Rugrats: Search for Reptar (PS1) – Erin Plays Extras

0:15 – “I’ve been wanting to watch/re-watch Rugrats.  Certain episodes are ingrained in my brain like the Reptar on Ice video, I mean, episode and stuff.  Same with Rocko.  I’ve just been kind of nostalgic for that period in life.

You can click anywhere in this two hour video and it’s Erin not knowing what she’s doing.  Originally, I was going to post an audio file with nothing but Erin not knowing what she’s doing.  I just clicked randomly and it was almost always Erin making a comment about how she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

This is depressing.  It’s a 32 year old woman who has thrown her life away.  She’s playing a children’s game from over 20 years ago and she has no fucking idea how to play it.  And she’s doing this for the bizarre sexual gratification of a handful of a colossal nerds.  She’s getting paid pennies for this.

So she’s *nostalgic* for this time in life when she was, allegedly, watching Rugrats.  A time when, I guess, she had hopes and dreams.

When was this on?  1991 to 2004?  Really?  That’s both earlier than I thought and later.  I never watched it.  I was in high school when it started so too old.  I vaguely remember like commercials for this and I was really put off by the animation and and the whole premise.

But Erin must have been from 3 to 16 years old or so when the show was on.  So that’s her entire childhood.

So she’s looking back on her life and trying to figure out where it all went wrong.  How did it come to be that at the age of 32, she’s doing retro “gaming” porn for the likes of Shishi for pennies?  Getting fucked in the ass by Mike Matei on a regular basis in an effort to promote her god awful channel.  Everybody makes mistakes but this monumentally?  And publicly?

All she had to do was stay in California and continue with the job.  Let’s say that she was working in this music store.  I get it.  You don’t want to do this as a 29 year old.  But fake gamer grrl?  That’s your plan B?  Having never played a video game before?

She listed Adam the Woo as one of the people she watched on Youtube.  This is a man approaching 50 who quit his Walmart job like twenty years ago to start making Youtube videos.  He would travel around the US in a van and do videos on whatever he sees or does.

That was interesting when Adam was 30.  But now it’s sad.  Now it’s a 50 year old man with no wife, no children, no job, no employment prospects, he’s clearly getting older.  It’s hard to be on the road every day and having to do shit.

And he goes to fucking Disneyland a lot.  A single man at Disneyland.  This is pathetic.

What is he doing for healthcare?

The channel is doing reasonably well.  According to Socialblade, he might be getting like $100,000/year.  That’s fine but you look at how much he’s spending on gas and the cost of admission at these places he goes to and whatnot.  He can’t be making much money with this.

But that’s a “success”.  That’s a “successful” Youtube “career”.  Erin is getting jack shit.  All of the humiliation, all of the wasted opportunities, all of the dead end prospects, with none of the money.

How did she possibly think that this fake gamer grrl idea was going to work?

She just didn’t care what happened.  She was totally dissatisfied with her job and said, “Fuck it.  I don’t care.  I have nothing to lose.  I’m going to try this completely insane thing and just see what happens.”

I get it.  I mean, it’s totally illogical but people do it all the time.  Adam the Woo did it, I did it, this Chinese-American prostitute who I knew did it.

It’s almost never successful.  I learned a trade and never required any visa.  That’s how I was able to make this work.

But you look at people who go to Asia to teach, KathleenMMS, for example.  People do that, not because they’re passionate about teaching but because they don’t care what happens and they want to try something else.  She says so herself.  She wasn’t happy with her family situation.

It’s not really feasible in the long-term, though.  You have to always get visas and you’re at the whim of these schools and these schools don’t pay anything.  And it’s fine to “teach” English in your 20s but at some point, it starts getting embarrassing.  The goal has to be to get married.  And that rarely seems to happen.

Still, that would have been a better move for Erin than this ridiculous fake gamer grrl scam.  She’s unhappy with her job at the music store so start teaching English in China.  She has a degree in English.  Apparently.  This should be no problem for her.  And she could find a nice Chinese guy, get married, learn the language, maybe get a proper job, maybe have children.  That at least has a chance of working.

Fake gamer grrl?  This thing had absolutely no chance from the very start.

Poor life choices.  What does the future hold?  If she had any sense, she would just go back to California and get a job.  But maybe she’ll try to prolong this disaster of a “career” by moving in with Joe from Gamesack or somebody.  Or maybe one of the horny losers from her streams.  Shishi or somebody.  Although, I’m not entirely sure how that would help her “career”.

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