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Okay, I can do this.  I’m feeling pumped.  Yeah, it’s Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining but it’s only six minutes, she’s wearing her black t-shirt with Oscar the Grouch on it, and I’m a teeny bit interested in the topic.  Also, I’m out of backlogged material and nobody else is uploading anything.  So let’s check it out.

0:00 – “Today I’m talking about monsters.”

Ohhhhhh.  I get it.  That explains the Oscar the Grouch t-shirt.  She does these sorts of things a lot.  Like she’ll wear makeup that matches the colour of the game that she’s reviewing.  Or something.  That’s what she claims anyway.  Nobody notices or cares.

So…I watched it.  She reviewed the game.  Didn’t much care for it.  That’s it.

Who’s the target market for these videos?  Somebody who’s thinking about purchasing Monster in My Pocket for the NES?  There are surely hundreds of reviews already.  What is she bringing to the table?

Not comedy, that’s for sure.  I could see making a funny review.  Because the reviews themselves are worthless.  It’s not a good game.  Who cares?  But if you did something funny with it, that could be entertaining.  The game would just be the vehicle to produce some amusing content.  

She just does a straight review.  It’s boring.  She’s boring.

“It’s watch 17 seasons of Greys Anatomy o’clock.”

See?  This is her idea of a good time.  Watching hundreds of hours of a boring show while drinking wine.  This is sad.  It’s a sad existence.

I’m reminded of an article I read years ago.  This was in a British newspaper.  I read it online.  It was about how some resort in the Middle East wasn’t selling alcohol and people were complaining because it ruined their vacation.

I was reading this and thinking, “This is a fucking joke.  The comments are going to be scathing.”

No.  The comments were in full agreement about what an outrage it is that people couldn’t drink on vacation.  

It was at this point that I realised what vacation means to British people.  They’re not interested in culture or trying new food or enriching themselves in any way.  They just want to get drunk.  

You can do that at home in your underpants.  Like Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining seems to do a lot.  Why the fuck would you go all the way to the Middle East for this?  

And what kind of a fucking idiot expects the Middle East to be full of alcohol?

“Midnight sushi” and it’s a picture of said sushi and her dog.

That’s another thing.  She’s sitting there watching shitty old tv shows, drinking her wine, and having a good time with her dog and a jar of peanut butter.

She’s just such a boring stereotype.  I went out with loads of these boring “middle class” women.  Bankers and accountants and shit.  They all have the exact same interests.  They run marathons, they’re interested in the latest fad diet, and they drink wine.  It’s a completely empty existence.  And these women are completely interchangeable.  How is it that they all have the exact same interests?

“The bright side to all the stress and lack of appetite this month… I look good.”

See?  I didn’t even plan this.  The next tweet I saw was Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining talking about her weight.  And (allegedly) looking good.  In her all black outfit.

She could really tone up, by the way.  I don’t usually talk about people’s appearance but she’s inviting it here.  All the horndogs are on board.  I have a different opinion, though.

Big arms.  Something of a stomach.  Doesn’t work for me.

Oh, it’s’ Pam complaining that her recent Parasite Eve video didn’t get as many views as she would have liked.  She blames Youtube.  Interesting.  I refused to even click it when I saw what the subject matter was and that it’s 15 minutes.  Maybe that’s the problem.  The game is boring, you’re boring, and the video is boring.

“Looking for a new place to live.”

And she has a clip of the Golden Girls.  Because she really loves media that features women.

I’ve moved many times.  I found a new place just recently.  It’s not that challenging.  You look online every day.  Check the new listings.  If you see something you like, you call them.  Often times, there is no viewing slot available or not one that’s convenient.  Because most of these viewings take place Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 to 5.  For most people, that’s a problem because they work.  You have to take time off of work for this shit.  That’s not a problem for me because I don’t usually work every day.  But even when I did work every day, I somehow managed.

So then you go to the viewing.  One of two things happen.

1.  You see the place and immediately determine that it’s trash and you don’t want to live there so you go home.

2.  You see the place and it looks semi-okay or you’re just desperate to move straight away so are willing to take anything so you call the person and say “I’m interested in in the property.”  Things progress from there.

I actually got a rent reduction on my current property, the property I’m moving into, and a property that I had in London.  This all depends on your location and demand and your negotiating skills.  But I think that now is the time to get some good rent deals.  People don’t want to move now, they’re concerned about their jobs, maybe they lost their job, whatever.  So if you’re working and looking for a property to rent, you’re in demand.  

So I got £25 knocked of the rent for this new place.  Not much but it’s something.  That’s all that I asked for.  Maybe I should have asked for more.  But the place wasn’t very good and I don’t plan on staying there long anyway.  I got £50 off these other two properties.

You can’t just say, “I don’t want to pay that much.”  You have to give reasons.  So I always say that the place is smaller than I expected.  If there are any specific faults, you can point those out.  A lot of the places I see in this city offer parking permits, which I think the landlord pays for, so I always say that I don’t need a parking permit.  I don’t drive.  Shit like this.

Also, wait a few days before getting back to them.  If it’s a good property, it will probably be gone by then so you’re out of luck.  But if the property isn’t so good, and it’s still available, that’s a good indication that the landlord will be willing to reduce the rent.   

You don’t want to mention location in these negotiations.  Like it’s not in a good location for you.  They can’t change that and they’ll just decide that it’s not a place that you’ll want to live in for a long time so they won’t give you the property.  

But yeah, I read that rents are going down.  Property value is going down.  So it’s a good time to push for lower rents.  Maybe even at a place where you’re currently renting.  Of course, for this to really work, you have to be prepared to move if your request isn’t met.  Look for similar properties in the area that are being rented out and look at what they’re asking.  Then share this research with your landlord or whoever and let them know that if the rent isn’t decreased, you’re going to have to start looking for a new place to live.  

Anyway, just some boring rent advice.  Pam does bring out the boring in people.

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  1. She has 50k subs. Her most popular video has 279k. So now here me out… do what you did for that. Like why would you want to continue to be boring. Use what you can to make money. I cant imagine willing making less money because “the patriarchy” I loved this game as a kid. I was like 8. And I wouldnt ask my 8 year old nephew to watch this. Poor kid. she isnt a 10 on any scale but if I had made a video that had 5 times my subs views on it because my balls were out. Id hang them across the screen on almost every video. Then again if a hobby I had was making me a few extra dollars a month why would I want to increase it? I'm more excited about your reviews of her reviews…. Patreon. I at least get why simps pay girls to see their bits. Have you ever heard of the sphere hunter? She's a he. And she does a wayyy better job at videogame reviews. If you needed anymore girrrl gamerzzz.

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