Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining Drunk Posting on Twitter

“I feel like there is drunk tweeting in my future.”

“Responding to comments from 6 days ago…”

“I wish I could see all my internet friends and hug them.”

“I’ve had many drinks and it juuust hit me.”

She’s an alcoholic.  She seems to be drinking all the time.  It’s how she copes with the oppression of the patriarchy.

And what’s more fun than going on Twitter when you’re intoxicated?  Drinking alone.  Or with your lesbian equivalent of a beard.  And then talking to the horndogs on Twitter.

Speaking of horndogs, JOHN RIGGS replied.  Of course he did.  He’s so fucking disgusting.  He’s the exact opposite of what any of these gamer grrls should want in this “community”.  He’s constantly trolling for ass.  Why is this encouraged?  He should be shunned and every single gamer grrl should block him.  Why don’t they?  Do they enjoy these relentless sexual pursuits by a 45 year old married fat man with three children?  

Even if it was a hot young guy, this is not what it should be about.  It should be about women releasing videos about video games, being free to talk about video games, whatever.  Not horny losers constantly trying to get in your pants.  But of course that’s what it is.  That’s the only reason that anyone watches these gamer grrls.  And John Riggs is the king of pathetic horny losers.

So he replies, “I’m not a hugger but I end up hugging SO MANY people at conventions. Alcohol probably helps.”

Uh huh.  I’ll bet.

Somebody else replies, “Nice, is now a good time to ask for pictures of you and lily? (smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat emoji)”.

Lily is her dog.  I found it hilarious.  I mean, that was intentional, right?  Although, it’s a female dog.  Of course.

Then there’s this:

Horndog: That simon’s quest really isn’t that bad of a game?

Drunk Pam: I dunno, ask Erin Plays.

Erin: Ha, yes I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

That doesn’t answer the question.  But it’s amusing how Pam tried to include Erin in the discussion, knowing that her knowledge of video games is extremely limited.  “Oh, Castlevania!  Erin has played this game one time on stream, for money.  She can answer this one!”

And then she doesn’t.  Because she can’t.  She doesn’t know anything about video games.

So that’s drunk Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining.  I’m having to resort to these bullshit Twitter posts because nobody is uploading.  Not even Pam.  She moved recently.  That’s a big ordeal for her.  Even though she had her live in partner with her to assist and they probably employed professional movers.

5 thoughts on “Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining Drunk Posting on Twitter

  1. john riggs is a confirmed creepy loser. the gamer grrls only half tolerate him because of some unseen monetary exchange. or some similar asset. remember when he personally made an 8-bit erinplays game? not only this, he actually went the trouble of pressing the game into an NES cartridge, printing the label, with that famous face erin makes for every thumbnail, and giving it to her? erin briefly acknowledged the “gift” in a twitter update, saying that she may eventually get to playing it some day. years later and nothing of her ever touching the thing again. it might be lying forgotten on a shelf high up on the wall, gathering dust. or maybe she just outright threw it away with little fanfare

  2. I do remember. He's apparently made a number of these custom games for various people, male and female. It's not always to try to get a date. Sometimes it's just to try to curry favour. But clearly in the case of Erin, he's trying to get something going with this unusual gifting.

  3. Pam moved because she and her bf or whatever broke up. She was tweeting about how “tinder sucks” a month or two ago.

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