WCW/nWo Revenge (N64) – Neighbor Nerds – Cinemassacre

0:00 – But first a word from our sponsor. Fuck off.

1:15 – So finally we get to this delicious content.

After a bizarre comment about the N64 being a “common system”, James says “Do you remember all of those wrestling games that came out?”

Sure, James. I remember. Do you? I don’t think so.

And I only remember them through emulation, years later. But I can at least be honest about it.

I played all of them, though. I was huge into it for a few years. Virtual Pro Wrestling and the Virtual Pro Wrestling 2. I know that the American games like No Mercy are much more popular (at least in the West) but I’m a connoisseur of wrestling games and the Japanese games are superior.

Of course, the best wrestling games are the Fire Pro games. The King of Colosseum games are also excellent. Both series by Spike or Human or whatever they were called at the time.

I can go on and on. But this is about James Rolfe’s great passion for wrestling video games, not mine.

1:30 – “Until I made the Nerd video, I didn’t really play a lot of these wrestling games.”

Eugh. Great.

2:30 –

John: That’s red face Sting.

James: Reminds me of the Crow.

He’s a big wrestling fan, guys. He thinks that this is an original sentiment. Doesn’t realise that Sting’s nickname (of sorts) during this era was “Crow Sting”.

John is using wrestling terms like “heel” and James clearly has NO IDEA what he’s talking about. He just says “hmm” a lot.

2:45 – John is talking about 1990s wrestling and James is like Homer in that Simpsons episode where he says, “You have my undivided attention” and then a thought balloon appears and he’s thinking of some olde tyme cartoon with a dancing goat or something.

3:45 – James chose Hulk Hogan. What a deep cut this was. John then chose Sting. Then Jimmy says “Sting versus Sting…the singer.”

That’s another Sting observation that was never made before. Fucking autistic retard and his lame ass wordplay.

4:00 – John is explaining the controls and James has NO IDEA how to do anything. This is not a game that you just pick up and play if you’ve never played a wrestling game before. As James hasn’t.

5:30 – “You know taking out the trash? I’m getting taken out by the trash.”

Autistic wordplay.

7:00 – James spends about two seconds looking for a character and says “Let’s go with him.” It was just the first character in the list. Kevin Nash. He doesn’t even know who it is.

Even if you don’t give a shit about wrestling, as James doesn’t, or video games, as James doesn’t, you’re making a fucking video. Scroll through the characters. PRETEND that you give a shit about any of this.

7:45 – John starts talking about how he got into UFC as a kid but still thinks that wrestling has a place in society and James has NO IDEA what he’s talking about and just “mmhmm”s his way through it.

This is fucking awful.

John is completely kicking the shit out of Jimmy, by the way. This is edited but James hasn’t landed ANYTHING so far. It’s kind of funny. You’d think John would let up, it’s just a friendly game for a Youtube video, but no. He’s walloping this retard.


John: You remember ECW? You remember that stuff?

James: Ummm….

No, Jimmy. The answer is “no”.

Unbelievable. What the fuck was he doing? Playing with his shit and peeing in his pants.

I never watched it. I don’t even know where or if it was broadcast. But I was aware of it. There was some late night infomercial shit that I sometimes watched. It was ECW but I don’t recall any matches. Maybe there were. I just remember that they kept showing an Asian woman with big tits wearing a towel. That was enough for me. This is entertainment.

9:45 – “I’m just hitting buttons. I don’t really know what I’m doing.”

No shit, Jimmy. Why bother putting effort into this? It’s only your job.

Neither of them know how to max out their spirit meter. You have to taunt. It’s annoying to watch.

13:00 – James boasts that he’s trying to lose the game. He says that he’s not even pressing any buttons.

James…play the fucking game or go get a real job. It’s fucking ridiculous.

I think that the problem is that they’re not in the ring, by the way. I’m not sure what settings they put. I don’t think that it’s a falls count anywhere match.

13:15 – Then John finally figures it out and goes into the ring.

13:30 – “It’s been so long since I’ve played. It’s been ten whole minutes ago.”

James was doing NOTHING for ten minutes. And he’s boasting about this. And this made the cut for the video.

14:15 – Retard Jimmy chose Brian Adams just because of the name. “That would be a good tag team match: Brian Adams and Brian Adams versus Sting and Sting.”

Fuck off.

16:15 – John says, “It’s not as good as I remember it.”

Well, were you playing it with a retard who doesn’t want to be there when you were a kid?

Terrible, terrible video. James is totally checked out. As he has been in everything for the past however many years. What the fuck happened? It’s like he’s been lobotomised.

I think that he’s always been like this but Mike was just better at covering this up.

6 thoughts on “WCW/nWo Revenge (N64) – Neighbor Nerds – Cinemassacre

  1. Absolute proof Bimmy is a fraud who does not deserve any of his fame, his status on YouTube or his money. And proof that he is an autistic retard. He should have been beat up MORE in school so he could learn how to act a bit more normal. He’s from Filthydumpia (the city of brothers on drugs) where ECW was born! ECW was an infomercial true but it did become a “real” local show after that, then it became a “real” national show. You could be anywhere in the northeast and see metal heads, which Bimmy claims to be, wearing EC F’ing W tshirts everywhere. By 2000 wrestling was on every night except Tuesday. It’s what college age men did especially on Mondays. Hang out drink beers talk and watch wrestling. He missed the whole thing? Well of course! He’s an autistic retard. Literally the only two guys who I knew at college who didn’t even dabble in wrestling were gay. Not with each other. Which is ironic because you’d think they’d like all the sweaty men jumping on each other.

    Fuck James Rolfe. If I ever got into too many games I’d walk right up to him and lay the smacketh down on his candy ass until he pissed his pants and broke a window.

    Hey what about the completionist? Absolute d bag. I hope Irwin R Shyster sends up the river to do some hard time with the big boss man. Of course he’s long dead and if the completionist joined him, I’d be happy with that.

    1. I stopped watching in 1997 or 1998. This would have been my first or second year of college. So James would have been in 11th or 12th grade.

      So I can see James, or any normal person his age, not watching wrestling in college. The product was complete shit by 1999. But the product was hot throughout his high school years. And the WWF was somewhat geared to a young audience when he was in middle school. So he was the right after for all of this.

      Virtually every guy I knew in my grade school peer group watched wrestling. But I guess it wasn’t 100%. And James is mentally challenged. He might have been watching Barney & Friends or something.

      1. I disagree that the product was shit but that’s fine. Healthy debates and all. ECW was starting to fall apart that’s true. I thought it was nwo overkill and not fostering new talent. But it was still watchable until they “reset” the show. They stripped every title and announced on air that the new writers were going to make things better. To me this killed wcw. You just admitted the product was shit and you admitted it’s fake and the last year that you just watched meant nothing. They should have never mentioned writers and just had exciting upsets to realign it how they wanted but whatever.
        Wwf was on fire and once the rock was champion they had the highest ratings ever. It had shitty moments but I say was still good. All they way up to 2008 when Benoit killed himself and they took out all the MA rated stuff.

        I don’t know what Bimmy the autistic retard watched on tv. He seems to have watched nothing but the same 10 movies over and over for his entire life

        1. I think that I almost remember the episode that I stopped watching. The NWO was coming back for like the 20th time and I just said enough of this shit. This is stupid. I suffered through NWO Black and White, NWO Wolfpack, fucking Latino World Order. Enough is enough.

          I wasn’t watching much WWF by this point. I didn’t really watch any Attitude Era stuff. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the overtly sexual bullshit. So I started watching WCW and then WCW gradually started with the sexual stuff and it put me off.

          When was WCW purchased? 2001. Yeah, I wasn’t watching the last couple of years. It became unwatchable. And I certainly wasn’t going to switch to WWF because I was already burned by all of the adolescent sexual bullshit. I didn’t like the Rock either. He’s clearly not genuine. My suspension of disbelief could only be stretched so far.

          1. No problem I got ya. But I bet even today you’re smart enough to know how to fake it. Unlike Bimmy

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