Animal Well, Unicorn Overlord, my Italy trip and more May updates – Cannot be Tamed

Whoa. Melons out for this one. Have that box of tissues on standby.

She’s just looking big all over, frankly.

0:15 – But first a shoot oot for the Point and Drink Adventure podcast with her “friend” Michelle aka Pele.

1:15 – “So just a bit about my Italy trip for those interested.”

Pamela, this is the only reason I’m watching the video. Fuck video games. Give us something interesting.

It’s my same issue with John Riggs. I don’t want to see the video game bullshit. We’ve seen it. Okay? We’ve all seen enough video game bullshit. Bring on the food.

She went with her mother. “It was sort of a birthday trip for the both of us.”

How does that work? Similar birthdays? Oh. They do. Apparently on the same day. But it was in October. But I get it. You don’t want to go to Italy in October. You wait until the summer.

1:30 – “I love Italian food. I love Italian wine.”

I’ve been to some places. I’ve seen some things. Done some stuff. I’ve never travelled anywhere for the FOOD. Who the fuck does this?

Are you telling me that there’s not a good Italian restaurant in Toronto or where ever she lives? It’s hardly an obscure cuisine.

1:45 – She’s showing some of the buildings and shit on the mountainside.

2:30 – She talks about the wine that she likes. She’s a fucking drunk.

3:00 – They went to a different city and she’s talking about the wine that she likes in this different city. This is just sad. A drunk’s guide to Italy.

3:45 – Then they went to Rome and she says that she didn’t like it. Before I even continue to find out the reason, I’m going to guess what the reason is: too crowded.

“It was just so crazy. So many people. So many cars. So many people just constantly harassing you to buy shit. Trying to trap you into buying shit, which I’ve seen before in other cities like Paris.”

So I was right but also, is she talking about gypsies? The only people I saw selling shit and doing scams in Paris were gypsies. I suspect that Pam is talking about gypsies UNKNOWINGLY. Because we know how sensitive Pam is about the Romani people. She condemned Quest for Glory IV for having gypsy characters, even though the characters weren’t offensive.

I remember living in the US, never having seen a gypsy, and thinking, “How fucking backwards are those dopes in Europe that they’re persecuting gypsies?” Then I met a gypsy. The phrase “human garbage” springs to mind.

Even reading about World War II in school and whatnot, you’d think, “What was Hitler’s beef with the Jews and the gypsies anyway?” Let me tell you, the man didn’t pick these groups out of thin air.

And why would people go along with it if they didn’t share these beefs? Let’s say that Hitler wanted to persecute Dutch people. People wouldn’t go for that. “That’s preposterous, Hitler. What did the Dutch ever do to us? We’re not going along with that bullshit.” But the Jews and the gypsies? You’re pushing on an open door. There’s a reason that these are the most hated people in Europe.

4:15 – “It was neat to see ruins like the Colloseum, the Forum of Caesar, and then beside it would be like the tackiest building you’ve ever seen: the Altar of the…Fatherland, which was just like, ‘Rome, calm down.'”

Pam, YOU’RE the one unwittingly suggesting the genocide of the gypsies.

That’s the building that she’s talking about. Built between 1885 and 1935. So nothing to do with fascism. It was started to honor the unification of Italy.

And the altar contained in the building is a shrine dedicated to soldiers who died. The tomb contains the remains of a soldier who died in World War I. What’s your objection to this, Pam? You don’t like war memorials?

I mean, if you don’t, that’s fine. But the US is full of them and for some reason, I don’t think that Pam would go to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetary and say, “What’s this tacky bullshit?” It’s the same fucking thing. Just because it has the word “Fatherland” in it? Grow up, you dumb bitch, and learn how other languages operate. There’s nothing inherently fascist about referring to one’s country in this manner. It’s just a linguistic choice.

4:30 – “But yeah, Rome was…eugh…not my favourite place to be.”

Too many fucking gypsies, am I right? Pam, I’m with you 100%. But admit what the problem is. She doesn’t even realise that that’s the problem.

4:45 – If you want to see more pictures, her Intstagram is “cannot, underscore, be, underscore, tamed.” Pretty catchy, Pam. Not as catchy as your Twitter of Jasyla underscore, though.

Oh, and what a tease. There are actually FEWER pictures here than what she showed in the video. And she showed all of these pictures that she has on Instagram in the video. So what was the fucking point? I was hoping to see some pictures of scamming gypsies.

“Vote for the League on 25 September and you’ll never see her again.”

4 thoughts on “Animal Well, Unicorn Overlord, my Italy trip and more May updates – Cannot be Tamed

  1. The council were planning on setting aside an authorised site for gypsies to park where I live (they usually set up next to roundabouts and shit, and generally trespass around the estate) but naturally feedback was overwhelmingly negative so they scrapped it. The sign’s still there though and there’s no indication it hadn’t been given the go ahead, I had to ask around.

  2. If she thinks Gypsies are bad just wait until Europe falls to Islam the religion of “peace.” I’d love to hear her stories then!

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