Two hours of candid, unscripted Ray Mona aka Bobdunga.

2:15 – She says that she’s doing motion capture classes. Eugh. Well…I’m conflicted. Somehow this is related to her idea of getting a job as the voice of a video game character. On the one hand, I’ve criticised her in the past for not having any training. So I can’t really criticise her now for getting training…of some description.

But there’s no chance of this ever working. She has these ridiculous ideas on how to get money. In a tiny industry that millions of people are trying to get into.

And she lives in Canada. Is there much of this kind of work in Canada?

Oh, and she has pictures on her wall. Let’s see if I can figure any of these out. Well, there’s Phillip Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air on the bottom left. There’s Beetlejuice or whoever the fuck the character is on the bottom right. Is that Miss Piggy in the top right? And Owen Hart to the left of her? And on the top left there’s…Jesus?

5:45 – Somebody suggests that they want to see Bobdunga edit stuff on camera. Umm…well, first of all, let me state that Bobdunga, rightly, says that that would be boring as fuck. But…no. I do not want to see a video of Bobdunga editing a video. If she was topless, I still wouldn’t watch that. Come on. Use your fucking head.

I have a video of some old woman with big tits writing a letter or something, topless.

13:45 – She’s talking about how Kirby Monroe (or somebody) is one of her favourite Canadian voice actors. Fuck off.

I’m still looking for this video while this Bobdunga shit is in the background. I’m searching for lost porno.

16:45 – Bobdunga says that she wants to find some Hannah Montana “lost” anime and she says, “Maybe I’d have to contact Miley Cyrus and I don’t even know if she knows who I am.”

Here’s a clue, St Dungalous: no. She doesn’t fucking know you. Join us in reality.

Oh, I found it.

33:30 – Bobdunga says that she was homeschooled. That might explain a few things.

But here’s a screenshot of this lost porno that I found:

(Actually, maybe best to just use your imagination. I’ll post the picture on Patreon some day.)

What could this video possibly have been? It’s like three minutes long of this woman in her 50s or 60s. She’s writing with that blue pen that you can see and she’s also looking at the book. So she’ll look at the book for a few seconds and then write something down. She’s doing some kind of academic project, I guess.

I suspect that this was taken on a webcam back in 56k modem days because the picture only updates every few seconds. So we’re talking late 1990s, early 2000s.

What situation could there have been where somebody would want to watch an old woman, topless, doing some kind of academic project? It’s not gratuitous at all. Most of the video is this. There’s a few frames where she leans back and you can see her tits but it’s not for the camera, it’s just because she’s shifting in her chair.

It had to be somebody jerking off to this. Maybe on Windows Messenger or something. But why? Why this? Why wouldn’t she put on a show?

And wait a minute. She’s not even typing so I don’t know if it this was for some chat program.

She must have known that her webcam was on. Because it’s right in front of her. She’s framed perfectly and she doesn’t appear to be using the computer at the time. She’s writing. She she must have aimed the webcam at herself and knew that it was on.

And if you’re doing academic research, are you going to do it topless? Probably not. Maybe it was a hot day. I don’t know.

The whole thing is a mystery to me. This woman is quite possibly dead now. Who was she? What was she writing? Is there more footage? Do we ever see the pussy?

This should be Bobdunga’s next project. Uncovering lost pornography.

2 thoughts on “HI IS ANYONE HERE? – Ray Mona

  1. Actually a lot of shows and especially animation and voice overs are done in Canada because it’s cheaper than California. But Dunga del Ray has no talent so it means nothing.

    1. Yeah some of the best shows of the late 80s-late 90s were all made in Canada with Canadians actors. They make some good shit there. Also why the fuck is she yelling at her audience? Does she not understand caps lock?

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