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Hey, she’s got the melons on display AND she’s doing something with her hair today. What’s the occasion? Maybe she had a good session with her dog. New brand of peanut butter?

It’s so refreshing to be able to speak your mind about Pam fucking dogs and whatnot. If this was on one of the blogging platforms that I used before, I’d have to moderate these sorts of comments. Because you never know what’s going to get your account removed. Can I say “fag”, can I talk about how ridiculous PVC Bondage Guy’s “transmasc” thing is, can I make comments about racial matters, can I point out that Destiny Fomo is a prostitute? I don’t know. So I’d moderate my behaviour.

But here, it’s all the free speech you can eat.

0:15 – She went to Magfest. What is that? I’ve heard of it but…is this a Screenwave thing?

I don’t think so. And from what I can gather from Wikipedia, it’s in Maryland. I think that Pam lesbian girlfriend Pele aka…I don’t even know what her real name is, oh Petee aka Michelle. Yeah, she lives in or around Maryland. So that’s what this was. Pam went to visit her girlfriend.

Then she says that she didn’t actually go into Magfest or buy a ticket. She was just there with some friends (female friends, of course, wink, wink) who rented a house. And Pam just wanted to hang out at the house rather than go to Magfest.

Jesus Christ, Pam. How much lesbian orgy action can you handle? Take a break and go to Magfest for a couple of hours.

Then Pam encourages you to check out her podcast with Pele. God. I can’t, Pam. Maybe when I’ve got absolutely nothing else to talk about and I’m bored out of my mind I’ll check it out.

I’ve been doing a lot of work lately. I still have to pay my taxes. I’m a couple of days late. If this was the US, I think that there are massive pentalties for this. But in the UK, nothing happens. I think that they charge interest after a while but that’s it.

In fact, when I checked the website a couple of weeks ago, they said that I’m owed a refund of over £1,000. I don’t even know why. But whatever. Send it over.

Years ago, they just sent me a cheque in the mail for like £500 or something. Some overpayment. I didn’t ask for it, I didn’t know that I was owed it, they just sent it.

2:00 – Her girlfriend Pele gave her some video game.

Why don’t they just move in together? Why the long-distance relationship? I know that somebody would have to quit their job but I think that that person should be Pam. Pele works in some alcohol job, that I think would be difficult to find a similar job elsewhere, but Pam works in IT so she should be able to get a job anywhere. Or work remotely.

Pam would need a visa to move to the US, of course. But just get married to Pele. Surely, that’s allowed now. Gay marriage is allowed for visa purposes.

Or here’s an idea: find a local woman. Is there really such a shortage? Why do you have to go with somebody who lives hundreds of miles away in another country?

I suppose that they’re both fans of alcohol. Pam being a giant drunk. But surely there are other lesbian alcohol enthusiasts in the greater Ontario metropolitan area.

Anyway, I made it to the four minute mark and then briefly skimmed the rest of this video. There’s nothing that’s worth watching.

Let’s see what old Jasyla has to say on Twitter.

Oh, she’s from Toronto. I said Ontario. That’s the province, right? I thought it was a city.

Nothing interesting on there. She’s barely even tweeted anything. We need tweets, Pam. Get tweeting.

5 thoughts on “Alan Wake Remastered, Mythforce, The Lost Crown, Toem, Brotato and more updates – Cannot be Tamed

  1. It’s too bad Pammy didn’t settle down with a nice man and have a few children. She could probably still keep her IT jerb but then she would bore/entertain her kids with these stories of games from 9 million years ago. Kids like that kind of stuff. She’d be cool mom and as far as moms go, probably a hot mom. The juggs would be huge for a while after delivery too.
    But no, she was fed some feminazi horeshit in high school and/or college about how being someone’s wife is unequal and oppressive. Well it is, for the man who breaks his back to provide for the ungrateful woman and kids!

    1. I probably told this story multiple times before but I was working in a casino as a security guard and a couple of young women were carrying on. They were at the slot machines and one of them was sitting on the other’s lap. This was right in front of me. I was guarding the bathrooms from…something, I don’t know. That was my post.

      Patrons would walk by and stare. Some guy came up to me and said, “I bet you wish that was you.” They were obviously doing this for attention.

      Then a middle aged black guy came to relieve me. He was a co-worker. And he pointed at these women and he said, “Look at that.” I just smiled and assumed he was going to talk about how hot it is. But no, he was really disgusted. He said, “Those are two beautiful young women. They could get married. They could have children. But instead they’re just here doing that.”

      At the time, I couldn’t appreciate the wisdom of this. But it was true.

      I saw another couple, a couple of gay guys, feeding $100 bills into a slot machine. One after another. I personally saw them put about ten of them into this machine. It was $100 a pull. And they got absolutely nothing in return. A metaphor for their lives.

      1. I remember the $100 bill story. Because holy fuck!!$100?! Just wasted? All the shit you could buy with that!! What the fuck kind of job do you have to make that kind of money? Shit!!! You should check out Millenial Thinker. He put out a video yesterday that kind of touches on this. I also think a lot of girls dyke out for attention but it backfires because no serious guy would stick around

        1. It may seem that the ghey couple is just being foolish, but this pales in comparison to simps giving away money for free to online thots. If you lose at a casino, you just wasted money. If you give money to e-thots, you’re contributing to our society’s decadence.

  2. Maybe this has been asked before but it would be cool if you could review that video of Justin being crudely cut and banned halfway through a podcast. There were three hosts (one looking suspiciously like john riggs and another who couldn’t help immediately reminding you of a typical gamerrgirl) and Justin was the guest and he seemed completely clueless, as if he was supposed to be filling in for someone else and this was a short notice call, so he understandably didn’t have time to prepare. What ensued was some awkward albeit hillarious attempts at humour, causing everyone to be uncomfortable. What makes this noteworthy is that it was a rare kind of situation where everyone was wrong, no one was capable of handling the situation in a mature manner, let alone professionally, as though the place was clearly missing a (functional) grownup.

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