CONTEST: Win A Divoom Ditoo Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker (Unboxing) – Bobdunga

0:00 – “So a company reached out to me recently and asked if I could do an honest review for them in exchange for one of their cool new speakers.  And I said…’No.  Send me more speakers.’  And they did.”

That sounds like a good way to get honest reviews.  “We’ll send you stuff for free and you can review it.  Don’t worry about returning it”.  And then Bobdunga says, “I’ll need more free stuff in order to do an honest review.”  And the company obliges.

This is going to be an EXTRA honest review, I can just feel it.  

Let me check how much these things are.  Not much, I assume.

Oh.  Maybe $90.  That’s more than I thought.  

What even is this?  One speaker?  Don’t speakers usually come in pairs?  

So anyway, she’s giving one of these away.

Okay, I’ve watched the video now.  She said “cute” literally ten times in this five minute video.  And overall, she loved these speakers.  She didn’t have a single negative thing to say about them.  10/10.  And if you’d like to purchase other stuff from this company, she helpfully put an affiliate link in the description where she gets like 2 cents for every click and a percentage of every purchase.  

A very honest review then.  It was awesome.  Best speakers you can buy.  And totally worth $90.

Fucking ridiculous.  

And if you want to win one, all you have to do is follow another link.  And then subscribe to her various social media shit.  But it’s too late now.  The contest was closed over a week ago.

So who won?  Well…nobody, it would seem.  “0 of 1 winner notified”.  

– “Now this is gaming”

That was from Conrad de Lara.  I’m thinking maybe he’s not a native English speaker.  Maybe he meant “shilling” instead of “gaming.”

– “these speakers seem really cute!”

That was my takeaway too.

– “They’re so CUTE!!!!!!”


Let’s check out her Twitter.

“I really enjoyed these from the summertime, i felt so cute”

And there’s a picture of Bobdunga.

Oh.  Cute.

She also retweets somebody called Neekolul and it says, “#GamerGirlWednesday”.  So let’s check it out.

Well, I’m seeing a lot of videos of this young woman jumping around and shaking her rather large breasts but nothing about “gaming”.


I can agree with that.  It’s refreshing to see people coming out with such an unpopular opinion.  But I too am not fond of charities.  Fuck them all, I say.  Governments should be funding cancer research.  These charities shouldn’t have to go around begging for money, guilting people into donating, shaking down the elderly.

Oh, and she also has a picture of her in a little dress and a tight top.  The comments are predictable.

“my ass is too PHAT” 

I’m still looking for the promised “gaming” content.

No.  It’s all pictures of her in little outfits and sometimes she makes a little brain dead comment.  Stuff like this:

“If girl don’t want me why she have boob”

I don’t know if English isn’t her first language or she’s trying to be “cute” or what the issue is.  Not a bright woman by any means.

My advice: put some clothes on and open up a book once in a while.  

But yeah.  Girl Gamers.  Bobdunga is all about it.

It’s crazy.  Bobdunga is actually interested in video games.  But she holds this fucking cretin out as an example that female “gamers” should aspire to.  

She does the same thing, I guess.  Her Instagram is full of “sexy” pictures of her.  She just doesn’t have the body that our dimwitted friend Neekolul has.  So…what’s the message here?  Bobdunga wishes that she had bigger tits?  That would make her a better gamer grrl?  

Why not focus on the fucking content?

And here’s a bunch of tweets where she’s YET AGAIN going on about her “sexy” ex-boyfriend who “gaslighted” her.  Fucking get over it.  Nobody in the comments even knows what she’s talking about.  There’s one fucking reply.  It says “understood” but he was clearly being sarcastic.

And yeah, there’s a “sexy” picture of Bobdunga holding a Gamecube.  I’m not jerking off to that.  I’m sorry.  If it helps, I also didn’t jerk off to Neekolul.

Is this how you want to get views?  And does it even work?  

Neekolul has 300,000 subscribers on Twitch.  That’s probably a lot.  But it’s trash.  Her only video is her cooking.  She’s wearing a little outfit, of course.  What the fuck does this have to do with “gaming”?  

If you want to be a porn star, go be a porn star.  It’s fine.  I don’t give a fuck.  

But my understanding is that Bobdunga was interested in doing videos about video games on Youtube.  Am I missing something?  Is James Rolfe posting pictures of himself in hot pants?  What do these “sexy” pictures have to do with “gaming”?  

And for these gamer grrls to try to wrap this up into some kind of feminist package is offensive.  I’m interested in gender equality and I’m telling it like it is.  We don’t want this trash.  Put some clothes on and play some video games.  Put out INTERESTING content.  That’s how you’ll get viewers.  

Or maybe you won’t.  There are a lot of factors involved.  Appearance is one of them.  Marketing.  Whatever.  But that’s okay.  Get a job.  Do this as a hobby.  Don’t worry about views.  

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