Erin whining about her low subscriber rate on Twitter

I swear man, only do YouTube if it’s something you are PASSIONATE about because growing on the platform in 2020 is a real soul crusher. Probably going to have to start saying “tap that bell!” and all that awesome stuff lol I know I should try to put stuff out faster but jeesh!

(2/2) There was this time in August of last year where my Spice Girls and Batman TG-16 vids got to 20K PRETTY darn fast! I think notifications were going out to most of my subs. I legit thought that Spice Girls vid would tank since my audience is literally 99% male. Idgi. /rant

She posted this two days after I wrote about her abysmal growth rate according to SocialBlade.  So she obviously found the blog.  Welcome aboard, Erin.

But yeah.  Look at what she’s saying.  Only post videos if you’re passionate about it.  Then she goes on to complain about her low subscriber rates.  This implies that she’s NOT passionate about it and she’s only doing it for money. 

What does she expect?  Why does she think that she deserves more subscribers?  She should have ZERO subscribers.  Her content is horrendous. 

Erin has 47,400 subscribers.

Bobdunga has 22,900 subscribers.

Pelvic Gamer has 21,600 subscribers.

Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining has 40,600 subscribers.

All of these women have been on Youtube longer than Erin and they all create MUCH BETTER CONTENT than Erin.  And yet Erin thinks that she deserves more.  Based on what?

What an entitled bitch.  “I create god awful content but I’m a 32 year old woman.  Give me money.  I don’t want to work.”

How many people out there are creating excellent content and getting very little views?  Are they whining about it on Twitter?  If they are, nobody’s reading it.  But Erin, who has no interest in video games, no knowledge about video games, and no ability with video games, thinks that she deserves 100,000 subscribers for her video game Youtube channel. 

The videos are dreadful.  She has zero charisma.  She thinks that she deserves more subscribers. 

If I’m putting out shit content, I’m going to think, “Oh my god.  I can not believe that ANYONE is subscribing.”  Not Erin.  She thinks that shit content deserves endless subscribers.

Is it possible that she thinks that she’s putting out great content?  “Hehe…’X looks like Y’.  They’re going to love this.”  Or “Ha!  I died 15 times in the same spot.  That’s GOLD!”

She would have to be completely delusional to think that this is good content.  The difficulty is that people are telling her that it’s good content but she doesn’t know why. 

For instance, Joe From Gamesack leaves a comment where he suggests that she move to Vimeo.  Hehe.  Oh, Joe.  You jokester.  Thank you for supporting me.

No, Erin.  He’s not supporting you.  He doesn’t like your shit content.  He’s trying to have sex with you.  That’s why he’s leaving these comments.

And all of these other 40 or so horny dudes who left “supporting” comments.  No.  They want to have sex with you.  That’s why they’re leaving these comments.  They’re sitting at home jerking off to your shit videos. 

I know it’s weird.  I don’t get it either.  But that’s what’s happening.  It’s not because they enjoy your “witty” comments about background characters or your “amazing” insights into hues.  They want to have sex with you.

It’s horrible, horrible content.  Everybody knows it.  Everyone, it would seem, except Erin herself. 

Then apparently she was getting some minor rebukes from some “haters” who she hasn’t already banned so she says:

I just wanted to clarify my earlier tweets- I am SO grateful for everyone of you who watch my videos, sub to my channel, watch me on twitch etc. I NEVER thought I would make it this far. I’m so happy to get to discover games that are new to me and talk with you guys. Thank you.

It should be “every one” but it’s not like she has a degree in English or anything.  Oh wait…

But yeah, she’s so happy to discover games that are new to her.  Like ALL OF THEM!

Shouldn’t playing a video game at some point in your life be a prerequisite to having a Youtube channel about video games? 

It’s like having a channel about Disneyland, having never been to Disneyland and having no interest whatsoever in anything Disney.  Who the fuck would watch this? 

It’s just baffling stuff.  Why does she think that she deserves more subscribers?  Why does she think that she should have ANY subscribers?  Why is she doing this at all?  Why is she making these videos on a subject that she has absolutely no interest or experience in? 

The good news is that it’s not working.  There are only so many desperate horndogs out there who have a fetish for red-haired, 32 year old, average-looking women, who play video games, poorly, for money.  I’m amazed that there are even 47,000 people who have such a peculiar fetish.

She can’t possibly continue with these videos.  The statistics say that it’s going to take her over three years to reach 100,000 subscribers.  That has to be demoralising.  She’s going to continue this charade for another three years?  And what’s the prize for getting 100,000 subscribers anyway?  $200/month?  “In three years, if I do really good, I’ll make $200/month.”

She’s wasted three years of her life on this.  She actually quit her job over this.  She moved across the country to live with a man she doesn’t love over this.  She exchanged butt sex for Youtube promotion over this.  What’s the pay off?  $100 a month. 

We’ve all made bad decisions but this is like…how do you even recover from this?  She has to admit to Mike that she just used him for Youtube promotion.  That’s going to be awkward as fuck.  And then pack her shit up, move back with her parents in California, shut down the channel, shut down all of her social media, and start looking for work with a three year gap in her resume.  This will take YEARS to recover from.  If she can recover at all.

What sort of job can she get as a 32 year old failed gamer grrl?  If she just would have stuck with her day job and done this shit for “fun” it wouldn’t be so bad.  But she moved in with Mike to try to become some kind of retro gaming Youtube superstar.  That’s where she really fucked up.  It’s just astounding that she thought that this would work. 

All of these “full-time” Youtubers, they have no job prospects so that’s why they’re so desperate to continue on Youtube.  Before they were on Youtube, they were working at Walmart or whatever and they know that they’re going back there if they can’t make Youtube work.  So they’re desperate. 

My advice would be don’t try to make a career out of Youtube.  And CERTAINLY don’t try to make a career as a fake gamer grrl.  I mean what the fuck?  How did Erin think this was going to work?  “I’m 29, average appearance, I have no charisma, and I’ve never played a video game in my life.  Let’s do this!”

2 thoughts on “Erin whining about her low subscriber rate on Twitter

  1. My ex reminds me of Erin a lot. I can almost promise you Erin (even with her asthma) smokes weed. And is completely content smoking away her days doing whatever with no passion. And there's always gonna be a guy ready to rescue her. If she really looked I'd bet one of those 47k guys has enough money to support her and her asshole for long enough to find the next guy. I'd compare her to a parasite. But im sure there's a quality guys are willing to waste time and money on her for. Maybe she knows how to fuck? Either way. She, like most women nowadays, can just reach out to some white knight savior and keep their addictions met with only fans, patreons, and rim jobs. Gobble gobble

  2. I never considered any drug use. It's certainly possible. Mike has plenty of disposable income, after all. And they have a lot of time on their hands. No responsibilities.But yeah, it's definitely a parasitic relationship. And if it wasn't Mike, it would be somebody else. Joe from Gamesack, Shishi, Sergio, that guy who always left “from Russia with love” comments. You have some real men to choose from there.

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