Building Your Community: Essential Tips for Success – Zap Cristal

EIGHTY-FIVE VIEWS after a WEEK! And this video is called, “Building Your Community: Essential Tips for Success”? Oh, the irony!

It’s a new low for her channel. She can’t even reach triple digits any more. Instead of “Viewers vs Community”, the thumbnail should say “Zap Cristal vs Viewers”. She’s gone to war with the people who go to her channel. “I don’t care how much you people hate the podcast and my new husband, I’m going to continue to cram this shit down your throat.”

Eighty-five views. Her channel has completely imploded.

Well, this woman did say that she was too hot to be an influencer. Maybe that’s the problem. She’s too damned hot and it’s turning off viewers.

Let’s see what this lazy soccer mom is wearing today.

Sweatpants and a Sailor Moon t-shirt. Yeah. I’m totally erect right now.

1:15 – This is the “Under the Spotlight” segment and some pointless graphic appears of curtains opening.

I think the spotlight is on Zap’s fat cunt. I don’t want to see this. Come on. I’m begging you to sit behind a desk or something. Or lose weight.

1:45 – “How to build a community. Now, it may sound simple.”

Zap, you have 85 views after a week. It is clearly not a simple task to build a community.

She should be doing a video about how to destroy a community. Because she’s definitely done that. Her videos from a year ago averaged about 3,000 views, I would say. They ranged from about 20,000 views to 1,000 views. Now she’s getting EIGHTY-FIVE.

2:00 – “It is a pretty meaty segment.”

It’s the second time she’s said this and I just keep focusing on her crotch fat. It’s gross. Come on.

2:15 – Mr Wright Way II kisses Zap’s giant ass and then poses the RIVETING question, “How would you define a community?”

“Webster’s dictionary defines it as….” NOBODY GIVES A SHIT. This shit is unwatchable.

3:15 – “‘Community’ for me was like building a tribe of sorts where this tribe offered me some kind of emotional support.”

This is brutal. Nobody gives a shit about your emotional support. And this was her inspiration for starting the channel? She’s admitting that it’s entirely for her own egotistical wishes.

4:15 – She talks about how she moved to Texas in 2018, from Puerto Rico, and not having family so she needed emotional support from random horny retards on Youtube. She says that she was learning new customs. She says that she was “Adapting to a new country.”

Moron…Puerto Rico is part of the US. You did not move to a new country.

I’m not saying that Puerto Rico is the same as Texas but what she’s saying is dangerous and perpetuating misinformation. You would think that somebody FROM Puerto Rico would realise that it’s a part of the US. That’s why she was able to move to Texas. She didn’t need a visa or anything. People from Puerto Rico are perfectly entitled to move to anywhere in the US, just like people from the US are perfectly entitled to move to Puerto Rico.

“Puerto Ricans have been U.S. citizens since 1917.”

Right there on Wikipedia.

5:00 – “As an influencer…”

Who are you influencing? The 85 horny, retarded black men who are watching this?

“If you really do care about your people…and it’s not just the number.”

The number, in case anybody missed it, is EIGHTY-FIVE!

6:00 – Mr Wright Way II says, “For me, as a musician, a community just means a group of people who enjoy the music.”

Who? Who are these people enjoying Mr Wright Way II’s music? Zap doesn’t even link to this guy’s channel.

I have to search my own archives to find this guy’s channel.

Here’s his latest video:

In the official music video, it’s Zap “Too Hot to be an Influencer” Cristal in her Strawberry Shortcake sweatpants and sweatshirt, pretending to scroll through pictures of each other.

She couldn’t even…I mean, she’s so corpulent now that the only thing she CAN wear are sweatpants.

That video got 61 views after three days. He’s doing about as well as Zap is doing now. And it’s not that he’s gone up to her level, it’s that he brought her down to his level.

6:15 – Mr Wright Way II talks about the importance of giving your community a name. “Like for you, it’s the Zap Squad. For me, I created the term Master Sword Music Family or my Master Sword Music Peeps.”

Uh huh. Catchy. But again, there is no fucking “community”. This is all in their minds. This is all for their own ego.

I remember when Metal Jesus was releasing some coins that said “Metal Jesus Militia” as part of some Patreon bonus and people were really pissed off. “I’m not in a the Metal Jesus Militia. I just watch your videos.”

Like we’re supposed to devote our lives to Metal Jesus just because we’re subscribed to the channel. I don’t even like the fucking videos. Relax. I’m not going to take a bullet for you, you unemployed dope.

And this was somebody who had hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Zap Cristal has 6,000. And of those 6,000, EIGHTY FIVE are watching her current videos.

7:45 – Zap says, “In order to build a community, you have to be somebody in that space.”

Yeah. EIGHTY-FIVE VIEWS, Zap. Aren’t you getting it? You’re a total nobody in terms of Youtube.

9:00 – Mr Wright Way II says, “How did you go about building your community, once you’ve established yourself?”

Zap gives a blank stare and then says, “Ummm…well, at the beginning, when I was still a smaller content creator…”


She says “closiveness.” Eugh. She also pronounces “other” as “udder.” And I believe that she had a unique way of pronouncing “et cetera”. “Shamously” for “shamelessly”. God. This is one remarkably stupid woman.

10:30 – Shout out to 8-Bit Eric.

I have to turn this off. It’s unwatchable. She’s saying nothing. And whatever she is saying is delusional and full of grade school level pronunciation problems.

Complete insanity. It’s a fat, crazy woman sitting on a couch with her latest black unemployed husband while wearing sweatpants. Too hot to be an influencer? There is no influencing being done. She should be doing a video on how to destroy a community.

She had a tiny following, people watched her videos where she reviewed cheap Switch games or whatever, and she totally destroyed it by gaining 75 pounds, marrying a different black man than the black man they were used to, and creating the world’s worst podcast. That’s what happened here.

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  1. I usually read the post and take a peek at the video in question. Nah, not this time, I am not in the mood for fatsos.

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