SupaPixelGirl is Sending Nudes in Exchange for In-Game Currency

SupaPixelGirl actually has a Tik-Tok video where she boasts about sending a “sexy pic” in exchange for 2,000,000 bells (in-game currency) in Animal Crossing.  

Since she’ll delete the video as soon as she sees this article, I’ll post a screenshot:

It’s a video where she’s playing Animal Crossing, she’s the girl character there in the centre and the guy behind her is the one who paid for the picture.  With in-game currency.  A song called “Simp Nation” plays in the background.

Does it get any lower than this?  Selling nudes for in-game currency?  

What other game currency does she accept?  World of Warcraft gold?  What can I get for 6 refined metal and a vintage Tyrant’s Helm from Team Fortress 2?  I’ll throw in an Alien Swarm Parasite if there’s a dog involved.

What about Disney Dollars?  Or McDonald’s gift certificates?  Or coupons?  Buy one can of Pringles, get the second one for half price.  What can I get for that?

Fucking unbelievable.  She’s actually BOASTING about this.  Any normal person would be mortified that they’ve sunk so low.  

She also has a portion of that horrendous Frozen parody video that she made a while back.  She erased it as soon as I wrote about it.  But it’s there if you’re quick.  I’ve downloaded this one too.  It’s some creepy as fuck video that shows her eyes and mouth behind some Frozen characters, ala that old Conan O’Brien skit, and she sings some disturbing song about having sex.  Or something.

This will all be deleted soon.  This is what she does.

She deleted her OnlyFans again after I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago.  I assume that she created a new one but her old ones are gone.  

How much business is she losing with this?  People can’t keep track of her shitty accounts.  

And why would anybody give her money now when she keeps shutting the fucking pages down?  You were able to pay up to a year in advance on her OnlyFans.  What happened to these people’s money?  

Even if you just paid monthly, that money is gone now because some blog that gets 100 views a day wrote about her.  Twenty bucks down the toilet.

Nobody fucking cares about SupaPixelGirl or any of these gamer grrls.  Get over yourselves.  It’s one person with a lot of time on his hands writing “ironic” articles about an extremely unimportant subject.

And SupaPixelGirl isn’t even on the Gamer Grrls Mount Rushmore.  JOHN RIGGS is there over her.

How does this woman expect to get a job?  I mean, she’s looking for a professional job, right?  Psychiatrist or psychologist or something.  

Things change, of course.  When I was working shitty jobs 20 years ago, you were required to cover any tattoos that you had.  It’s just what was done.  Tattoos weren’t acceptable in any respectable job.  Not even something like fast food.  

Today, you go the bank, and the woman behind the counter has a full sleeve and neck tattoos.  Nobody seems to care.  

Maybe it will be the same with OnlyFans.  Your doctor will be on OnlyFans.  Your accountant will be on OnlyFans.  The mayor will be on OnlyFans.  Nobody will give a fuck about OnlyFans.  Everybody will be on it.  

But I’m not sure that we’re there yet as a society.  And personally, maybe I’m just old school, but I wouldn’t want to receive psychiatric help from somebody who’s selling titty pictures in exchange for pretend money in a video game.  If my psychiatrist is making poorer choices than I am, I’m looking for another psychiatrist.

So that’s SupaPixelGirl aka SupaNintendoGirl aka SupaNostalgic aka SupaUnemployableGirl aka SupaMentallyIllGirl.

3 thoughts on “SupaPixelGirl is Sending Nudes in Exchange for In-Game Currency

  1. Poor sucker. It's going to be tough getting that 2 million back. It was easy to “time warp” to build up fast bells, but Nintendo made a patch lowering the interest rate so if you used that method you couldn't get as much. What's worse is she'll probably send him some recycled photo of her that is easily a google search away. Hope it was worth it man. She's not worth it and you would be a fool to believe she is.

  2. Oh that's right. I remember time-travelling from the GameCube game. It's not worth the grinding, of course, pre or post update. I don't even want to look at her nudes for free.

  3. he's lucky if she even bothers keeping up her end of the bargain. it's more likely that she'll willingly forget about it, her simp will start pestering her to send in the promised picture and she will block him. then he will start another account to try to get to her again. by this time she will have already moved on

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