TDW 1483 – The School That Banned Ryan White – Adam the Woo

Wow.  I can’t believe it’s been almost five years.  I watched this thing when it was new.

I haven’t watched Adam the Woo in years.  He’s a giant douche.  And a religious nut.  I can accept a lot of religious stuff, I don’t give a fuck what people believe, but this guy believes that dinosaurs and people lived together like it’s the fucking Flintstones.  He did a video about this where he went to some Noah’s Ark museum in Kentucky or something.  The museum is owned by some…whatever these people are…Christian fundamentalists.  But what’s the actual church?  Baptists?  Presbyterians?  It’s some weird redneck American off-brand Protestant shit.

But he was at this museum, “museum” should probably have been in quotes, and he’s showing us a life-size diorama of Noah chilling with a velociraptor or something.  And he doesn’t comment on this AT ALL.  

Adam’s father was some charlatan preacher who did tent revival shit in the South so it makes some sense.  This is what he was taught.  But he never questioned this?  I just found it really fucking bizarre.  I mean, I know that this is what some of these Southern…whatever the loose affiliation of churches is…teach but…a grown adult believing that in this day and age?  Humans and dinosaurs living together?  I draw the line here.

But Adam isn’t the brightest guy on earth so let’s check out this particular video.  It’s not about dinosaurs or Christian fundamentalism.

3:30 – “For those old enough, you might remember the name Ryan White.”

Hey guys!  Remember Ryan White?

I do remember Ryan White.  He got AIDS from a blood transfusion and there was some issue with his school.  People didn’t want him going to school.  They were afraid that he would infect people.

4:00 – “Back in the 80s, the HIV/AIDS virus was very, relatively unknown.  People did not really understand it like we do today.  And the townspeople and the school basically flipped out and banned him, kicked him out of school.”

Yeah.  That’s right.  And spoiler, Adam is not sympathetic AT ALL to these “townspeople” or the school, even though, as he says, people didn’t know how the disease was transmitted.

There was a lot of media-fuelled hysteria around AIDS back in the day.  Everybody was getting AIDS.  There should have been a lockdown.  At the very least a lockdown on buttsex.  But no, things just continued as normal.  And AIDS wasn’t quite the world-ending pandemic that the media had you believe.

I remember as a kid, some kid introduced the game “teacher’s AIDS”.  It was basically cooties but with “teacher’s AIDS”.  You would tag somebody, giving them “teacher’s AIDS” and then the only way to rid yourself of the disease was to tag somebody else.

And it’s in this environment, where everybody is whipped into a frenzy, fearing AIDS, that this boy is going to school.  It raises certain problems.  So he had to use disposable cutlery at lunch, and he was excused from gym class, and there might have been some bathroom concerns.

Even today, knowing how AIDS is transmitted, I’m not sharing any cutlery with somebody who has AIDS, I’m going to disinfect that toilet like it’s never been disinfected before, and there is absolutely no way that I’m going to play dodgeball or wrestle with this guy.  

How much more concerned were people in the 1980s, who didn’t know anything about the disease, and were getting whipped up by the media?  

Am I grossly misguided or is Adam just using this video as a vehicle for “virtue signalling”?  

5:45 – “I’m sure that there were plenty of good-hearted people who were not negative about the situation here at the school.”

This is what I’m talking about.  If you were concerned about your child getting AIDS, in the 1980s, during that media-fuelled hysteria, you’re not a good-hearted person.  It’s shameful.  They didn’t want to get AIDS, Adam.  Don’t you get it?

You look at today, with the media-fuelled hysteria around covid.  People are calling the police over their neighbours having some friends over.  People are spying on their neighbours like it’s East Germany.  And over something as innocuous as having visitors in their home.  

There’s the vaccine.  People are saying that anyone who doesn’t get the vaccine shouldn’t be allowed to travel.  Or work.  Or eat in restaurants.  I’ve seen people call for imprisonment for people who don’t want to get the vaccine.

These people are the victims of media-fuelled hype.  It happens all the time.  It happened in the 1980s.  You don’t blame the victims.  You blame the people responsible for creating this hype.  

So that’s the video.  It’s an unfortunate story.  But it’s not as straight forward as our dinosaur-loving friend Adam will have you believe.  

I’m just reading some reviews of Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky.  A lot of them complain about people not wearing masks.  Like this one:

Waste of time and money. This place is also packed full of people. Not safe.. especially since they have poor mask enforcement…and 10 for parking? Greedy. Since when did dinosaurs and humans live on this planet at the same time. The facts this place advertises, not just about dinosaurs, some of which are completely false.

LOADS of people complaining about this.  It makes sense.  If you believe that homemade masks can prevent airborne diseases how much further is the idea that a 900 year old man single-handedly built a giant ship that housed two of every animal (INCLUDING DINOSAURS)?

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