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Erin promoted this woman’s video on her Twitter.

0:00 – It starts off with 45 minutes of a montage of…something…and annoying music.  I had to skip this after about 20 seconds.

0:45 – Then she shows a store in Disney World that sells Japanese shit.  Again with the montage of annoying music.  I only lasted about ten seconds this time.

2:00 – She talks about a plush banana that she plans on buying.  And she shows her boyfriend or whoever.  He looks like he’s about to kill himself.  And they’re all wearing masks.

Then it’s more fucking montage.

Come on.  I don’t know how they can improve this video but this is boring as shit.  No wonder Erin seemed to like it.  

Men and women like different things.  Can I say that or is that not allowed?  

This is a boring woman making a boring video and showing “cute” toys and shit.  I don’t want to fucking watch this.  But Erin was watching this and, apparently, totally enthralled with it.  

God, I can’t with this video.  Is this all this fucking is?  This annoying music montage?  

No, I skipped to 5:15 where this seems to finally end.  Then it’s this woman talking.  You can barely understand her because she’s wearing this fucking mask.  If you’re that worried about catching a bad cold, stay at home.  Don’t go to fucking Disney World.  

I don’t even know what she was saying.  Something about…Universal Studios…and Mario…and video games.  I don’t know.  I totally zoned out.  This is fucking boring.

7:00 – More of that delightful musical montage.  

7:30 – In a muffled voice, she points out a closed arcade.  Fascinating.

Then back to the montage………………………

I can’t with this.  I skipped through the rest of the video.  That’s all this was.  One big, fucking boring slide show.  

Oh my god, who would watch this?  

Erin leaves a comment:

– “This was such a cool idea for a video! I loved it! And oh my god, ALL THAT EMPTY SPACE! I’m so glad you guys went and had fun. I still need to go on the gondolas :D”

Other comments:

– “This video was so colorful! I love it!”

– “Love your choice of music though out the video and a great tour”

– “Very awesome video!”

That last one was from NewWaveJunkie.  He follows a number of gamer grrls, including Erin.  It’s a pathetic existence.

This woman has 900 subscribers and 16 videos, by the way.  She started the channel a year ago but only really started making videos within the past month.  So he really got in on the ground floor.  He must be on the constant lookout for new gamer grrls that he can masturbate to.

It’s madness.  Maybe this was just a bad video and not representative of her work.  Let me try another one.  A *bonus*…of sorts.  “Here’s some more trash.  Enjoy.”

Life update, game room tour, and shenanigans!

0;00 – (awkward pause, maniacal smile) Hi everyone.  (awkward pause.  Looks to the left).  It’s been a long time.

This is not the way to start a video.  

“I have been pretty much busy with…life.”

NOBODY CARES!  If you’re too busy to make god damn videos, don’t make them.  Everybody has problems.  Everybody has things to do.  We don’t need to fucking hear about it.  Make the videos or don’t.  I don’t fucking care either way.

Where is this woman from?  Some of her videos mention “SoCal”.  That might explain things.  On Twitter she gives her location as “Nintendoland”.  That’s probably not a real town.

She does a lot of videos on Epcot and here’s one on Knott’s Berry Farm.  That’s in California, right?  Yeah.  

So yeah.  This is some lunatic from California.  On her Twitter, she has a post, “What diet would each video game console be? Genesis would be keto diet for sure. 3DO would be vegan.”

Yeah.  I don’t even need to comment.  Back to the video.

“Obviously there’s a global pandemic happening right now (rolls eyes, smacks lips)”

This is like the most annoying woman on earth.  This is fucking awful.  Just fucking get on with it.  Give us the fucking update to your life.  We’re just dying to know.  

“Both of my dogs are coming in right now” And you hear meowing in the background.  

We don’t fucking care.  When you set out to make this video, what did you want to tell us?  Was it about your dogs coming in?  Was it about the “global pandemic”?  Because if it was, you’re wasting everybody’s time with this shit.

Oh, and then there’s footage of two small California dogs in little doggie shirts trying to hump each other.  

This is everything that I hate.

0:30 – Then one of the dogs jumps up and sniffs her crotch.  She’s sitting down.  And a message appears on screen saying, “I am FOR SURE wearing shorts don’t fret”.  I’m sceptical.  That dog seemed to know exactly what to do.

So after that bizarre dog cutaway, we’re back to the “action”.  SuperVideoGamGal is going to talk about what she’s been doing for the past nine months.  Right?  It better be good.

0:45 – “So yeah.  Hello everyone.  It’s been a long time.”


“A lot has happened since I’ve last done a video.  A lot has happened (rolls eyes, smacks lips)”

I’m about done.  Is she going to say ANYTHING that’s worth listening to?  

“So obviously there’s a global pandemic that’s going on.”

Just look at this.  Is this the same fucking footage?  Let me make sure…no.  No it’s not.  This is new footage.  This is new footage of this boring as fuck lunatic saying the exact same thing.  

Do we need to know about this “global pandemic”?  Twice?  

“The expo was cancelled.  Great.  Love it.  I love a good plot twist.”

This is brutal.  I might have a found a good replacement gamer grrl.  She’s aggressively off-putting.  You don’t see people this objectionable every day.  This is something special.  

“And all the hard work that we did.  (smacks lips)”

I think the lip smacking really helps.  It really helps drive home the point that this is an awful person.  Maybe you can smack your lips another twenty times.  What the fuck are you tutting at me for?  Am I responsible for the “global pandemic”?  Take your attitude and shove it up your ass.

Then she talks about how she’s been off of social media for two months.

Really?  This is the news?  When is she going to fucking get to it?  

1:15 – “I’ve been focusing a lot on school.  I’ve been back in school.”

Wonderful.  Finally something.  This is a woman who appears to be at least 30 years old and she’s going to “school”.  By which she presumably means college/university.  Community college, I assume.  That’s big in California.

Going to “school” as a 30 year old is, with rare exception, a giant waste of time and money but whatever.  If it keeps her off of Youtube, I support it.

She talks about how she’s furloughed from her job.  

She really has a terrible attitude.  I can’t do it justice.  Just watch the video.  The facial expressions are absolutely horrible.  

She’s taking care of her husband’s…grandfather?  Did I hear that right?  Yeah.  He lives with them.  

If she’s 30…let me do some quick arithmetic…well, I guess it’s possible. 

And then they had to put his husband’s uncle in a “home”.

This video just went from no information to too much information.

This uncle is “back east”.  I didn’t even know that people really said that.

Oh my god.  This is horrible.  She talks about how the room that she’s in used to be this uncle’s room.  But now that he’s out of the picture, they put him in a “home” “back east”, which even she suggests is a bad idea during this “global pandemic” and then the very next thing she says is, “So we got our game room back”.  So now she’s going to give a tour of this game room.

This is just awful.  I have to stop.  This is like…I can’t even describe it.  UNBELIEVABLY obnoxious woman.  It’s like watching an annoying child actor.  You just want to punch them in the face.  

Let’s check out the comments.

Well, what do you know?  Top comment: JOHN RIGGS!  How does he do it?  How does he find all of these gamer grrls?  His comment is banal as fuck, though.  He expects to get the ladies with this shit?

Somebody else says, “Found you through watching Adam! I will continue to stay turned to your channel”

This is a reference to Adam the Woo, I think.  Maybe she spams his channel with comments like Erin did with the various people.

– “..for sure, you not wearing shorts would not cause me to ”fret”.”

That guy just exposed himself as a lover of bestiality.  

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