I found this woman from Madam Fomo’s Twitter.  Madam Fomo’s Twitter is like 90% re-tweets because she doesn’t have an original thought in her tiny brain.  It’s mostly re-tweets from horny guys who commented about some stupid picture that she did but she also re-tweets “motivational” stuff from prostitutes (don’t be ashamed to show your boobs, et cetera) and re-tweets about money.

Alexxus was a tweet about money.

I’m hitting $1M before 30.

So what’s her plan.  Pyramid scheme.  Good luck with that.

It’s a black woman and she’s conning other black women.  She has a website, which I won’t link to but you can see on her Twitter, where she advertises “Wealth Avenue”.  She offers financial advice.

You click “testimonials” and the first one says:

Alexxus offered me advice on my finances and was also generous enough to purchase a book for me to help me get started.”

Whoa.  A book, you say?  This woman obviously has money to burn.  She’s a real finacial guru.

You click “about” and it says that she was in the army and has two young children.  Oh, this sounds like a real brain trust.  No discourtesy to the military but it’s not an organisation that attracts the best and the brightest.

I am heavily invested in helping others understand the importance of Generational Wealth and to do anything…by all means…to protect their Mental Health.

What in the fuck does that mean?  And what’s with these weird capitalisations?

Then it says that she has 6 years of experience in IT and invests in the stock market.  Anyone can do that.  How much fucking money have you made from your wheelings and dealings?

If you stumble through a few links, you finally get to what she charges.  $75 for a one hour online “audit”.

Or $400 for a two hour “strategy call”.

Or $100 for some other confusing shit which will lead to some more expensive further shit.

Who the fuck is stupid enough to do any of this?  If you’re going to spend that much money, go to a fucking accountant.  Not some imbecile single mother on the internet.

So back to her Twitter.

I gave alway 98% of my closet to the women’s shelter this year + got rid of all most all of our furniture within the last few months. So now I have no clothes & no furniture.

THIS is the woman I’m supposed to take financial advice from?  Somebody so broke that they just sold all of their clothes and furniture?

And look at this fucking spelling.  “alway”, we can chalk that up to a typo.  Using a plus sign and an ampersand in place of “and”…it’s not really right but whatever.

But “all most”?  That’s no typo or style choice.  That’s how poorly-educated people write “almost”.

Fuck it, we rebuilding Black Wall Steet.

She thought that this was so clever that it needed to be pinned.  What’s your fucking plan?  Her plan is obviously to defraud straight up drooling imbeciles with this scam advisory shit.

$30k lol I have $250

And she posts pictures of some dilapidated house that she was apparently interested in purchasing.

She’s in the market for $30,000 houses.  She’s completely broke.  Get a fucking job.  The things people will do to avoid working.

It’s like fake gamer grrl Erin.  I know that I always say that she makes $100/month but that’s just from Youtube ad revenue, according to SocialBlade.  Let’s say that she makes $1,000/month from her various sources (Youtube, Twitch, Patreon, sponsored videos, the stealth ads that she does, whatever).  I really doubt that it’s as high as $1,000/month but let’s just go with that.

It’s fucking peanuts.  Every job in America pays more than that.  And she’s putting time in.  Not a lot but let’s say 15 hours a week.  This is worth it?  And the humiliation?

The minimum wage in Pennsylvania is $7.25/hour.  It’s $10/hour in New Jersey but let’s just assume that they live in Pennsylvania and she got a job there.  Assuming a 37.5/hour work week, that’s $1,087.50/month.  But I don’t know.  Maybe they pay for lunch in the US.  I don’t remember.  I’m assuming the worst.  The worst full-time job in Pennsylvania would bring in $1,087.50/month.

Why doesn’t she just do that?  It’s easy.  You go in, ask people if they would like to supersize their order for $1 more and whatever.  Honest work.  Maybe you’ll get a promotion soon and make more money.  Maybe this job can lead to better paying jobs.  Anything can happen.

No, she’s just going to constantly struggle with this horrendous Youtube channel that’s doomed to failure.

Back to Alexxus.

Trying to get it to where I have nothing planned for Sundays except self care + family time.

So get a job and/or a husband.

Working on building an empire & improving my mental health. Be back soon.

Oh, hello crazy woman.  Take my money, please.

Not gonna lie. I’m in the middle of a depression + anxiety spiral. I really just want to be around family & close friends.

I wouldn’t give this hobo ten cents.  It’s all about her.  Give me money, I’m crazy.  Give me money, I’m black.  Give me money, I’m a woman.

No.  That’s not how it works.  You want money, you have to deliver a service.  That could be a handjob, that could be doing my taxes.  But crazy bullshit about becoming a millionaire and following my dreams?  That’s fucking worthless.  Where has this advice gotten you?  You’re sitting on the floor of your squalid and empty $30,000 apartment, naked and depressed tweeting poorly-spelled nonsense about 20 times a day.

My phone not working gives me anxiety & peace at the same time 
She can’t even afford a fucking phone.  You can get a brand new smart phone for fifty bucks.

lol insane that some people really learned about investing & trading from twitter. people went from little to no knowledge to making 3 4 & 5 figures easily. I actually might tear up, lol I love it.
Then there’s an offensive picture of a stereotypical black woman dancing.
Three figures.  You can make three figures from “investing and trading”.  Investing and trading in what?  Pogs? 
Who the fuck cares about making “three figures”? 
Anyway, it’s sad.  This is all sad.  She’s desperate as fuck and mentally ill. 
And there are people responding to her shit.  These people are also, presumably, desperate as fuck and mentally ill.
I went out with a woman once from Malaysia.  Maybe the worst person I’ve ever known.  She was loud, she was aggressive, she was rude.
She described herself as an “entrepreneur”.  What she actually did was sell people useless courses to something called Success University.  These courses were sold as a way to teach you to make money.  But when you go the course, they just tell you that the way to make money is to get other people to sign up for these courses.
You can read about it on Wikipedia.  It’s an obvious pyramid scheme.
So I told her, “This is clearly a pyramid scheme.”  She agreed but suggested that all jobs are pyramid schemes.  It’s kind of true but at least with a normal job, you don’t have to go to sleazy convention halls and get swindled out of your money.
And the people she was scamming were other Malaysian immigrants.  I saw something on Twitter where some Malaysian woman expressed an interest in this course and she was saying that we have to really hit this woman so that she signs up.
Completely deplorable.  But she was proud of this “job”.  “Do you know anyone who can live anywhere in the world?”  I really doubt that she got a visa for this shit.
Anyway, it was basically shut down in 2008, which was probably about the time that I knew this woman.  She’s no doubt back in Malaysia now.  Single and broke.  Oh yeah.  She wasn’t a looker either.
But yeah, jobs.  They’re out there.  I know they’re difficult to find, especially as a young person with no experience but you just have to keep trying.  Pyramid schemes, fake gamer grrl, these are things to avoid.  

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