Walking around NYC – Destiny Fomo


Madam Fomo walking the streets of New York.  FINALLY!  This could actually be interesting.  Showing you around her place of business.

Just off camera, TuanX is pounding his fist into his hand.

Oh fuck.  We can’t see the chat in this.  What’s the fucking point?  This is a livestream where she’s going to be talking to the chat, right?  But we can’t see the chat.  Fucking idiot.

Yeah.  I knew that she’d do this.  She’s not even reading the fucking comments before replying.  She’s just giving answers.  Even if we saw the chat, it would be hard to understand which comment she’s replying to.  But since we can’t see the chat, it’s totally impossible.

So she’s just saying, “Yeah, I’m good.”  “No, that’s not my fear”.  Shit like this.  Seemingly at random.  But, of course, she’s replying to comments.  Comments that we can’t fucking see.

Two hours of this.  We’re supposed to watch two hours of this.

3:30 – “”What’s up?  I am mixed.”

Somebody obviously asked her what’s up.  And then somebody else asked what her race is.  She’s not black today.  Or Puerto Rican.  Or “American”.

Then she begs for thumbs up and as an incentive, she says that she’ll “leave it public” if it gets enough thumbs up.

It’s your fucking video.  You’re the one making money off of these things.  If you choose not to upload this effort, that’s your business.  You’re the only one losing out.

There are over 100 thumbs up and 280 people and she’s not happy with that number.  Isn’t that remarkably high?  Like half the people gave it a thumbs up.  That’s not enough?  She wants 100%?

And again, there’s no incentive to do this.  Either upload the video or don’t.  Nobody gives a fuck.

6:30 – “Aw thank you.  I appreciate that.”

What was said?  “Nice tits”?  We’ll never know.

“Come to the UK?  I wish.  Maybe one day.”

Aren’t there restrictions on entry for people with criminal convictions?  I don’t know if she’s been convicted or not but let me look this up.  Conflicting information.  I’m sure she’d be fine, though.  Isn’t prostitution legal in the UK anyway?  Sort of?  I don’t know.  It’s not my scene.

“I hear lack of an accent?  Yeah, I have grown up here.”

I’m not sure if she said “have” or “haven’t”.  But she’s used both in the past, so that works out.  It’s just whatever she feels like saying on that particular day.  She’s either from New York or she isn’t.  However the spirit moves her.

9:00 – “I do have OnlyFans!  You can check it out!”

No thanks.

By the way, she advertises her OnlyFans in the video description as well.  Same description in all of her videos.  She must be desperate as fuck.

I suppose that prostitution job isn’t paying ever since coronavirus.  And she has that expensive apartment.  And that angry pimp.  She has to do something to get the money.

And she yells whenever somebody gives her a ” superchat” (sends her money).  She’s yelling in public.  With people around.  Confused and annoyed people.

She says, “It be like that” a lot.  Maybe she really is black.

11:45 – She promises more videos and live streams right there on the streets of fabulous New York City!  Where all the action is!

But…isn’t she moving out of the city soon?  She’s a compulsive liar.  It’s a sad day when you can’t even trust a prostitute.

12:30 – “OnlyFans is basically like Patreon with less restrictions to it.”

What restrictions would those be?  Just say that it’s for pornography.

“I’m down to try whatever.”

I’ll just bet.  She was answering a question about food but I think that this statement applies to a number of things.

12:45 – “Mark, my day’s going good.  How’s yours?”

Wow.  Mark had a lot on his mind.  I bet that he said something super interesting like, “How is your day, Destiny?”  And this was the most interesting comment of them all so Madam Fomo replied to it.

15:45 – “Hey Tom, how are you?  What’s up, Angel?”

Wow.  This is just so interesting.  She’s walking around the streets of New York, and people are asking her how she’s doing.  This is like the best thing ever.  More of this, please, Madam Fomo.  Let me thumb this up.

16:15 – “Hi Jim, how are you?”

She said that in mid-sentence.  Maybe it was KidShoryuken.  His name is Jim.  He pays Madam Fomo for intercourse.

Oh god.  Now she’s just repeating the same shit about “phase 2” of New York being open.  She talked about this several times already.  We don’t fucking care.

20:15 – “Are you going to vote?  Yes.”

Well.  Thank you for that riveting insight.

But think about this.  She’s presumably not going to vote for Trump because she’s made (really confusing) anti-Trump videos in the past.  So…she’s going to vote for what’s his name?  Is it Biden?  That senile old millionaire?  She thinks that that guy represents her interests?

Wasn’t it Trump who had some scandal with a prostitute?  I’m not saying that Trump represents Madam Fomo’s interests but he’s clearly the more pro-prostitution candidate.

22:00 – “I’m good.  How are you?”

Good.  Good.  I’m doing good, Madam Fomo.  Can you please not read these any more?

People have been making suggestions on where she can go in New York.  What about the red light district?

22:30 – “I’m doing good.  How are you?”

I guess this guy didn’t hear the previous response just 30 seconds earlier.

26:30 – She talks about a line of people waiting to get into a grocery store.  Then she says, “These people are not six feet apart.  They are not socially distancing.  For shame.”

Then she shows you these people.  They’re clearly about six feet apart.  What the fuck is she talking about?

Then she goes on some more, berating these people.  Watch the video.  These people are clearly standing apart from each other.

I’m surprised that people even do that.  And walking around with these fucking useless masks.  What are people concerned about?  “Oh, no.  I don’t want to get a cold.”  Fuck off.  What’s the agenda with this?  And why are people buying it?

27:15 – Then she laughs.  “I see what you did.”

I didn’t.  What happened?  Without the chat, this is really, really, really, incredibly, hugely, unbelievably stupid.

 28:45 – After a “brother” was yelling, “There’s a lot of things I don’t know”, Madam Fomo turns the camera to a large-buttocked black woman in a little skirt.  More of this, please.  Maybe it’s a co-worker of Madam Fomo’s.

29:45 – “My day’s going good, Carlos.  How’s yours going?”

These people expect to get dates out of this.  Don’t reply to these bullshit comments.  For fucks sake.  This is ridiculous.  Nobody fucking cares about Carlos’ day.  You don’t care.  So shut the fuck up about it.

And now she lost that fucking big mama in the little skirt.  Way to go, Madam Fomo.

30:00 – “When you’re trying to social distance but people don’t social distance around you so you have to run.”

She wants people to “social distance” from her but…you know what?  I don’t give a fuck.  I’m not going to waste my time and energy on this stupid bullshit any longer.  I’ve now watched 30 minutes of Madam Fomo asking random horny losers how their day was.  That’s the fucking stream.

And maybe it’s just the lighting, but that camera right on Madam Fomo’s face really gives you a good view of her moustache.  I’m impressed.  It’s better than anything that I can grow.

Anyway, fuck this shit.

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