IRATE GAMER – Youtube Exclusive Videos Coming Soon

0:00 – He shills for the Irate Gamer blu-ray that he has/had on Kickstarter. As here:

142 people gave money to this. How is he able to make a blu-ray for 142 people?

And he’s apparently raised $11,784 from this. Let me work this out…that’s $82.99 per person. That’s less than I thought, I guess.

Then he says that he wants to put these blu-rays on Amazon but he ran into problems. I’m guessing the quality of the content. You can just put Youtube videos on a blu-ray and sell them on Amazon? Well, you probably can. There’s all sorts of bootleg shit on there so surely Chris BORES and his boring as fucking videos should be allowed on there.

0:45 – Here’s the main part of the video. Chris BORES wants to charge $5/month and he promises two videos a month. The reason is that his videos keep getting demonitised for copyright claims. He puts music in the videos and they get flagged.

It makes no fucking sense. How is putting your videos behind a paywall on Youtube going to stop copyright violations? Youtube still sees these videos, right? I mean, whatever program is used to detect copyrighted stuff can surely see these “private” videos on Youtube. So this doesn’t solve the problem.

And this is his whole reason for going to a subscription service, according to this video. The fucking music that he puts in the videos causes the videos to get demonitised.

I wasn’t even aware that he put music in his videos. Who’s going to the Irate Gamer videos to listen to some rockin’ tunes? Just don’t put any music in the videos. Problem solved.

1:45 – “I put in all this work, I have to alter my art?”

Yes. Because your “art” is using copyrighted music, you fucking imbecile. And nobody even notices it. If he took the music out, it would make no fucking difference to the videos.

Now I’m intrigued to know what music he’s even talking about. Not intrigued enough to suffer through any of his videos, though.

He makes vague references to his Puppet Steve channel but never mentions it by name. Why not? Those Puppet Steve videos are absolute trash and I can’t imagine anybody watching it, not even the five year olds who are the target market but why can’t he just admit that it’s his channel? It’s common knowledge.

So that’s basically it. Nobody is going to pay this. His channel barely gets any views. And he’s promising a video every two weeks? He couldn’t even make a video every two months. How bad are the videos going to be if he’s desperately cranking this shit out every two weeks?

Plus his responsibilities on Puppet Steve. Plus his ghost hunting videos. He has a full plate of absolute trash videos that he has to make.

  • “This dude just doesn’t age”

There are a lot of weird homoerotic comments like this. No. He looks his age. At least. He’s like 45. He has a gaunt appearance, wrinkles, fully grey beard. At least 45. What kind of 45 year olds are these people seeing?

  • “I guess I don’t understand how delaying a video would help with the YouTube annoyance part”

It doesn’t. It makes no fucking sense.

  • “Am not gonna pay for your onlyfans Chris, make a new plan.”

I’m not even opposed to the idea of charging for this shit, like most of the people in the comments are. I’m just baffled by the reason. And there is no chance whatsoever of this being a success. He doesn’t have nearly enough people watching the videos as it is.

Apparently, 2.5% of Youtube’s userbase pays for the premium service. That’s way more than I would have expected. So if Chris BORES can achieve the same…he got about 25,000 views on a recent video…so he’d get about 625 views under this subscription model. I don’t know. Without knowing how many people are subscribing, it’s difficult to know if it’s worth doing.

I mean, if he gets 625 people paying five bucks a month, I say go for it. But there’s no chance of that, surely.

I need to monetise the blog. I’d want to charge the people who I write about. Why not? As it is, it’s free advertising for their shit channels. I should be compensated for this. What would be a fair price for this? Fifty bucks an article? Newt would be broke in a month.

What else? I liked how that “Kid” Shorykun sold boxes of Japanese candy and video games and shit. Say what you will about his consorting with prostitutes, that was the most innovative way to monetise his channel that I’ve ever seen. Maybe I could do something like that. Sell shit from Scotland. Canned haggis and those Tunnock’s tea cakes and Irn Bru and whatnot.

Or if you need some typing done, I can do that. Or proofreading.

If you live locally, I can do some gardening or something.

If there are any sexy ladies out there, we can arrange some discreet services. It works for Destiny Fomo.

How many women do you suppose come to the blog? Other than the women who I write about, I’m thinking nobody. And it’s not like I’m writing about a particularly masculine topic. I’m writing about women. It’s a pink blog. What more do you want?

What would be a topic that would appeal to women? Fashion? But I’d be writing about men’s fashion. Music? It would have to be music that women listen to, though. I’m not listening to that shit. Maybe literature. I think reading is largely done by women. Books.

That wouldn’t be a bad idea. Start doing book reviews. Attract some intellectual ladies to the blog. And then roll out my Destiny Fomo monetising plan.

So there are options. You have to think outside the box. Don’t just put your hand out like a beggar and say, “Give me money.” Do some work. Working for a living is a totally foreign idea to these “Youtubers”. They just want handouts.

2 thoughts on “IRATE GAMER – Youtube Exclusive Videos Coming Soon

  1. The paywall isn’t a workaround for the copyrighted music, it’s just a guaranteed set number of people paying him much in his mind is probably the same amount if he were not demonetized. But you can’t say it like that or the game is given away. But that’s what it is. There are people who would pay for his crap, I can’t imagine it. I’d never pay one cent to watch YouTube and I wouldn’t pay to watch movies or regular TV either!!
    I first heard that “he doesn’t age” shit with John Stamos. Bull shit! Dude is 60, he doesn’t look the same as he did in the 80s but he just isn’t balding, grey, 300lbs and near death. I guess Griff Tannen’s doppelgänger isn’t either.

    1. Yeah, it has to be a completely made up excuse. Like when Destiny Fomo said that she wanted to leave Youtube for Twitch. She gave completely insane reasons like she can play music on Twitch.

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