A Big Fat Channel Update (1 Year of Mad Panic Gaming)

If this is anything less than news that he’s going to start reviewing prostitutes and/or brothels, I’m going to be disappointed.

0:00 – So we see Jim in his apartment with his 8 year old boy haircut. I’ve never seen anything like this. He’s in his mid 30s, I think. I used to think that that he was much older than that. But he has this 8 year old boy haircut. What is wrong with him? It screams, “I’m a creep.” And he is a creep. But why advertise?

He jokes that his apartment isn’t luxurious. Well…maybe don’t spend all of your money on prostitutes and you can get something better.

I’m four minutes in and losing the will to live. He’s saying nothing. He’s just talking about the type of videos that he makes. Who cares?

7:00 – “Shooting videos with Destiny, my little buddy Destiny Fomo. Any time she comes out here…for a vacation, we’ll make time to get together. To go game hunting or, you know, we’ll go hit some arcades or even hit a bar or two, you know. Get up some shenanigans. So I always appreciate that.”

Uh huh. We know what you do. Don’t insult our intelligence. Your “little buddy” (creepy as fuck) is not there for “vacation”. She’s a whore, getting pimped out by TuanX, and you’re a john.

I feel like “john” isn’t used any more. Am I old fashioned? Or is it a regional thing? I think that “trick” is the preferred term nowadays.


Well, “john” is on there and seems to be given equal status to “trick”.

“In 2018, Pope Francis described clients of prostitution as criminals.”

What a weird comment for a pontiff to make. No shit, they’re criminals. That’s just a legal issue. Can you give an opinion on the morality of it? Surely, people should be more concerned about going to Hell than going to prison.

I’m trying to get through this video and you know what I’m reminded of? Charlie Bucket from the 1970s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Same hair as “Kid” Shoryuken.

I saw an interview with the guy who played Charlie and he said that when he showed his son the movie, his son asked him why he was wearing a wig during the movie. It’s true. It looks like a wig. But that was the the style, I guess. For 8 year old boys, anyway.

He’s been talking about his plan for upcoming videos. Spoiler: it’s nothing interesting. Prostitution isn’t even mentioned in passing.

I’ve got to turn this off. I can’t made it to 11 minutes or something. He’s boring.

Bring on the prostitutes. The Newt Wallen strategy.

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