5 Random Nintendo Switch Games to Check Out! – Erin Plays


She’s going to be a little random for us today.  Look at how random she is.  She’s so random!  Randomly picking games to play.  Why bother actually putting time into this and finding games that you enjoy?  Just pick five games at random and then shit out a review.  So random!

0:00 – “Hey guys!  So I’ve been playing some random Switch games.”

Citation needed.  Where’s the stream that shows Erin playing Switch games?  

Aw, she actually has a lot of recent videos on Twitch that she hasn’t uploaded to Youtube, including one where she plays PS2 games with Mike.  Those are always fun.  It’s fun to see Mike looking like he’s about to kill himself and Erin’s complete disinterest in the proceedings.  And of course their amazing chemistry together.

But no stream where she plays Switch games.  So I have to assume that this is another lie from her.  

“So I thought it would be fun to do a quick little video showing you five Switch games that you should totally check out.”

But…these are random.  We can all find five random games.  That doesn’t mean that they’re good.  I don’t understand this at all.

0:15 – “Dadish.  He’s a dad and a radish.  Hence the name, Dadish.”

Oh this is not good.  So more “cute” food games.  Some horndog in a stream undoubtedly told her about this.  

1:15 – “Gato Roboto.  When I was browsing through the e-shop one night, Gato Roboto instantly spoke to me because I saw a cute little kitty in a giant mech suit.”

Oh.  So that’s now two worthless reviews so far.

2:15 – “Assault Android Cactus.  Then she talks about how she “always” forgets the name of the title.  How often is she talking about this game?  Does it come up in conversation frequently?  

3:30 – There are various “cute” characters to choose from.  “At first, I of course went with the cute red haired girl with the glasses.”  Then a weird, poorly acted little…something of Erin pondering and saying, “Hmmm.  I wonder why.”

Because you don’t give a shit about video games and you just chose a character based on appearance.  And you’re only playing this shit so that you can do a Youtube video of it.  

4:15 – “I noticed that the difficulty really started to ramp up when I got to the first boss.”

No comment needed.

4:45 – Kid Tripp.  Another stupid “cute” game.

And she keeps showing the same footage of her making the same mistake in the same area.  It’s not the same exact footage.  It’s just her repeatedly dying in the same spot.  

6:15 – Breakforcist Battle.  It’s an all pink title screen with bubble letters for the title.

“Anyway, I love Breakout on Atari.”

That reminds me.  I wish I would have mentioned this in a previous review but there was a fairly recent video where Erin was playing games with Mike.  I know what it was.  It was the video where they were playing Atari 5200 games.  Let me see if I can find the quote.

No, it was Aracadia.  Here’s my review:


I gave up after 42 minutes, which is way better than I usually do, but I then went back and watched some more.  And they were playing a Breakout clone.  Let me see if I can find it.

Yeah.  Here’s the video:


1:06:00 – “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Erin is playing a Missile Command clone.  She never played arcade classic Missile Command before.  And she has no idea what she’s doing.  She doesn’t even know what she’s looking at.  What are these dots coming down?  Why am I shooting them?  She doesn’t have a clue.  Then Mike tries to explain the game to her.  Just some pathetic bonus content for you.  That wasn’t what I was looking for.

1:06:45 – “Finally.  Finally we have Break Away.”

She’s bored out of her fucking mind, after having played games for about an hour.  She can’t wait until this ends.

“Hopefully it’s like Break Away.”

Yeah, Break Away is probably EXACTLY like Break Away.  Break Away is a clone of Breakout.

They put the game on and Erin says, “Yeah, this is what I wanted.”

Then she hits one block, Mike says, “nice”, then she dies.

1:07:15 – Here we go.

Erin: It’s funny because I was thinking about the pinball Break Away console video that I did on the Sears Telegames thing earlier and I was like, “I want to play some Break Away” and then I found this in the pile right now and I was like ,”Oh shit”

Mike: On Atari it’s called Breakout.

Erin: (short pause) Yeah (said awkwardly).  But I feel like anything…

Mike (interrupting) A lot of them are called Break Away

Erin: Yeah, it’s like the type of game like Break Away.  

There are NOT a lot of games called Break Away.  That was just a complete lie by Mike.  It’s not called the Break Away genre or whatever he was trying to imply.  

This was just an example of Erin talking about how much she loves a particular game and then NOT EVEN KNOWING THE NAME OF THE GAME!

So back to the Switch video.  She said, “I love Breakout on Atari.”  Really.  Don’t you mean Break Away?  Are you going to have some fun playing Break Away for this video?  Do you also enjoy playing Break Away in your spare time or is it just on stream, for money?  

She had the benefit of editing for this video so she got the name right.  Not that she really edits anyway.  That would take time.  So even in her edited videos, she often gets shit wrong.  But she must have remembered the embarrassment that she suffered in that Arcadia stream so got it right here.

6:30 – “And I love breakfast foods.”

Oh.  Again with this shit.  

“So when I saw this, I had to try it.”

For the purposes of a Youtube video.

“It’s also exorcism themed but still super cute.”


“You break away pieces of waffles, toast…”

Don’t you mean breakout?

That’s the video.  Absolute trash.  Five “cute” games that she played for a few minutes for the purposes of this video.  How does this help anyone?  Are people actually buying these games as a result?  Why would they?  On the strength of Erin’s recommendation?  She has no interest in video games and even by her own admission, she picked these at random.  

– “Catch Erin and her crazy antics on Cinemassacre where she talks about the new Xbox series X and the PS5.”

Oh.  I somehow missed this one.  

Oh my god.  Erin has really put on some weight.  I skimmed the video just now looking for an Erin appearance.  I’m going to save it, though.  It’s going to be a treat for me.  I can’t wait.  What will extra thicc Erin have to say about modern consoles?  She’s such an authority on video games.

– “Thanks for reviewing cool Switch games, the kitten one looks super cute”


– “I know you have a boyfriend but i can dream right? I need a switch!”

Now that Erin is 180 pounds, she should seem even more obtainable.

– “Does there exist a single food based video game that Erin doesn’t know about?…no, no there is not.”

Oh my god.  Erin’s new rubenesque physique just opened up a whole new level of comedy for me.  Her fondness for games that have food in them.  You know?  It writes itself.

A lot of people are leaving “that’s what she said” jokes.  She invited such comments.  She actually said, “Leave your jokes in the comments.”  Pathetic.

Anyway, that’s it.  I have stuff to do.  But oh my god.  I can’t wait to review that Cinemassacre video.  She must have been using very specific lighting or an angle or some combination.  She definitely looked bigger in that Strawberry Shortcake video.  But yeah, she’s looking chunky in that Cinemassacre video.  

I’m not here to shit on anyone’s appearance but this is noteworthy.  And it’s hilarious.  All of that McDonalds.  And she even made a reference in this video about how fast food is the enemy and flashed a picture of Ronald McDonald.  

But no.  I have to stop now.  Save something for the next review.

(I saw the following video after I wrote this.)


It’s Darius Truxton.  He’s a big fan of Erin.  I see him posting on her channel.  He believes that Erin is genuinely interested in retro video games.  It’s bizarre.  .  

Anyway, in the video, he expresses disappointment that Erin made this Switch video.  He suggests that this is a stealth ad for these games.

That’s not something that I thought about but it makes sense.  I mean, why is she suddenly talking about Switch games?  And it’s a short video.  

On the other hand, these were all “cute” games and often food-related.  This is a theme that she covers often.  Is it possible that she’d find a sponsorship that marries up with her usual Youtube content?  

Anyway, hopefully Mr Truxton still managed to jerk off over this video.

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