Blue Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition Microphone | Unboxing and Overview – Bobdunga

Another commercial.  She released back to back commercials.  I reviewed her previous commercial here:

Let’s check this shit out.  Hopefully briefly.  Then I’ll go on an extended rant about how ridiculous this all is.

0:00 – “The company Blue reached out to me recently and was nice enough to send me their Blue Yeti microphone…”

No.  This wasn’t a kind gesture.  They wanted you to do a commercial for them.  So that’s what you’re doing.  This is a business exchange.  

“I just couldn’t say no, guys.  The thing is actually just so cool.”

No.  It’s not cool.  You wanted free shit and you were prepared to do a commercial in exchange for this piece of shit.

How much are these things?  Let me look…$180?  Something like that.  

That’s huge money for Bobdunga.  She’s making $50/month from Youtube.  So it’s like getting three times your monthly salary to do a commercial.  Most people would do that.  

Of course, most people wouldn’t make videos for $50/month and try to make that their job.  Most people would get an job instead.  But let’s move on.

0:15 – She’s showing the microphone off and it’s phallic shaped and she’s like jerking it off.  Not literally but that’s what came to my mind when she was showing this thing.

So this is a World of Warcraft microphone for massive nerds.  It’s not something that you would use for a podcast or for your Youtube videos or whatever unless, perhaps, you were a massive nerd.

2:45 – She tries out the main nerd feature: voice changing.  This is for when you’re playing World of Warcraft.  It will take your nasally, helium-laden, countertenor voice and turn it into like a gruff…whatever…orc voice.  I don’t know what classes they have in World of Warcraft.  I never played that shit.  

3:30 – “Let’s try out the orc.  ‘This is the sound test for the orc:  the very scary animal…creature.'”

WHAT?  Now, I don’t know anything about World of Warcraft but I know that orcs are a race of humanoids in the Dungeons & Dragons vein.  Not animals.  

I mean, what the fuck?  How can she not know this?  

It would seem that Bobdunga has never played a Dungeons & Dragons type RPG.  And there are LOADS of such games.  It’s a whole genre.  It doesn’t have to be specifically Dungeons & Dragons.  

It would also seem that she’s never played Warcraft.  And she certainly never played World of Warcraft.  But here she is, shilling this product, and exposing her embarrassing lack of knowledge.

Well…what would be more embarrassing: knowing about orcs and Dungeons & Dragons shit or NOT knowing about orcs and Dungeons & Dragons shit?  But I mean in the sense that she has a “gaming” Youtube channel, and is presenting herself as a “gamer”, and she’s doing this commercial for a World of Warcraft micrphone, this is embarrassing.  It’s an embarrassing lack of knowledge.  

4:15 – So after she’s done awkwardly going through a few voice changing options, she’s clearly unimpressed.  This shit is far too nerdy for Bobdunga.  She wants no part of it.  She has absolutely no desire to sound like an imp.  But she has to keep hyping the product because they gave her this thing in exchange for a commercial and if she wants to get more shit in exchange for promotion, she has to give a glowing “review”.

Then the video just ends awkwardly.  She forgot the name of the product so had to make a few edits to piece it together.  She clearly has no interest in this thing.  Why would she?  It’s for nerds who want to sound like an ogre while playing World of Warcraft.

I’m reminded of that video of Jimmy Dean doing a commercial for Praise soap.  It was in 1959.  That was a good year.  I’m so *nostalgic* for 1959.

This is a young Jimmy Dean.  He was a country singer, he had various television variety shows, but he was most well-known for selling sausages.  He’s long dead.

So in this clip, you see Jimmy Dean apparently distraught, having just discovered that his show has been cancelled.  Praise is a long defunct brand of soap.  

0:00 – “I was supposed to do a Praise commercial right here but I’ve changed my mind.”

And he’s juggling this bar of soap.  

Then he goes on and talks in a folksy way, in his Southern drawl, about network executives and how ruthless it is in Hollywood.  He’s just a a simple country boy, he came to the big city to try to entertain ya’ll, but he’s not making enough money for the greedy chosen people in Hollywood so they said he has to go.  

So what’s his solution?  BUY PRAISE SOAP!  

It’s a commercial.  Jimmy Dean isn’t the dumb hick that he’s presenting himself as.  He doesn’t care about entertaining you, the viewer.  Jimmy Dean cares about Jimmy Dean.  He’s all about making money.  He wants to make as much money as possible. 

So you have these REAL dumb hicks sitting at home, picking their banjos or whatever they’re doing, and they’re watching this.  They identify with Jimmy Dean because Jimmy Dean has carefully and cynically cultivated this image of being a dumb Southern rube. And Jimmy Dean says that he’s in trouble.  He’s going to be out of a job unless you, the viewer, go out and buy Praise soap by the gross.  And send those wrappers to those CBS television executives.

It’s the same tactic that televangelists would use.  “We’re going to have to shut down the ministry if we don’t get another $25,000 by the end of today.”  Similarly, Jimmy Dean probably learned this shit from those sleazy tent revival “ministries” that were popular in the American South.  

Jimmy Dean was afraid of losing his job.  And Jimmy Dean didn’t want to get a normal job like a normal person.  He wanted to make a lot of money by doing very little work.  So go out there and buy Praise soap or poor country boy Jimmy Dean will be out on the streets.

Nobody remembers Jimmy Dean as a country music singer or a television personality because those weren’t his talents.   He was a shameless huckster.  That was his talent.  History bears this out.  He aggressively shilled for that sausage company that bore his name.  That’s all he was.  A conman constantly trying to part you with your money.

So we have Bobdunga and her constant shilling.  It’s disappointing.  Bobdunga is the one gamer grrl who actually can make good videos.  I gave a positive review of her video about some Canadian game show and there have been plenty of good things that I’ve seen in other videos of hers.  When she’s on her medication, she can produce good videos.  And she seems interested in video games in some limited extent.  Flash games and whatever.  Casual games.

But she throws that away with these dumb commercials.  These dumb commercials that nobody is even watching and I don’t think that she gets any money from them.  I think all she gets is the product.  

This is a complete waste…I mean…who would take a job that pays you in nerd shit?  “Good job on that Parker account.  Here’s a World of Warcraft microphone.”  No.  I want money.  

She’s all about monetising the channel.  “Support me on Patreon” and whatever.  On this channel that has 20,000 subscribers.  This video got 1000 views after two weeks.  It’s just not worth doing from a financial standpoint.  

And she does these stupid dances and posts pictures of herself in booty shorts.  Why?  Why humiliate yourself for PENNIES?  You can just get a job at A&W and make…whatever…ten times as much money.  

Do Youtube as a hobby and if you suddenly become a huge, popular gamer grrl, then you can quit your job and shill shit on your channel.  But it’s really unlikely to happen.  That’s why you have the job.  Then you don’t have to worry about your Youtube channel not having a million subscribers.

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