If We Hit 50k Subscribers I Will Release A Video Game Medley – Bobdunga


It’s a short video.  She just keeps repeating herself.  If her channel hits 50,000 subscribers, she’ll do some renditions of video game music on her cello.  She played the cello in high school and hasn’t played it since.

Where to begin?

Let’s start with SocialBlade.  According to that fine website, she’ll hit 50,000 subscribers in three and a half years.

It’s just ridiculous.  Why did she pick such a high number?  She’s currently at 22,900 subscribers.  How about a 25,000 subscriber celebration?  Or even 30,000?  Fifty thousand is ridiculous.

Still…I guess this gives her plenty of time to start practising.  Dust that cello off and get to work.

Secondly, what kind of stupid incentive is this?  If you want to play the cello, play the cello.  I wasn’t clamouring for this.  Was anyone?

Never in my life have I wanted to see ANYONE play the cello.  I’ve gone on dates to like classical music performances, just to try to show what a cultured guy I am, but to be honest, it’s boring as fuck.

Bobdunga could be playing the cello naked and I wouldn’t give a fuck.  It’s just such a bizarre incentive.

Finally, even if I did care about this incentive, what can I possibly do about it?  If I’m already subscribed, what then?  And if I’m not already subscribed, fine, I could subscribe.  So there’s one.  Only 27,099 to go.

Am I supposed to create 27,099 alt accounts and also subscribe with those?

Am I supposed to like and share the video?  Anyone who sees this video would be completely bamboozled.  “She’s going to WHAT at 50,000 subscribers?  Who gives a fuck?”

Growing your channel is a personal matter.  You’re not going to grow your channel by whining on Twitter like Erin or with bizarre stunts.  And again…this isn’t even…just play the cello if that’s what you want to do.

If it was something like “I’ll jump Snake River Canyon on my motorcycle if I get to 50,000 subscribers” MAYBE that would see some traction on social media, maybe even mainstream media, and you might get to that 50,000 subscribers a bit sooner than in 3.5 years.  But playing the cello isn’t…I mean…I can watch women play the cello right now.  Let me look this up.


Hot Asian woman playing Zelda music.  Slickly produced.  I can’t even tell if it’s her playing the fucking thing because they mixed in a bunch of other music but nobody cares.


This is a woman who ONLY does cello videos.  She has her tits out and everything.  She’s asking her subscribers what video game music they want to hear.  So similar to what Bobdunga is doing in her video.  This woman has 12,000 subscribers and got 19 comments.  NOBODY GIVES A FUCK.


A one hour video of some Middle Eastern woman not only playing Chrono Trigger music on the cello but also a few other instruments.

There are also a bunch of videos of dudes playing video game music on the cello.  If that’s your thing.  But it’s not your thing.  It’s nobody’s thing.

And these people are doing it COMPETENTLY.  Maybe even good, I don’t know.  I’m not a cello expert.  But they seem to be slightly more skilled than your average person who took cello lessons for a few years in high school and then never touched the instrument again.

I read that there’s a really high level of competition to get a job in an orchestra and to maintain that job.  There are only so many orchestras and only so much demand for professional cello players so there’s fierce competition for these few jobs.  If you start getting the wrong notes, you’re out and you can be replaced immediately.

Probably not worth it.  Probably not worth the stress.  I can’t imagine that the job pays particularly well either.  So you’re better off getting a regular job and just playing the cello for fun.

It’s a lot like Youtube in that respect.  Just make the fucking videos for fun.  Don’t try to make a job out of this.  Don’t worry about subscribers.  If you’re not enjoying it, do something else with your time.

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  1. Your right dude. If these chicks could confive me they were actually enjoying themselves. Like legitimately having a good time and film it. Their channels would grow by themselves. But they have to be like DSP and beg and shit. No one likes a bigger. And I sure as shit don't want to do something when I'm told to. Incentive or not.

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