Answering Your Questions! Q and A Time – Erin Plays

This trash.  Let’s just get through it.  I bet it’s going to be all video game questions.

But wait…how is she possibly going to answer video game questions?  This might be surprisingly good.

Oh, she’s wearing a light jean jacket.  Remember jean jackets?  “The 90s!”  Actually, I’m pretty sure that they were out by “the 90s”.  I’d say that they were no longer in vogue by 1987.

0:00 – “In my 50,000 subscriber video, I said that I would do a Q&A video.  I’ve never done one of these before.”

Why is she always so eager to tell us things that she’s never done before?  Just get on with it.  We know you’ve never done it before.  Whatever “it” is.  Playing video games, whatever.  She doesn’t do anything.  She’s never done anything her entire life.  It’s quite sad, actually.  She’s wasted her entire fucking life and she’s continuing to do so with these horrendous videos.

Very noticeable braces.  Right?  Why am I only noticing this now?  Are these new?  I’m pretty sure that she’s had braces for quite a while but these look more prominent.

So that’s something that she’s done, I guess.  She had some adult orthodontic work done.  That’s weird in itself.  In line with her narcissism, though.

Mike also had braces as an adult but I suppose that he did have a large gap in his teeth and he had the money so why not?  I’m not sure how bad Erin’s teeth were.

0:15 – “Do you ever get *nostalgic* for early in your Youtube career?”

Yes.  She misses rushing home from work and making a video.

Well…it’s not too late.  You can always get a job again.

0:45 – She also misses, “Staying up until 4.00 am trying to beat a game.”

For a Youtube video, of course.  For money.

“Aw, little Erin.  I miss her.”

She’s *nostalgic* for her 2017 self.

2:00 – Next question is from TrashBoat: “Is there any game that you’ve heard of and wanted to play but you could never find?”

Ummm….TrashBoat…have you ever heard of “emulation”?  You can play every game ever made now and find them pretty easily.

And is this your first time on the channel?  Erin doesn’t play video games.  But let’s see what her bullshit answer is.

Roller Coaster for the Vectrex.

Uh huh.  She wants to play a Vectrex game.  She first got a Vectrex two years ago.  For the purposes of a Youtube video.  She played this thing twice, for the two videos that she made of it, and then never again.  Her “review” of this thing and the games was that it’s all “cute”.  But she never fucking touched this thing other than for these two videos.

Now she’s all about it.  “Where’s Roller Coaster for the Vectrex?  I really want to play this thing (on stream, for money).”

Oh, and I just looked it up.  There’s no such game.  I think that she’s talking about a game called 3D Crazy Coaster.

What a fucking joke.  What was the question again?  “Is there a game you’ve heard of and wanted to play but you could never find?”  Yeah.  She’s been looking for this game for so long, she’s so passionate about it, it’s become her obsession, AND SHE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW THE FUCKING NAME!

Oh, and then she continues.

“Sorry.  Is it called Roller Coaster?” (quick edit so she could Google it) “Sorry, it’s called 3D Crazy Coaster.”

Fucking pathetic.  And at this point, the blame shifts to the viewer.  Because Erin left this in.  She could have easily edited this out.  She left a ridiculously bad answer in, an answer which clearly shows that she has ZERO interest and ZERO knowledge about video games.  So if you’re still watching this shit past the two minute mark and still think that Erin is in any way, shape, or form a “gamer”, the blame falls entirely on you.  She’s telling you that she’s not interested in this shit.  She’s screaming it.  But people are still watching.

3:00 – “If you ever met an alien civilisation, which game would you pick to represent us?”

Again, what the fuck does this guy expect?  She’s going to go through her vast knowledge of video games to pick something?  She’s going to pick a game that she’s done a Youtube video or a stream on.  Those are the only games that she’s ever played.  And it’s a short list.  And her experience with these games is extremely limited.

“Dead or Alive because people just like big titties.”

So it wasn’t actually a game that she’s played before.  It was a “joke” answer instead.  Mm hmm.

Oh, I thought that she was then going to give a real answer.  No.  She just moves on.  She didn’t want to expose her complete lack of video game knowledge.

3:15 – “How often are you on the lookout for games or toys to add to your collection and how do you catalogue them?”

She showed her video game collection before.  It was surprisingly sparse.  She doesn’t exactly need to implement the dewey decimal system to keep track of her 15 Gameboy games, for example.

Yeah, and then she says exactly this.  She doesn’t catalogue them because she doesn’t have a large collection.

Why don’t these people get it?  That question was from Marcus, who she said is also on her Patreon.

Hey, Marcus, did you not notice that she doesn’t have many games?  Did you not see that video where she shows her collection?  Have you not seen any of her videos, where it’s plain as day that she doesn’t play video games unless it’s on stream, for money?

You’re a fucking idiot, Marcus.  You’re giving money every month to a gamer grrl who is sitting there week after week telling you, “HEY GUYS!  I DON’T FUCKING PLAY THIS SHIT UNLESS I’M GETTING PAID!”

If she was subtle about it, that would be one thing.  But she’s fucking telling you.  “I never played this before!”  That never raised any alarm bells with you, Marcus?  It’s in every fucking video.

“But am I always on the lookout for games and toys?  I mean, not really.”

See?  What more do you need?  I just don’t understand these people.

And you have fucking Shishi and the like defending Erin as some kind of hardcore gamer grrl.  Mike does the same thing.  What the fuck aren’t they seeing?  She’s completely up front about this.  She’s telling you in every fucking video that she has no experience with video games, no knowledge of video games, and no interest in video games.  I mean, come on.

Yes, she says, “I really like this game” and shit like this.  But realise what she’s saying.  She’s saying that she likes playing this game on stream, for money.  That’s it.  She’s not going to touch this thing in her spare time.  She finds video games repellent, as most women do.

4:15 – Next question, “What game have you yet to review that you’ve always wanted to.”

Freddy, get with the fucking programme.  What answer do you expect from Erin?

After some considerable time, she came up with an answer.  “I’ve always wanted to review Barbie Supermodel on the Super Nintendo.”

Yeah.  This is some “gamer”.  Are you happy, Freddy?  Are you happy to support this super gamer grrl who took ten minutes to think of a game and then the game she chose was Barbie Supermodel?

4:30 – “And then another answer…I feel like you guys are going to be so disappointed.”

No.  Hit us up, Erin.  Fully expose yourself as a fraud.  Don’t worry.  People will still continue to throw money at you.  These are mentally ill people.  They just want a friend.  Even if that friend is a fake gamer grrl that they have to pay to talk to them.

“I also want to review the Britney Spears Dance Beat games.”

Oh yeah.  This is quite the “gamer”.  Britney Spears Dance Beat.  I have to say that these games have passed me by.  But it sounds to me like Erin isn’t so into video games.  Right?  I can’t be the only one to have figured this out.  It seems like she likes 1990s pop music and girly stuff.  But video games?  No.  Not at all.

Then she says that she’s wanted to review these games for some considerable time but was afraid to.  But then she decided that she wanted to review games that were “part of her experience” and “I think that you guys are down for anything.”

She’s 100% right.  She can release absolutely anything and her horny nerd fans will watch it and tell her how awesome it was.  It’s not about the video games.  Just keep wearing those little jackets and stand up to show your midriff.  That’s all Shishi needs.

5:15 – “Do you remember the first game you’ve ever played and in which console?”

Who gives a fuck?  I’ll say Super Mario All Stars, though.

Oh no.  It was Super Mario World at a friend’s house.  “That’s what kind of lit the fire for me.”

Come on.  Don’t give us this bullshit.  What passion do you have for video games?

It’s shit like this that confuses the viewers.  You can’t say, “I never played this before.  I’m interested in Britney Spears games” one minute and then talk about how passionate you are about old school platformers the next minute.  I get it.  I can filter through the lies.  But Shishi is sitting there with his dick in his hand.  His mind is a bit clouded at the moment.  He hears that you played Super Mario World as a kid, and instant erection.  “This is a real gamer!  Yeah!  Mario!”  And he’s not listening to the other stuff.  The truthful stuff.  Because that other stuff doesn’t help with his fantasy.  He’s trying to jerk off here.

6:00 – “What games are you not a fan of but everyone else loves?”

That was from Mark, who she says has been around “forever”.  So another horny loser who’s a little slow on the uptake.

Another edit so that she could take a long think about it.

“I’m playing Symphony of the Night right now (edit: on stream for money, of course) and I am enjoying it but in general I’m not too big on Metroidvanias.”  Then another edit so that she can think about it again.  “I guess my main answer would be RPGs.”

I’m pretty sure that this guy was asking about SPECIFIC GAMES.  Not genres.  But Erin’s knowledge about video games is so shallow that she can’t even tell you a single game that she didn’t like but other people do.  Her entire experience with video games is what you see on Youtube and what streams she’s done on Twitch.

Then she talks about some RPGs that she “needs” to try out (on stream, for money) like Chrono Trigger and some Sailor Moon game.

You know why she doesn’t like RPGs?  I just realised this.  They make for poor streams and videos.

7:00 – “The next question is from Pam from CannotBeTamed so go subscribe to her channel.”

Oh, very subtle.

“Your videos are really unique in the retro space and that’s really cool.”

Damning praise.  Even Erin makes a face because she recognised this.  “You’re the most blatant fraud in the Youtube retro gaming community.”

“Is there a particular genre of games that you weren’t really familiar with or a fan before making these videos has made you appreciate more.”

Either Erin mis-read the question or Pam can’t write.  Could be both.

But yeah, from what I gather, Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining gets it.  This is the only sort of “gaming” question that Erin can possibly answer.  “Since you only play video games on stream or for Youtube videos, for money, what have you learned about video games?”  I think that’s essentially the question.

Pam knows full well that Erin has no interest or knowledge about video games.  That much is clear from her horrendously-worded question and the statement before that.

So Erin replies, “Not since starting my channel did I really get into Castlevania.”

It’s right there, boys.  And let me break it down further for you.  She never played a Castlevania game IN HER LIFE before she did Youtube videos and streams of it.  And since then, she has never played a Castlevania in her spare time.  Not one fucking second.

So when Erin inevitably continues her answer about how much she loves Castlevania, keep this in mind.  She’s talking about how she enjoys playing the game on stream, for money.  THAT’S IT!  That’s her relationship with video games.  If she’s not getting paid, she’s not playing this shit.

“Which is crazy because now it’s like my favourite thing.”

Remember.  She never plays this game in her spare time.  Not once.  It’s her “favourite thing”.  This is how she talks about video games.

It’s like some 1984 double-speak shit.  Once you crack the code, you realise that what she’s saying is meaningless.  “It’s my favourite thing” probably means something very different to you but when Erin says it, she means, “I enjoy playing it on stream, for money.”

“That just goes to show that your tastes are always evolving and there are new things to discover.”

Yeah.  Like Castlevania.  That hidden gem.  That she only plays on stream, for money.

8:00 – “One of the reasons why I started this channel was that I wanted to talk about games, learn about games, all kinds of that stuff.”

That required starting a channel?  You could have just watched and commented on other people’s videos.

Erin is telling you that she knows nothing about video games and that’s why she started a channel about video games.  She just wants people to teach her about games.  It’s bizarre.  And totally fake.  She started the channel because she heard that you could make money from horny losers by being a fake gamer grrl.  That’s it.  And she’s failed.  Hard.  That’s the only good news about this whole Erin Plays saga.

“Did that answer the question?  I think it did.”

She’s flummoxed by Pam’s cutting question.  I mean, I can’t stand Pam but she cut right through the bullshit on this one.  Compare Pam’s question to the questions from these horny losers.  These horny losers treat Erin like she’s some kind of actual “gamer”, which is bizarre, but it’s part of their mentally ill fantasy so they can’t let go.  Then you have Pam, who is clearly living in reality, and asks a question as though Erin is a fake gamer grrl.

8:30 – “Do you have any Twitch channels or Youtube channels that you really enjoy watching personally?”

Then she unconvincingly answers in the affirmative and lists some channels on the screen.

Game Sack
Classic Game Room
Hungry Goriya
Cannot Be Tamed
My Retro Life
Slopes Game Room
Octavius Kitten

Interesting.  That’s some list.  Can you mention some channels from people NOT in your circle jerk promotion group?

I found Voultar particularly interesting.  She had a brief cameo in a video of his recently.  Look at that guy’s videos.  It’s all technical shit about modding old consoles.  You think Erin is watching that shit?  She wants to know how to mod a Dreamcast?  It’s fucking ridiculous.  But because he put her in a video of his recently, along with some other Screenwave losers, he’s on the list.

That’s a good segue to Game Sack.  He made it to number two on the list.  He obviously is quite fond of Erin, as I’ve discussed before.  Disgusting.  You’re with the love of your life, Erin.  You don’t have to keep mentioning Joe from Gamesack to try to keep Mike on his toes.  It’s fucking vile.  And Joe shouldn’t be pursuing this either but they’re all fucking losers.  The whole Youtube retro gaming community, giant, unemployed losers, every one.

But yeah, it’s all gamer grrls and men in their late 30s to late 40s.  Interesting.  Do I even need to continue any further with this?  We all know what’s going on, right?

Then she lists some general interest channels that she claims to enjoy.

Then she lists some Twitch channels that she claims to enjoy.  There’s no fucking way.  She’s not watching anyone on Twitch.

9:00 – “How did you get introduced to older systems like the Vecrex or the Intellivision?”

Step aside, Erin.  I can field this one.

She wanted “content” for Youtube videos.  Thanks for your question, Jamie.

She doesn’t give a proper answer.  She just dances around the real answer.  Fortunately, I was here to help.

10:15 – “So you like The Office?  What do you think about the UK version?  What are some other shows you like?”

Well, it’s not video game-related so I’ll give him that, but who gives a fuck?  These stupid popular culture questions.

“I don’t watch a lot of shows.”

That’s her answer.

Here’s a question that would perhaps help.  “What the fuck do you do all day?”

“Daria, My So Called Life, and Sailor Moon” were the only shows she was able to list.  “The 90s”.

11:00 – “What old system do you not have that you would like to have?  You can include computers like the Amiga or the MSX, for example”

This guy’s on another fucking planet.  She doesn’t even know what those examples are.  I barely even know what they are.

Then an awkward “hmmmmm” and an edit for her to think of an answer.

“Yes, there are some classic systems that I don’t have and I would like to.  The MSX is one of them.”

WHAT THE FUCK IS AN MSX?  You’re telling me that fucking fake gamer grrl Erin knows more about this stupid shit than I do?  Let me Google this shit.

A computer from 1983 that was only released in Japan.

Oh right.  That thing.  We were all playing that shit when I was a kid.

Then she actually refers to a list because she can’t remember the name of the system.  This system that she really wants, apparently.  It’s some pink Sega Master System.  Mm hmm.  Yeah.  What a gamer!

After another edit, for Erin to check her notes, she says that she also wants a Super Lady Cassette Vision.  Another pink console.

It’s fucking stupid.  Why is she doing this with her life?  It’s a total fucking waste.

11:30 – “What’s your favourite Mario Kart game of all time?”

She’s never played one.  Show me the video.  So how is she possibly going to answer this?

She just flubs an answer. She never played any of these games.

12:00 – “Have you played any of the newer indy-retroesque stuff lately like Blazing Chrome or River City Girls?”

You want to take a guess, Jedi Windex?  No.  Have you seen her play this shit on stream or on Youtube videos?  Then shut the fuck up.

After an edit for some Wikipedia research, “Yeah!  Blazing Chrome.  That was like really anticipated for multiple years.”

By who?  Not by you, presumably.

“I remember thinking, ‘Oh, this looks cool’ because it’s like Contra.  I like Contra.”

Right.  She did a video on Contra.  One of her earliest Youtube videos.  Just watch that.  It’s multiple parts.  She uses a cheat that gives her a life every time she shoots someone.  Let me repeat that.  She uses a cheat that gives her a life every time she shoots someone.  And I STILL thought she was going to run out of lives.  She dies CONSTANTLY!  The worst Contra gameplay you’ve ever seen.  And she’s telling you that she likes the game.  But again, you have to know what she’s actually saying.  She likes playing the game on stream, for money, or for a Youtube video, for money.

“River City Girls, I played.”

Okay.  Erin.  Look.  Those were just the examples.  Give us something else.  Don’t just Google the names of these two games and claim that you’ve played them.  Google “indy retro games” and tell us about some of those.

“What was that one called?  Mini Doom 2?  I really liked that.  I did a video on that.”

Of course.  How else would you have played it?

Then she talks about Castlevania.

That’s her fucking answer.  Unbelievable.  She just Googles the two games that the guy mentions, talks about a game she did a video on, and then talks about Castlevania.  These are the “indy retro games” that she’s enjoyed playing.

13:00 – “If you could meet one person from the industry to have a chat with, who would it be?”

Do you think she fucking knows anyone?  I don’t fucking know anyone.  You have to be a hardcore nerd to follow the people in the video game industry.

“People who designed the levels and characters in Yoshi’s Island.”

That’s her answer.  Holy fucking shit.  Oh my god.  I need to take a short break.

Okay.  So I laughed for about ten minutes, then I went to the bathroom, then I took a short nap.  I think that I’m ready to tackle this monumentally stupid answer now.

Obviously, this guy was looking for a NAMED individual.  Like fucking Gabe Newell or someone.  That’s the only person I know.  But these big time nerds know who the heads of different companies are and who developed particular games and shit like this.  Or maybe like the guys who do Penny Arcade or that E3 host seems to do some different shit.  Whatever.  People in the industry.  If you’re a huge video game nerd, you would be able to answer this question.

Of course, Erin is not a huge video game nerd.  So her answer was “the people who designed the levels and characters in Yoshi’s Island.”

Who are these people?  Erin doesn’t know.  Perhaps nobody knows.  Maybe they were credited in the game and she can track them down.

But then what?  They probably don’t speak English.

I’m just imagining Erin, who knows nothing about video games, with these three Japanese businessmen, who must be at least in their 60s by now, discussing video games over dinner.  What the fuck is she going to ask them?  “So where do you guys get your ideas?”  It would be ridiculously embarrassing for everyone involved.  Plus, these guys likely don’t speak English.

I mean…come on.  These are people with great technical insight, intimately familiar with the game, they probably worked on a lot of games, they would be able to talk about coding and the minutia of working in the Japanese video game industry in the 1990s.  Then you have Erin with her dumbass questions.  In English.  “I really liked the colours! How did you guys pick the colours?  The flower guy was so cute!”

I want Screenwave to make this happen.  Find out who these guys were and arrange an interview with Erin.  Ir would blow up the internet.  World’s Dumbest Fake Gamer Grrl Wastes the Time of Three Elderly Japanese Salarymen.

Erin continues, “Because the enemies are so…there are so many different enemies and they’re all very unique.”

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

“And I want to know if they had like names from the start.”

Oh my god.  Did Mike not watch this before it was uploaded?  How could he allow this to be uploaded?

“Or if they were named later.  Like, ‘Oh yeah, they were always named this’ or whatever.”

She doesn’t even know what the names of the enemies are.  For her favourite game.

And this is the fucking brain dead question that she would ask these men.  “Did these cute enemies always have names or did you come up with the names later?”  What does that even mean?  They obviously came up with the names at some point.

Oh my god.  This is like mental retardation levels of stupidity.

“Because there’s so many.  I don’t know.  That’s just something that I think about.”

It’s a new low.  This is the dumbest fucking answer that anyone has ever given to anything.

“And of course it would be cool to talk to some of the people who worked on Castlevania III”

I mean…just end the answer.  Move on.  It is just so incredibly stupid.  She plays a game three times, on stream, for money, and now she really wants to pick the brains of the unnamed people who worked on Castlevania III.

“Hey guys!  Sypha was so cute!  Was he always called Sypha or did you come up with that name later?”  And then there’s just three confused Japanese guys trying to finish their sushi as quickly as possible.

She describes Castlevania III as “Another old time favourite game of mine”.  And I remind you, that as Erin herself admitted to in this video, the first time she played Castlevania was about two years ago.  On stream, for money.  And that’s the only time that she ever played the game.  It’s an “old time favourite” of hers.

13:45 – Next question is from David.  “Would you rather be chased by pirates or ninjas?”

Come on, David.  This isn’t a venue for you to try out your stand up comedy routine.  And we already got the funniest question of the night.  You can’t follow that “Who in the industry would you like to meet” question.

14:15 – “What advice would you give to somebody who wants to create their own retro community through streams, Twitter, and Youtube in a market that seems very saturated?”

Start sucking Mike Matei’s cock.

Erin says, “Only do it as a hobby.”  Oh, the irony.  If only she would have taken this advice.

“Don’t go into it thinking that you’re going to make money or have it become a job because there’s a big chance that it couldn’t.”

Indeed.  Erin speaks from experience.  She ruined her life by thinking that she could make a living from this.

“As long as you’re doing it because you like the research, or you like the streaming, or you like hanging out with people on the internet, then do it for reasons that make you happy.”

What about video games?  What about doing it because you like video games?

She’s giving you her reasons why she does this.  And she knows that she can’t include “video games” because it’s patently obvious that she doesn’t like video games.

“Don’t do it because you think it can be like a get rich quick scheme because it’s really not.”

Yeah.  We know.  You’re making $100/month from this shit.

It’s so obvious that she regrets this.  But why not just quit then?  You tried to get rich quick by sucking on Mike Matei’s phallus and you failed miserably.  These things happen.  Go back to California and get a job.  What’s the big deal?

15:30 – “Can you tell us the first time that you were inspired to make videos after working at Taco Bell?”

She says that she never worked at Taco Bell and then she gives this boring as fuck story that we’ve all heard ten times already about needing a “creative outlet”.

Okay.  Fine.  Why video games, though?  Of the billions of topics in the world, why settle on retro video games?

Then she talks about how she wanted to do Disney videos but then decided, “No, I don’t feel like doing that.”  She decided that, presumably, after she realised that there’s no money in that.

“Then I decided, ‘I watch a lot of retro video game content and there’s nobody out there who really had the same outlook or point of view as me, who was doing things exactly how I’m doing it.”

Yeah.  People who are interested in video games.  Those are the types of people who usually do videos on video games.  And Erin didn’t like that.  She wanted a voice for all of the people who DON’T like video games.

Here’s the problem.  People who don’t like video games tend not to watch videos about video games.

And she’s told this story at least ten times.  Verbatim.  Same fucking story.  She’s practising it.

“Oh, I just wanted to be a voice for the voiceless. Nobody talks just like me.  I’m special.”  Indeed.  It takes a special kind of idiot to think that a non-“gamer” is going to make money making videos about video games.  No amount of fellatio can make up for such a stunning lack of knowledge, talent, and charisma.

16:30 – “Is it stressful maintaining a social media presence and also making Youtube content?”

Erin didn’t have to edit this one.  She answered straight away.

“There are some days where it’s like, ‘Wow, I really don’t have energy’ or feel like streaming or making a video seems really hard today but you just have to kind of do it.”

Oh yeah.  Sounds stressful.  Making a ten minute video on video games.  And playing a video game on stream for about two hours a week.

Would I do it for the peanuts that Erin is making?  Fuck no.  But this is what she decided to do.  If she doesn’t want to do it, if it’s too stressful, go get a job at Taco Bell.

17:30 – “What other hobbies do you have besides old video games?”

Well, Tyler, your initial premise is faulty.  She’s not interested in old video games, as I think we’ve made clear by now.  But I’m going to say Disney and pop music from “the 90s”.

“It’s funny because video games have taken up so much of my life the past few years.”

Yeah.  Since she started the Youtube channel.  That’s what she’s talking about.  Playing video games for Youtube videos or on stream, for money.

Going to DisneyLand.  That’s her fucking answer.  What a pointless, shallow existence.

Then she enjoys looking at videos of abandoned malls.  And she planned on writing a book on the mall she went to as a child but decided against it because it was too much work.

She also enjoys looking at books of 1980s interior design.  Whatever that means.  I mean, are there such books?

And watching makeup tutorial videos.

19:00 – “What 8 bit games would you like to see being remade?”

Erin says, “That’s a good question!” and then a quick edit so she could think about it.

“The Parodius games, maybe.”

Oh.  A game that she’s done a Youtube video on and streamed.  How unusual.

Castlevania too.  Right.  Right.  No surprises here.

Then some horndog suggests that she dye her hair yellow.  “Not blonde, yellow.”

Who cares what her answer was?

Then she apologises for the video being shit.  She should have this ending for all of her videos.

“I’ll be back soon with some GAME related content.”

Oh, I’m on tenterhooks here.

– “Thank you kindly for answering my question. I tried quite hard to propose a poignant question and I appreciate your honesty and professionalism towards addressing this and all questions asked.”

She still isn’t going to go out with you, you fucking loser.

– “Not awkward at all. Your screen presence shines through.”

Such obvious intentions.

– “You just rekt your first Q & A beast boss: Holy Confidence Batman! Great candor. It’s cool that YouTubing got you into Castlevania. It’s so funny that people thought you were standing in your early vids. Super Lady Cassette Vision sounds amazing (I hope you do a vid on it). A vid on 80s malls would be rad.”

Imagine sycophants talking like this to you 24 hours a day.  It would warp your mind.  And that’s what happened to Erin.  She’s heard these lies so often, from horny losers, not knowing what their true intentions are, that now she actually believes that she produces good “content”.

– “Congratulations on 50K! Over the years, your channel has introduced me to lots of new games and topics, and you’ve done a great job shining some light on some aspects of gaming I haven’t heard talked about anywhere else. Thank you very much for all that you do and for being a good friend in various corners of the internet!”

That boring as fuck comment was from boring as fuck HungryGoriya who leaves boring as fuck comments on every boring as fuck video that boring as fuck Erin releases.  Sorry, HungryGoriya but you can’t spam your way into getting me to watch your boring as fuck videos.

– “Ooops, I forgot to ask you a question. Here is mine. What is your favorite Gameboy?”

Erin says, “The Game Boy pocket. Just because it was the first one I had.”

Then the OP comes back with, “cool! Thanks for answering my question n_n”

And then again he comes back with, “another question. Do you like anime?”

It’s never enough.  These horny losers have no idea how to communicate with people.  “Do you like anime?  I like anime.  Hope you answer my question.”

You’re going to get a date by asking about anime?  These people are beyond help.  They’re colossal nerds with serious mental health problems.  And the fakest gamer grrl of all time is trying to take advantage of them.  I hope that hundred bucks a month is worth it, Erin.

3 thoughts on “Answering Your Questions! Q and A Time – Erin Plays

  1. She isnt big on metroidvanias and iv only seen her play castlevania more than anything else. And doom once. How can people not call her out on that shit? She must have really good admins or whatever kicking out the troublemakers.

  2. Are the earlier Castlevania games “metroidvanias” though? Wikipedia says that Symphony of the Night was the first “metroidvania” game. I don't really know what it is and I doubt that Erin is much clearer on this.

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