot every year.  They change up the vaccine every year because there are loads of different flu viruses out there and they’re constantly mutating.  But I never get the flu virus because I don’t give a fuck about the flu.  If I get the flu, so be it.  Who cares?   You’re sick for a week and then you get over it.  I don’t mind being sick for a week.

Same with covid.  Where are all these people dropping dead from covid?  I don’t know ANYONE who got covid.  

Back when covid was allegedly restricted to China, I had a really bad cold.  Maybe the worst cold I’ve ever had.  Maybe I was an early covid “victim”.  

But it was a cold.  Who gives a shit?  I felt sick for a week and then it was over.  I’m not getting a fucking vaccine for that.  

The whole thing is very suspicious.  Why would the world get shut down over a cold?  And the “advice”/requirement to wear a homemade mask is preposterous.  

But Madam Fomo is out there holding her covid sticker like an idiot.  Meanwhile, she’s spreading whatever other diseases all over the world.

6 thoughts on “DestinyFomo Gets Innoculated

  1. From what I heard from a friend who lives in Japan, the country is still not open for travellers yet. So if she thinks she's going soon, she's going to be in for some disappointment.

  2. All this covid stuff is about control. The ruling class just wants to make everyone get used to jumping through hoops without question. They want us all to develop a habit of subservience. Most people are willing to be sheep, because it's harder to act contrary to society. Even in cases when defying society is the morally good and smart thing to do.

  3. Who decides what the “morally good and smart thing to do”? Lol as soon as I got my inoculations my 5g got considerably better. And I didn't have to buy the expensive candles or the pure bred animals for my sacrificial pentagram I have in my shed out back. So idk what your talking about. Iv given at least 3 sheep to the dark one and iv had nothing but good fortune since. My point is if the hoops keep everyone healthy. How high do I have to jump. Ya Hurd me? Subservience for your soul.

  4. I'm not claiming objective morality. I'm saying people are being condition to mindless do what they are told to do. A society of mindless followers ends up being a society of lemmings. I can't imagine that's good at all.

  5. and yet ironically you're the one actually cowering in fear so much you're writing mini manifestos like this.LOL the fuck man. Go outside and kick a ball around.

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