Erin's Alleged Fondness for Blockbuster Video

Just saw this Hot Topic ad pop up on Instagram for a BLOCKBUSTER themed eyeshadow palette. WHY?! Everything doesn’t need a makeup line/palette. It’s funny though

Hey guys!  Remember Hot Topic?  Remember makeup?  Remember Blockbuster?

I remember numbers 2 and 3 in that list but does Erin really remember Blockbuster?  Apparently the company declared bankruptcy in 2010 but it was in terminal decline long before then.  I’d say by 1996, nobody was going to Blockbuster.

Wait…maybe that’s too early.  I remember first hearing about Netflix in 2005.  Some scumbag roommate of mine used them.  It was a mail order service.  You were able to get DVDs through the mail.  And this was in the UK so it presumably was available in the US before this time.

But let’s think about this.  Erin was 10 years old in 1998.  Blockbuster was out by then.  It was a failing business.  How could she possibly be *nostalgic* for this?

Take somebody like Bobdunga.  Bobdunga is about four years younger than Erin.  So they’re pretty close in age.  

Bobdunga is *nostalgic* for shit that happened in the early 2000s.  That’s accurate.  That’s genuine *nostalgia* for somebody her age.  

Why Erin pretends to be *nostalgic* for shit that happened before she was born is anyone’s guess.  We can all do the arithmetic.  How was she was possibly watching Jem as a child?  The show was off the air before she was born and it was never shown in reruns.  

They released some shitty VHS compilations between 1987 and 1991.  Why would her parents have purchased those?  They didn’t seem to purchase ANYTHING for Erin, but why would they in particular purchase OLD CARTOONS that are geared to 9-12 year old girls for their three year old daughter?  

Then it wasn’t until 2004 that it was released on DVD.  Erin would have been 16 years old.  Was Erin watching Jem as a 16 year old?  She was so interested in this old cartoon that she shelled out for the DVD?  Or maybe she rented it from one of the last surviving Blockbusters.

Now let’s talk about the state of the blog.  Blockbuster.  Who gives a fuck about Erin’s fake *nostalgia* about Blockbuster?  Nobody.  I know this.

I’m limited to the “content” that the gamer grrls release.  And they’re not releasing anything.  They’re all on break.  

I mean, CannotBeTamed releases stuff pretty much every week but it’s unwatchable.  I can’t review that tedious shit.

And Pelvic Gamer did something recently but again, it’s really bad.  And not in any way that can be made interesting.  It’s just boring.  Her videos are boring.  If she was doing more of the crazy shit that she did back in the day where she would dress as a man and seduce herself or give Valentine’s Day advice to her horny, mentally challenged fans, I’d be all in.  But these JRPG reviews…come on.  I don’t want to write about that shit.

The blog is getting record numbers of hits.  I got a big boost in traffic because some guy linked to that post I made suggesting that TuanX is Destiny Fomo’s pimp on some “urban” forum.

Great.  We’re all about being woke here.  

I have an obligation to write good material that people of all races can enjoy.  Men and women.  

But more importantly, I don’t want to write about what Erin has to say about Care Bears on Twitter or some fucking shitty video about a JRPG that I never even heard of.

So if these gamer grrls don’t want to cooperate, fine.  They’re out.  I’m doing a GamerGrrls without gamer grrls.  

What kind of shit do I enjoy writing about?  Well, I liked my two part article where I detailed every reference to excrement in OverAnalyzers.

It’s a valuable resource.  Years ago, I had the idea of documenting every reference to excrement in AVGN but that would be a herculean task.  The job would have to be divided up between a number of people.

I also thought that it would be interesting to do a post on some of Mike Matei’s theological references.  He makes a surprising number of them in his streams.  You wouldn’t really think it but he must be a fairly religious guy or at least was as a child.  It adds some depth to his character.

Chris BORES is another one who I enjoy writing about.  Articles about him don’t do well but I like them.  My favourite is the ghost hunter article.

I think that a lot of people are put off because I make a lot of references to Chris BORES being gay.  Well, first of all he is gay.  There’s not a doubt in my mind.  

But the bigger issue is that people don’t like this sort of “homophobic” material.  And I do this a lot.  I talk about Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining being gay, I talk about everyone on The Cinemassacre Truth being gay, whatever.  Again, all of these people ARE gay but people don’t like the humour associated with this.

I can appreciate that.  But I’m keeping it real, dawgs.  If you don’t like that sort of stuff, you don’t have to read it.  I don’t say anything mean-spirited, though.

Speaking of homosexuality, I also had an idea to catalogue some of the MANY homosexual messages on The Cinemassacre Truth.  Photoshops of the Screenwave guys dressed as women and Photoshops of Mike’s penis being put into his own mouth and shit like this.  It would just be overwhelming, though.  The sheer amount of homosexual material on that sub…I couldn’t do it justice.

I like writing about Tony from Hack the Movies and his absolutely dire co-host Johanna.  I have a really vitriolic article about Johanna in the vault but I don’t know if I’ll ever publish it.  I mean, she’s fucking awful on that podcast but I don’t think that that’s a reason to heap hate on someone.

James Rolfe and his autism is a topic that I like talking about but it requires content worth talking about.  Just the fucking bad videos that get uploaded now…they’re not worth my time.

Talking about old tv shows and shit…I’ve done that but I don’t really like how they turn out.  

Personal *nostalgia*, yeah, those are sometimes alright.  There’s a lot I can do.  Childhood memories, rants about student loans, moving abroad, homely Asian women I’ve dated, shit like this.  

So those are some options.  It would be more interesting than, “Here are my views on Erin playing Castlevania for the 50th time, on stream, for money.”  

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