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The triumphant return of Madam Fomo.  

I’ve been checking out her subscriber rates.  They were going down for quite a while.  It all started when she began spamming her OnlyFans.  She was at risk of going below 100,000.  

But then suddenly it shot up.  These are either fake or she was doing one of her stupid “giveaways” where you have to subscribe to a bunch of her shit and like comments and all of this stupid shit.  Like in another recent video of hers where she promises to give away a Playstation 5.


All you have to do is go to her Twitter!  Instructions are on her Twitter!  Go to her Twitter to find out more!

Can’t she just say what the rules are?  We’re all here on Youtube already.  Why do we have to go to Twitter to find out.  

Because this is what she does.  She’s constantly spamming her shit.  And when you do go to her Twitter to find out what the rules of this fabulous contest are, you discover that you have to follow her Twitter and retweet this stupid contest and then tag three friends.  Whatever that means.  It sounds spammy, though.

Oh, and she has her tits out in this contest photo.  And she also advertises her OnlyFans in this contest photo.

This doesn’t seem like the way to build subscribers.  And who’s the target demographic for these contests?  No adult would bother with this spammy shit.  Only children would do this.  “Oh, I might get a PS5!  I’ll try!  I hope I win!” and then they spam all of their stupid kid friends with this disgusting garbage.  

And who even wins?  Do we ever find out?  Are these contests on the up and up?  How does she determine the winner?  Is some kind of drawing even held?  Show me the winners.  She’s said that she’s been doing this for five years.

And let’s say you win.  Would you want to give your home address to a prostitute?  And as I said, the only people doing this would be children.  So is a child going to go along with this?  “Mommy!  Mommy!  I won a PS5!  Can I give this nice lady our home address?”  Then the mother would see this woman, immediately recognise that it’s a prostitute, tell him that he can’t do it, and start monitoring his internet use.

Anyway, Madam Fomo travelled to Florida for candy apples.  And her breasts are out in the thumbnail.  Of course.  You have to have your tits out if you’re eating candy apples.  It’s just basic candy apple eating etiquette.  

0:00 – Oh…I think she’s going to do a bad skit.  “So I’ve been bored in the house and I’ve been looking online for candy apples.”

Yeah.  That’s kind of what this is.  She started the video by looking at her laptop and pretending that the camera wasn’t filming.  Like…we just caught her unaware.  She just happened to be researching candy apples at the moment that the camera started.  “Oh hello.  I didn’t see you come in.”  It’s fucking terrible.

“And I can’t seem to find candy apples in New York City.”

Oh this is stupid.  This is fucking idiotic.  Naturally, there are candy apples in New York City.  But let’s say that there aren’t.  Who gives a fuck?  Who travels 1000 miles to get candy apples?  Fucking make them yourself, you dumb whore.  You get apples, caramel and sprinkles.  Done.

0:30 – Then a new scene, and she’s still making out like this is all off the cuff.  “Florida is a far place to go for candy apples and that may be true.”

Look at this weird grammar.  She does this a lot.  She’s just fucking stupid.

“And prices are really cheap right now so why not?”

You know what I just realised?  This is the same woman who went around New York City with a mask on and she was criticising people who weren’t “social distancing” while waiting in line to the grocery store (even though they clearly were) and got really agitated when people were walking too close to her on a busy street.  

So now she’s taking a clearly unnecessary 1000 mile flight for candy apples.  

One of the potential lies that Madam Fomo has told in the past is that she’s from Florida.  Maybe she’s going there to visit family.  I don’t know.  But what’s definitely a lie is that she’s going there to get candy apples.  Because that’s fucking idiotic in the extreme.  Nobody does that.

0:45 – “I kind of need to get out of New York City right now.  Walking the streets, it’s really depressing.”

I laughed for about five minutes.  “Walking the streets”, it’s prostitute vernacular for plying one’s trade.  And she needs to get out because the heat is on her.  Police are cracking down on prostitutes.

1:00 – She says she’s going there for a day or two.  Again, nobody does this.  Except prostitutes.  Prostitutes will travel for a day or two.  They meet the client, take the money, then they’re out.

1:15 – “Also, I’ve been feeling not very creative, as I normally am.”

Again, weird grammar but yeah.  Madam Fomo is super creative.

1:30 – She’s at the airport with her mask and earphones on.  Just be fucking honest.  You’re going to Florida to meet a client.  It’s not like we don’t fucking know what you do.  It’s obvious.  

1:45 – “But for the people who are going to have an opinion on me wasting my money or talk about how I’m spending my money, it’s my money and I’ll do what I want.”

Obviously, going to Florida to get candy apples is a giant waste of money.  Nobody would dispute that.  But it’s such an obvious lie.  She’s not even saying this in a jokey way.  This is honestly how she’s presenting the fucking video.  She’s literally going to Florida to get candy apples.  That’s what she wants you, the viewer, to believe.

So you’re going to join this woman’s OnlyFans who clearly has more money than she can handle.  She’s just blowing it on trips to Florida to get candy apples.  Nobody fucking does this.  

So if we believe her story, she’s a complete moron who must be sitting on piles of money.  

If we don’t believe her story, why is she going?  What is she hiding?  Is she a prostitute and going there to meet a client?  Is this what we’re watching?  And this candy apple story is the best that she could come up with?  

Here’s a lie she could have used instead: I’m visiting a sick relative.  That took me about two seconds to come up with.  And it’s a million times more believable than this candy apple story.

It’s like her fucking brain is fried on meth or something.  Who comes up with a story this fucking stupid?  And then goes through with making an entire fucking video on this premise?  And then watches the video, says, “This looks pretty good”, and proceeds to upload it to Youtube?

“I’m going to be bad and bougie.”  Then she goes on a weird rant about how she’s “bougie”.  

“So I was like, I’m finally above the poverty line for once.”

Two years ago, she posted a video where she flashed $15,000 in cash while dressed as a prostitute.  Was she impoverished when she did that?  

For somebody who lies this much, she’s unbelievably bad at it.  If she’s suddenly wealthy, where did it all come from?  The official story is that she’s unemployed.  I guess.  We haven’t heard about that comic book job in almost a year.  She’s just up and going on trips on a whim.  She must be unemployed.  Right?  

Where is the money coming from?  OnlyFans?  

Then she says the word “bougie” about 15 more times.  It took me a while to even understand what she was saying.  I thought that she was saying “blue jeans” at first.  She’s wearing a fucking mask and she’s using this fucking stupid ghetto slang.  If you can’t understand that she’s saying “bougie” and what that means, that whole 15 second rant is a total mystery to you.  “She’s…doing what with blue jeans?”

2:15 – “I ain’t here for a long time, I’m here for a good time so while I’m here, I shall be bougie.”

Why does she keep talking about this?  Shut the fuck up.  Nobody cares.  

And then she’s going to ask you to subscribe to her OnlyFans after being this wildly off-putting.  

And why the nihilism?  I don’t want to be morbid but what’s the life expectancy of a prostitute?  Is that what she’s talking about?  

Then finally, this “bougie” rant ends and we get two seconds of footage of an airplane wing.  I would have much preferred seeing 45 seconds of that wing and 2 seconds of the “bougie” rant.

2:30 – “So I’m here in my hotel room.  I look like shit.  It be like that.”

Do Hispanic people talk like this?  I think what’s happened here is that she’s adopted the speech mannerisms of her pimp TuanX.  He’s a black man.  Presumably talks like this.  Yo yo yo and whatnot.  

“Plane sleep hits different.”

It took me a while to understand what she’s talking about.  And she’s not even wearing a mask now.  It’s just this weird vernacular and grammar.  She’s completely uneducated.  She can’t even speak properly, never mind her horrendous writing abilities.  And this woman wants you to believe that she has a two year contract to write a fucking comic book.

2:45 – Then she goes on to talk about how it’s the first time that she’s been to this hotel.  Normally she stays at the neighbouring hotel when she’s down in Florida to “visit friends.”  

Uh huh.  “Friends.”  At least we’re getting closer to the truth here.  Why didn’t she just say that she was in Florida to visit friends?  Why this stupid candy apple story?

3:00 – She shows the hotel.  “It was cheap because we got those covid discounts.”

And she stuttered right after she said “we”.  Like she knew she shouldn’t have said that.  She’s there with TuanX, her pimp.  Why is he never shown?  Why present this as you’re going to Florida, by yourself, to get candy apples?

She did the same thing with Japan.  She made a bunch of videos depicting herself as a solo traveller who was in Japan to look at video game shit.  But we know from KidShorukyen’s videos that she was there with her pimp and she was there to see KidShorukyen to exchange sex for money.  That last part is just the obvious conclusion.  They didn’t actually say that.  But KidShorukyen did say, clearly, that she was there with her “friend.”  A male “friend”.  It’s TuanX, her pimp.

3:30 – Then she shows the pool and says, “I’m going to Walmart to get a bathing suit.”  I don’t know.  It just seems stupid.  She’s there for one day and she’s going to spend it going to Walmart and hanging out in the hotel pool?  

This only makes sense if you realise that her day is entirely free.  She’s only working at night.  “Working”.  That’s what she’s there for.  And TuanX is there because he’s a fucking leech and possibly for protection.

“Probably won’t bring you all because you don’t know how to act.  But I’m going to be chilling by the pool.  OnlyFans are going to see my chilling by the pool.”

Why does she keep doing this?  It’s poisonous to her channel.  NOBODY WANTS THESE FUCKING ONLYFANS LINKS.  It’s desperate as fuck.  It’s a huge turn off.  

She just got through talking about all this money she has and shitting on everybody, telling us that we don’t know how to behave in her stupid ghetto vernacular and then she says, “Oh, sign up for my OnlyFans.”

We already know about it.  If you have this much money, why do you keep spamming it?  How many people are going to sign up?  This video has less than 10,000 views.  Her view numbers have totally tanked since she started spamming her OnlyFans.  Maybe one person will join from seeing this video.  That’s an extra $10/month for Madam Fomo.  What difference does it make?  This is nothing.  Get a job.

Yeah, and she dropped her price.  It used to be $20/month.  But she had regular “discounts” of $10/month.  Now it’s $13/month.  

By the way, if you do some research, the perverts on Reddit have given a universal thumbs down to her OnlyFans content.  “She only plays with bubbles” being the general consensus.

4:00 – I have no idea what she’s saying after this “one shower later” graphic.  She’s done this “joke” twice in the same video.  She must watch a lot of Sponge Bob Squarepants.  It’s about her level.

4:30 – “I flew all the way here to get a candy apple and I know, again, that sounds crazy but you don’t know how much I enjoy candy apples.”

It’s such an obvious lie.  Why would she even say it?  Doesn’t she know how ridiculously obvious this lie is?  This is something that somebody with a severe mental impairment might say.  

She’s there to have sex with some old pervert for money.  She can’t say that.  I get it.  But why come up with this unbelievably idiotic lie?  

Then she starts talking about how her mother worked in a “bodega”, whatever that is, but she had access to candy apples as a result of this “bodega”.  So she ate a lot of candy apples as a child.  

I think that her current story is that she grew up in New York City.  So there aren’t still “bodegas” there?  She can’t get a candy apple from a “bodega” in New York City?  Florida was the closest place to get a candy apple?  Did she consider Vermont?  They have apples there, right?  Or what about anywhere in New England?  Massachusetts definitely has apples.  It’s like a two hour drive.

Let me just, for my own amusement, see how difficult it is to find a place in New York that sells candy apples.


There’s a fucking list.  

William’s Candy Shop.  “They have it all but the biggest sellers are the candy apples and caramel apples.”

Right there in Brooklyn.  Her most recent story is that she lives in Brooklyn.  She could have WALKED there. 

 5:00 – “So we’re going to be bougie.”  

Fuck you.  Suck my fucking penis.  This is the dumbest fucking woman on earth.  She chose the right profession.  Where else can somebody this fucking stupid get a job?

5:45 – “Here’s the candy apple store.  It’s like a candy store, they don’t only sell candy apples.”

Oh you don’t say.  I thought that there would be a shop out there that only sells candy apples.  

Then there’s like five fucking seconds of footage of this shop.  I mean…she doesn’t have a clue.  The whole build up for this was to get a candy apple and then she spends FIVE SECONDS in the store.  These comments are going to be brutal, right?

Oh.  I spoiled myself.  No.  They’re all comments from horny losers.  She banned anyone with a brain.

6:15 – “I only got one because the rest were pretty chocolatey as well.”

6:30 – “This is like the fanciest or bougiest candy apple that I’ve ever had.”

Does she know any other words?  How did she get this two year contract to write an original comic book?  She has like a 500 word vocabulary.  And some of them aren’t even real words.

7:00 – Then it’s just Madam Fomo eating an apple.  Who wants to watch this?  This is some kind of fetish video.  But for who?  Who can possibly have this fetish?  It’s the most awkward, painful bite I’ve ever seen in my life.  I think that she broke a tooth.  Who’s getting off on this?

7:30 – She’s back at the hotel and rolling on her bed.

“So I was able to find some shades to make me look bougie.  If you see these shades in a video, it means we’re going to be bougie in that video.”

It’s just so fucking stupid.  This is like animal level intelligence.  Or is she on something?  She must have been on something this whole video because…I don’t even want to get into it.  It’s obvious.

Then she said “bougie” twice more but I can’t keep typing it out because it’s fucking infuriating.

Then she showed some more apples that she bought and said “bougie” three more times.

8:30 – Then she goes on AGAIN attacking the strawman in the comments who’s going to complain about her wasting her money by going to Florida for candy apples.

NOBODY IS GOING TO SAY THAT!  First of all, you’ve already banned everybody who would make such a comment.  But secondly, NOBODY ON EARTH will believe this story about going to Florida to get candy apples.  So they’re not going to say, “Hey, what a waste of money that was” because nobody believes the fucking story.  You’d have to be completely fucking deranged to believe that.

Then she’s really patronising.  Then she says “bougie” again.  And again.  

After this video, some 60 year old dude took a “bougie” on her face.

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