Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining's Skip the Dishes Account Got Hacked

Some breaking crime news.  Her account got hacked and then somebody charged $100 on it.  But that’s Canadian dollars so that’s…what…$15 American?

She posts a picture of the conversation she had with their complaints department.  It’s kind of funny.  The guy, who’s obviously from India and following a robo-script, just keeps telling her that her account wasn’t hacked.

Skip the Dishes is the Canadian equivalent of Just Eat or Uber Eats.  I don’t know what the US equivalent would be.  Let me look.  Door Dash?  Grub Hub?

That scumbag SkulletGirl mentioned them recently when she ate McDonald’s off the floor.  I talked about that video here:

Anyway, I do everything I can not to use these services.  They take a cut of the money from every sale, they drive down wages for delivery drivers by using their own quote unquote “self-employed” drivers, and they take money from you, the consumer.  Just Eat used to charge 50p for people who use credit cards.  Then when this was made illegal, they decided to charge 50p to EVERYONE.  Even people who use cash.  This was obviously not the intention of this legislation.

So these companies are screwing over the restaurants, the drivers, and the consumers.  Why exactly would anyone use such a company?  It’s a pointless, parasitic middleman.

All you have to do is use the site, see what you want to order, and then call the restaurant and tell them about it.  This cuts this parasitic middleman out.  But because people don’t seem to care about any of this, the restaurants are increasingly only accepting online orders.  Or if you want some stupid discount, it has to be done online.  

Also, you see how these companies respond to complaints.  My girlfriend had a similar issue recently.  She wasn’t hacked but there was some problem with her account and the food was getting delivered to the wrong address and they kept charging her for food she didn’t receive and refused to give a refund or correct the address.  So she wrote to the president and CEO or somebody who stopped what he was doing, got right on it, resolved the problem, and then threw a small parade as a thank you for bringing this problem to his attention.

So I asked my girlfriend why she even uses these services.  It was Uber Eats, by the way.  I never use Uber Eats or the OG Uber.  And I gave her the same explanation that I relayed a few paragraphs up.  Basically, she doesn’t give a fuck about any of that.  Like most people.

So this is what happens.  You don’t care about cash strapped mom and pop restaurants being charged money for basically nothing and the restaurant delivery driver profession being replaced by quote, unquote “self-employed” drivers who get paid peanuts?  Then when something goes wrong, it’s a big “fuck you” from some robo-call centre worker in India who’s getting paid 35 cents an hour.  

People are just sleepwalking into a complete corporate takeover.  Even something as trivial and easy to do as not using these parasitic middlemen is too much effort.

2 thoughts on “Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining's Skip the Dishes Account Got Hacked

  1. not to sound like a stuck-up, but…i haven't had take-away sent in in a long time. really long time. now i just don't feel like it anymore. at the risk of sounding like a boomer, i'd much rather prepare food for myself than outright order something. the hassle of a wrong order, wrong change, wrong address, hiked up prices, not cooked the way you want it etc is just not worth it

  2. Yeah, I sometimes question the value. I never had a problem with getting a wrong order, though. And I always tip generously so there's never an issue with change.

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