5 reasons NOT to buy Intellivision Amico – John Riggs


Spoiler: it’s a joke video.  He’s actually shilling for this thing.  

0:45 – He inserts an ad for something called Otis.  You can buy shares of sneakers.  No, I’m not making this up.  John Riggs says that with this app, you can buy shares of sneakers.

I’d like to purchase a 1/64 share of some Vans Old Skool Pros, please.  

Holy shit.  What a shill.  Shilling for this stupid as fuck SCAM.  What kind of a fucking moron is investing their money in shoes?  And shoes that SOMEBODY ELSE OWNS?  What if this guy’s dog eats the shoes?  You just lost your life’s savings.

Actually, this is the perfect investment for the mentally challenged viewers of these channels.  John Riggs really knows his audience.

2:00 – Then he finally gets to the meat of the video…which…is actually just more shilling.  But here he’s shilling for the Intellivision Amico.  

I don’t really know anything about this shit.  I don’t keep up with the Amico news.  I don’t give a fuck.

But it seems to be an upcoming console being produced by some guy in his basement.  I really don’t think that this is going to be a success.  

So why is John Riggs going in so hard on this?  Because he claims to be close personal friends with this basement-based console magnate.  And he got some free shit from this guy.  That’s it.  That’s all it takes to buy John Riggs.  Give him some free trash that nobody even wants.

I just looked it up.  They want $250 for this shit.  Or £250 in the UK, of course.  That’s $350.  I guess that it costs this guy $100 per unit to use a different power supply and whatever else needs to be done.

How much is a Switch?  About the same.  $250.  

So I can get a Nintendo Switch or I can get a console that some guy is making in his basement.  And people talk about how the games for this thing are similar to mobile games.  I don’t know if that’s true or not but how many big titles is a console that a guy is making from his basement possibly going to have?  

The days of buying consoles and physical games are long gone.  We don’t need ANY consoles.  We certainly don’t need a guy cranking these things out in his basement.  

But John Riggs desperately makes the case that this will be the greatest console ever released.  And all because this guy gave him some free shit.

I’m just reading the Wikipedia article.  The idea is that it’s basically just for 2d games.  So I’m supposed to buy an underpowered piece of shit, that some sweaty guy made in his basement, to play 16 bit or earlier style games?  

And look at these games that they claim will be available: 10 Yard Fight, Bad Dudes, Burger Time, Frogger.  What the fuck?  If I want to play these games, I’ll just fire up MAME.  And I’m not firing up MAME because I don’t want to play these games.

There is absolutely no chance that this is going to be a success.  The controller is also weird.  Who’s the market for this thing?  John Riggs?  That’s not enough.

3:15 – “Holes will be burning in your pants.”

I’ll just leave that there.

So that’s the video.  John Riggs shills hard for this console that is obviously doomed to fail.  

Massive dislikes on this video.  

– “Smh… much disappointment, John. Both the scam of a sponsor and shamelessly shilling for the Amico. I seriously expect more from you, John. You earned this dislike.”

– “Do more open cart surgery. I’m not interested in this pointless console with no reason to exist, and some Robinhood wannabe app.”

– “You definitely earned your free hat and tshirt.”

– “I’ll put all my bank savings in Otis and then come back to complain with you John once I’m broke…”

– “seriously? you’re doing commercials for “invest companies” ? Guys i would not trust or use otis, if you’re in debt, pay that off first. if you have a little extra money. then go to your bank and get guidence instead. eveyone claiming you can earn money fast by investing throughs apps and whatnot are lying. it’s all a get rich quick scheme. Immagine buying “parts” of whatever merchandice otis claims is worth a lot of money, before you know it the people at the top of the pyramid will sell off and let you hanging with a worthless piece of ownership. This wont happen by investing in bonds or sharefonds through your bank.”

I find it interesting that this guy suggests that you discuss your investments with your bank.  Do people do that?  Every time I go to the bank, they try to get me to have a discussion with them about investments but I always decline.  I assume that they’re just going to try to sell me on their shitty 0.01% savings accounts or whatever.  I thought that you’d go to like an independent financial advisor if you want finance advice.  An accountant or whatever.  Stock broker.  I don’t know.

Anyway, EVERYONE gives John Riggs shit in the comments and he just replies with dismissive bullshit that doesn’t even address the points raised.  “I paid my $100 deposit for the console.”  What does that have to do with anything?  Who gives a fuck?  

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